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The First Annual Blogger Holiday Online Arts and Crafts Fair

Arts and Crafts Fair Poster Girl Villanovababy

Welcome to the first ever Blogger Holiday Online Arts and Crafts Fair. 

This is your opportunity to be introduced to the artistic work of some of your favorite bloggers.  It’s the holiday season… the time for gift-giving.  Why not give a unique and handmade gift to your loved ones and friends this year — and support a fellow blogger at the same time?  I think you’ll find a varied group of artists, photograhers, and crafty folk represented here on this page.

Feel free to browse, both here and on the participants’ shopping pages.  You don’t have to buy.  Just enjoy looking at the work of those who are more talented than you, artistic geniuses who make you feel like an uncreative loser.  Ha Ha, of course that is a joke.  You don’t feel bad at all.  They’re ARTISTS.  Chances are that you drive a much nicer car. You get the last laugh!  Thank god for business school!

Of course no arts and craft fair would be complete without some food and entertainment.  Please nosh on our delicious homemade bagels, courtesy of Deb from Smitten Kitchen and Ari from Baking and Books. 

The Battle of the Homemade Bagels —

Deb’s Homemade Bagels

Ari’s Homemade Bagels

Sure, they’re only virtual bagels, but they’re COMPLIMENTARY.  That means they are free!  Woo-hoo! 

There are also two concert areas on the fairgrounds, keeping you entertained as you shop. On STAGE ONE, rock out with British indie band Arctic Monkeys, as they stop by the arts and crafts fair during their west coast tour.  On STAGE TWO, our more intimate staging area, we are proud to present one of America’s finest songwriters, Mr. James Taylor.

I hope you enjoy the Arts and Crafts Fair.  The doors are now open!

Gemstone necklaces from Gillian   
(blog — Tiddleywinks)

Photography from Lisa Duvall
(blog — Fat Chick Running)

Artwork by Kyra
(blog — Shaping My Way)

Photography by Schmutzie
(blog — Milk Money or Not)

Gift Tags by SAJ
(blog — Secret Agent Josephine)

Photography by Leesa
(blog — Piece of My Mind)

Artwork by Angie
(blog — Evangelinethan)

Photography by Susannah
(blog — Ink on my Fingers)

CONCERT STAGE ONE – Arctic Monkeys

Work by Liz Elayne
(blog — Be Present, Be Here)

Photography by Mary
(blog — Maliavale)

T-shirt by Dave
(blog — Blogography)

Jewelry by Sara
(blog — Moving Right Along)

Photography by Stacy
(blog — Jurgen Nation)

Gumball the Kitten Magnets by Bethany
(blog — Bethany Actually)

Artwork by Ellen Bloom
(blog — Los Angeles is my Beat)

Photography by Heather
(blog — Nabbalicious)


Purse by Abigail
(blog — Abigail’s Road to Nowhere)

Photography by 180/360
(blog — 180/360)

Custom Made Felt Pins by Ms. Sizzle
($5 plus shipping – email her at sizzlesays at gmail dot com)
(blog — Sizzle Says)

Photography by Sarah
(blog — Sad and Beautiful)

Baby/Toddler Clothes by Sarah
(blog — Susu g)

Photography by Di Mackey
(blog — Woman Wandering)

Fiber Quilts by Caron
(blogs — All and Nothing, And Still Counting)

Painting by Stacy Elaine
(blog — Pudgy Pigeon Enterprises)

Handmade Hats and Aprons by Leahpeah
(blog — Leahpeah)

Artwork by AscenderRises
(blog — Ascender Rises Above)

Photography by Aimee
(blog — Greeblemonkey)

Art Journal by V-Grrrl
(email her at veronica at v-grrrl dot com for prices)
(blog — V-grrrl in the Middle)

Baby Clothes by Jen Lemen
(blog — Jen Lemen)

Purses by Jaynette

And for those who would rather donate money as a gift, how about getting a cow or a water buffalo for a needy family via The Heifer Project? (thanks Not Fainthearted!)


  1. sizzle

    such talent in the blogosphere- thanks for setting this up Neil!

  2. Kyra

    Thank you Neil! Everyone is so talented! I’m having a lot of fun going through everyone’s galleries!

  3. Ari (Baking and Books)

    Omg, you pit me against the infamous Smitten Kitchen? It’s an honor to even be mentioned next to her in your virtual arts & crafts fair. 🙂

    I enjoyed looking through the gallery, you have a fantastic eye Neil.

  4. V-Grrrl

    This is so cool! I’m in love with Bethany’s kitten magnets, and silly me, I had no idea Ellen Bloom did something other than knit (Can you tell I read too much Crazy Aunt Purl?). Ascender’s tag is inspiring, and I’m honored to have my work in the company of so many great creative types. BTW, that photo of Di Mackey’s? It was taken in my guestroom y’all. I’m SO proud.

  5. SAJ

    Thanks Neil!

  6. Not Fainthearted

    I will get no work done now, with all this BEAUTIFUL art to look at. What an amazing collection!

  7. Bre

    This is so awesome, Neil!

  8. brettdl

    Very cool.

  9. kilax

    Those gift tags are MINE MINE MINE!!! Thanks for hosting Neil 🙂

  10. Caitlinator

    Neil, this is such a great idea and I hope if you do it again next year, we get more than two weeks’ notice to put together a spot; I would love to participate next time!

    Everyone’s stuff looks awesome – very inspirational!

  11. better safe than sorry

    well you’re certainly right about me feeling like an uncreative loser, so much talent here!
    well done on co-ordinating this event.

  12. AscenderRisesAbove

    thanks for the mention (and promotion) neil!!

  13. LVGurl


  14. bluejaye

    Is it too late to join your fun group?

  15. Sara

    Hey, thanks, Neil! And because no craft fair is complete without them,


    Face Painting:>photomanipulations

  16. Finn

    Wow. I’m impressed. There’s a lot of talent on your blogroll!

    I want one of those photographers to mentor me…

  17. churlita

    Taht is so friggin’ cool.

  18. Sarah

    This is awesome…what amazing work!

    Thanks so much for putting it all together!

  19. Maryanne aka knittymuggins

    Fantastic contributors!! And what a great idea! Seriously, from someone who is mildly crafty, this is a really amazing gesture for the crafty folks and I can’t thank you enough for putting it together. I hope I can participate next year!

  20. Lisa Duvall

    Thank you so much for including my work in your Art fair. The talent here is just staggering!!

    Off to browse and drool!

  21. abigail road

    Thanks Neil! This was a great idea! You have some talented readers, including me! haha!

  22. di

    You art god, you.
    Thanks for doing this … don’t even ask me why I had 2 Dec as ‘the’ date and that, according to Di time, was Tuesday.

    Less of the healing red wine methinks…

  23. Neil

    If any of the participants have anything to add, or they want me to change what I said — or the photo — feel free to email me. The post will stay up for the weekend.

  24. Ellen Bloom

    Thanks, Neil for adding my artwork to the queue! I was surprised to see one of my little collages from my series, “The Fu** Stops Here” on your blog!
    Happy Chanukah!

  25. Jurgen Nation

    Thank you, Neil!! I am honored to be featured in your Art Fair.

    (I think James Taylor grabbed my ass when I was on my way for a bagel.)

  26. Erin

    Thanks for making me your poster girl! I’d like to add that my photo was taken by Joe Selkey of Peek Photography.

    (his website here:

  27. bethany actually

    Thanks, Neil! So many talented readers. 🙂

  28. liz elayne

    so many fantastic links here! thanks for putting this together neil! i am excited to have so many new shops to explore for gifts…

  29. Jennifer

    Damn, bloggers are a gifted artistic bunch. I’ll take two of each.

    And one James Taylor. No bow required.

  30. cruisin-mom

    Neil…who knew a nice Jewish boy from N.Y. could bring people together from all over the world like this. You are a Jewish Angel:)

  31. 180/360

    You always have such great ideas, Neil. It has been really cool checking out the other artists. I am constantly in awe of all of the talent I see online. It also helps to have visuals of names I often read in your comments.

  32. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Love it love it love it, thanks!

  33. Jill - GlossyVeneer

    This is the coolest idea Neil! Thanks for putting this together.

  34. Christine

    Neil –
    You and your fellow bloggers are awesome!! The beautiful work featured here makes me aspire to greater heights in my pursuit of arts & crafts excellence. I hope to one be just half as creative as you all are. (yes, you too Neil. I wish I could express myself as well as you do on the page.)

  35. Leesa

    Thanks, Neil. Great group you have here 🙂

  36. Geeky Tai-Tai

    This is a fabulous idea! You’ve featured so many talented artists. Thanks you! 😀

  37. bluejaye

    Thanks for including one of my favorite purses. I appreciate all the exposure I can get. And reading another great blog is the perfect excuse to put off my housework. I’m off to check out the other artists.

  38. Frida

    Great work Neil! I already went the Heifer route for this Christmas, but I love the whole buy handmade pledge.

  39. MammaLoves

    You ROCK!! I can’t wait to check out all of these sites. If I seem to be logged onto your site for days, it’s cause I’m taking my time.

  40. Neil

    I just was going through your sites again. Boy, you guys are talented! And so varied. The one photo I put up for each of you doesn’t do your work justice. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying which is my favorite, but I just love that final sculpture of that heifer. It looks so real!

    Remember the Holiday concert is coming up on December 10th! Any questions, just email me.

  41. susannah

    wow! so much crafty goodness out in the blogosphere – thanks for including my photo store, Neil, you’re a god (but i know you already know that ;-)xo

  42. Caron


  43. Caryn

    Neil — you’re the best virtual holiday event organizer I know.

  44. chantel

    I wish I were craftier; the only thing I could do would be to sell kisses for $5!!

  45. Neil

    Chantel — Only five bucks? I think you’re going to have a busy Christmas!

  46. cookiebitch

    Neil, you are the best blog pimp EVER. This is a great idea, and I’m impressed by all the talent. And you know how I hate to be positive …

    I’m going to go kick a puppy now.

  47. Neil

    No, the best blog pimp EVER would get 25% of all sales and would “own” all the women on the list. Alas… I’m a blog pimp with a heart of gold, with none of the real fun of being a pimp. I don’t even have a cool pimp hat. And what pimp drives a hybrid?

  48. JanePoe (aka Deborah)

    FABULOUS! Some of my favs & other brilliant souls. You da’ man Neil. xx, JP/deb

  49. Chag

    So I guess the rumors of the reunited Led Zeppelin playing your main stage turned out to be untrue.

    All kidding aside, this is a very nice thing you’re doing for your readers. And I can vouch that Dave’s Bad Monkey (and the rest of his shirts) are top notch!

  50. Janet

    This is a great idea. I’m afraid my artistic limitations would prevent me from participating in something like this though. I’m no artist. I just blog here.:)

  51. DrowseyMonkey

    damn…that is some great stuff and a great idea! I’m going back now to look some more…click more links…I could be here awhile!

  52. stacy elaine

    huzzah inc.! yay neil.

  53. HouseofJules

    This is a FANTASTIC idea!
    House of Jules

  54. Selina

    Lovely earrings Sara

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