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We had a great day today. It started out with us meeting Dagny and Buzzgirl. We had Sunday brunch (everyone in SF eats brunch), saw a lot of gay men with perfect bodies, met Buzzgirl’s sophisticated twelve year old daughter who mocked my French, and Buzzgirl took us on a tour of the “real” San Francisco that the tourists never see.


At night, we went to a Thai restaurant with Stacy from Jurgen Nation and her super-smart boyfriend, Matt. Here is Stacy with her always-present Nikon camera. She loves taking photos so much, she even asked the restaurant manager if she could take photos of the interesting lanterns hanging in the adjacent room.

When we left the restaurant, some very talky homeless guy passed by and Matt quickly moved to block Stacy from any danger. I just stood there and watched. I didn’t even notice much, until Sophia told me how manly and gentlemanly she thought that was of Matt.  Thanks a lot, Matt. Next time we meet Stacy, I hope she leaves you at home.

Tomorrow — Carmel, then back to LA on Tuesday!


  1. Leah

    Wow! I’m first?! That NEVER happens. I’m heady with delight….Anyways, I really don’t have anything exciting to say except that I’m so jealous of your trip. It sounds like it’s been a blast. I’m amazed that Stacy carries that huge camera around with her all the time. I knew she took photos all the time, but figured it was with a camera that was more portable. Hmmm…that’s dedication to your craft.

  2. Pearl

    You’ve been meeting several bloggers independent of that bloggerfest you attended — did you or Sophia plan the logistics? I’m inclined to think it might’ve been Sophia….
    Glad you’re having a great time and are finding enough “to blog home about.”

  3. better safe than sorry

    i can’t believe how many bloggers you’re meeting!
    sophia’s right, matt sounds great!

  4. Rhea

    Man, Neil, you are one dedicated blogger. Spending your entire vacation meeting pretty bloggers up and down the West Coast.

  5. Karl

    Wow, life is rough, driving around meeting babes. You’re gonna be scarred for life, you poor poor man.

  6. Dagny

    It was a great pleasure meeting you and Sophia yesterday. And now, I suppose I must get ready for work. *sigh* Have a safe trip home.

  7. Finn

    Your blogger friends are hot. No wonder you always want to see their boobs.

  8. Bre

    Matt sounds perfectly lovely to me! A guy friend of mine always makes sure that he walks on the street side of the sidewalk. I noticed it at one point and he mumbled something about him mom teaching him to do that just in case a car splashed water or drove onto the curb. Odd reasoning, but delightfully chivalrous!

  9. Hilly

    Oooh have fun in Carmel – it is so beautiful there =)

  10. sizzle

    you are on some trek! it’s awesome that you are getting to meet so many cool bloggers and see the west coast.

  11. Grad School Reject

    So when are you coming to D.C.? See the White House, meet M.A., etc…? We’ve got lots of good stuff out here.

  12. buzzgirl

    Okay. I know this is nitpicky – so sue me. San Francisco is the City BY the Bay, not “on” the Bay. I don’t know why. It just is.

    Thanks for a great day!

  13. Jurgen Nation

    OH MY GOD. Did I really look that awful??! I’m appalled. I look like ass.

    Anyway, it was awesome meeting you two! Sorry I looked like a homeless person. >:(

  14. Rabbit

    I think I live on the wrong coast. I can’t believe I’m missing Citizen of the Month on tour.

  15. communicatrix

    Carmel! My faaaaavorite!

    Well, the whole mid-coastal region is my favorite, but Carmel is where they shot “Play Misty for Me,” so it’s my special favorite.

    Take a pic of yourselves by the minimall that housed his jazz radio station, wouldja? For me?

  16. Neil

    Right, Jurgen… you look just like a homeless person, but one who shops at Nordstrom.   You’d be a hottie, even if you really did dress like a homeless person.

  17. churlita

    I thought I commented on this, but it must not have gone through.

    I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen pictures of you with too many male bloggers. What gives? Is you penis hijacking your trip?

  18. V-Grrrl


    I had a guy friend like that in college…the door-opening, outside-of- the-sidewalk, let-me-get-your-coat kinda guy. Sigh. Those were the days.

  19. Heather B.

    Stacy was wearing that shirt when she saw me too. It’s like she never changes her clothes. Amazing. 😀

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