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My Last Day of 2007 “Thank You’s”

looking back… 

Thank you, Tamar, for “buying” me in that charity blogger auction back in January.

Thank you, dear readers, for believing my version of the story about the purple bathrobe from college.

Thank you, all those who participated in the Valentine’s Day Emergency Hotline.

Thank you, the Times of London, for mentioning my humble blog.

Thank you, all those who convinced Sophia to “allow” me to blog during our road trip to Portland.

Thank you, Sophia, Danny, and everyone else who made this year’s birthday in March the best birthday I’ve ever had.

Thank you, those who showed us such a great time in San Francisco and Portland.

Thank you, all who came to the support of Sophia during her scary breast cancer surgeries this Spring.

Thank you for not abandoning my blog during the month I obsessed over the music of ABBA.

Thank you for your supporting my mission to save the small pigeon on my patio.

Thank you, for continuing to love me, despite my constant complaining about BlogHer, insulting Portland’s lack of diversity, falling asleep at classical concerts, sending cartoon images of my Penis to female bloggers, turning Irving Berlin into a foul-mouthed sex addict, and being so cheap that I buy ninety-nine cent shoelaces.

Thank you, kind souls, for your advice in helping me plan to achieve my lifelong dream — 50 States, 50 Women.  (someday!)

Thank you for your support as I took the big step this Fall and finally started therapy.

Thank you for participating in the Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair and the Blogger Online Christmahanukwanzaakah Concert.

Thank you, everyone, for making me laugh… and think… and sometimes, cry.

Thank you, Wendy, for our fabulous night out in Los Angeles seeing Wicked.

Thank you, Charming but Single, Finn, Brooke, SAJ, OMSH, Deanna, 180/360, Ash, Alissa, Ms. Sizzle, Pam, Schmutzie, V-Grrrl, Ninja Poodles, Heather B, Erin, Crazy Aunt Purl, Jessica, Dagney, Jurgen Nation, Nabbalicious, Whoorl, LVGurl, Psychotoddler, Leese, Pearl, and everyone else I had long personal conversations with this year online.

Thank you to all the wonderful people I met for the first time this year, such as everyone involved with Leahpeah’s Bloggers Live.

Thank you to all of the female bloggers I fell in love with this year (at least in my mind), even if it was only for a day.

Thank you, everyone, for allowing me to follow your lives on your blogs.

Thank you for letting me be your “friend” on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for letting me ogle you photos on Flickr and say things to myself like “Holy crap, who would have thought that some dull mommyblogger was so f***ing HOT!”

2007 was a stressful year for me, as it was for many of you.  There were illnesses and deaths in our midst.  I know of at least five bloggers who got divorced or separated this year.  Luckily, joy and happiness is always around the corner.  Some of you got married.  Some got promotions at work.  I even know one blogger who had her first orgasm in seven years!  What could be more hopeful than that?!

I hope 2008 is a wonderful year for all of readers of Citizen of the Month, filled with happiness, love, kindness… and of course… many, many orgasms.


  1. ...deb

    Here’s to turning pages…

  2. Not Fainthearted

    Oh, Neil. thank YOU and here’s to all you wish for in 2008.


  3. tamarika

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    I mean that with all my heart.
    Happy New Year!

  4. sizzle

    her first in seven years? there is hope for me yet! 🙂

    thank YOU for being my friend. best to you in 2008. give sophia a hug from me. big love to you both!

  5. Otir

    Thank YOU Neil for your incredible blogging talent that let also us dream of all the other hidden talents that you must have.

  6. cruisin-mom

    Neil, thank you for a lot of “heart” weaved in and out of so much laughter.
    Happy 2008 to you, Sophia, and Mom Kramer. Maybe we will actually meet this year.

  7. danielle

    thanks for doing your bloggy thing! happy 2008! xo, d

  8. Angella

    Happy New Year, Neil!

    It’s been great getting to “know” you 🙂

  9. Los Angelista

    One of the many wonderful things about this year has been coming across your blog. Thanks for fearlessly being yourself.

  10. scarlet hip

    And thank you for always making me laugh and being such a constant source of support.

    No, I’m not being sarcastic.

    Hope this new year is the best one ever.

  11. teebopop

    Neil…thank you for being you. Raw and uncut, but you.

  12. Rhea

    Thanks, Neil, for that trip down memory lane. I had forgotten about a bunch of that stuff. Here’s to a great new year, healthy and happy, for all!

  13. Chag

    Here’s wishing you have a great 2008! And lots of luck with your mommyblogger quest!

  14. Kathy

    Thank you for making me a blog crush! Have a great 2008!

  15. Dave

    Thanks for making my work day slightly less excruciating. You’re a great writer.

  16. LVGurl

    Thank YOU, Neil. I laugh a little more these days, since being introduced to Citizen of the Month.

    And I’m quite proud to say I’ve met you 🙂

  17. Dagny

    Thank you for listening to my rants.

  18. Geeky Tai-Tai

    Thank YOU, Neil, and Happy New Year to you and Sophia.

    Oh, and thank you to Karl for sending me over here last spring.

  19. Rosa

    Happy New Year and thanks for writing such an entertaining blog, I’m glad I found it!

  20. Artful Kisser

    Neil – so glad I came across you on mybloglog in 2007. You’ve been a daily source of many smiles and laughs. Best wishes for you and yours in 2008. M xx

  21. Neil

    Thanks. I hope to get to know more of you better during the new year.

  22. V-Grrrl

    Love, death, lust, divorce, medical dramas, laughter, despair, therapy, and orgasms.

    Why watch Grey’s Anatomy when I can read (and write) blogs instead?

    Neil, I love taking this ride with you.


  23. OMSH

    You’re classic – I look forward to getting to know you better in 2008.

    I swear, you crack me up.

  24. Finn

    Thank you darlin’. Much love and happiness in the coming year. xo

  25. Erin Cooper

    Thanks for making me your poster girl… 😉 And for representing bloggers well in Port Orford.

  26. Pearl

    And thank YOU, Neil, for simply…BEING YOU!

  27. whit

    Happy New Year!

  28. Marilyn

    Happy New Year, Neil…to you and Sophia. May 2008 bring a kind and gentle yet kick-ass creative year to you!

  29. Yvonne

    And thank you for always being entertaining and honest. May this year be your best so far.

  30. Jody

    Thank you Neil. May your dreams be filled with happiness and love in the coming year!

  31. pam

    You’re a mensch, Neil. Have a great year.

  32. abigail road

    Oh, that was sweet. And thank you for writing such a wonderful blog.

  33. Edgy Mama

    Happy New Year, Neil!

  34. teahouseblossom

    Happy 2008, Neil!!

    Did you get the voicemail I left on Sophia’s cell phone on Sunday? If you guys are still in NYC and want to get together, let me know!!

  35. stepping over the junk

    I had my first orgasm of the year this morning, thanks for asking. Happy New Year Neil. I’m coming home to Pacific Palisades in February with Blue and Red. Are you nearby?

  36. wendy

    Thanks for being such a great gigolo…
    I mean platonic theatre date!

    Happy New Year… you both.

  37. Pants

    I’m crossing my fingers that 2008 will be heavy on the orgasms.

  38. Paul

    Thank you for giving us hours of reading enjoyment! May there be many more to come

  39. brettdl

    Here’s to a great year. I know WE need one.

  40. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Fun post. Happy new year to you!

  41. Caron

    Thank you for creating this daily destination point. HNY!

  42. Alissa

    Happy New Year Neil! Thank you for your friendship! Blessing to you and your loved ones in 2008.

  43. nabbalicious

    Thank YOU, Neil! Happy New Year, and I hope 2008 rules for you.

  44. Sara

    Thank you, Neil! Best wishes to you and Sophia for the coming year and always.

    The concert you organized, incidentally, was one of the high points of my virtual holiday season. 🙂 Cheers!

  45. Bec

    You really are the best! Happy happy happy 2008!

  46. 180/360

    Happy two thousand and eights to you. I’m so happy I found you this past year.

  47. karim

    Thank you for trying to visit me in my tiny town and making me a minor celebrity. It was the talk of the town for at least a day or two–“famous blogger (with a NY accent) and his lovely wife….”

    Your the best. You brighten my day.

    I wish you a wonderful year full of adventure and love.

  48. karim

    Correction: You’re the best.

  49. Rachel

    Happy New Year to you and yours too. I loved your thank you list, very inspiring Neilochka.

    Oh have moved blog by the way

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