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The 2007 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert

Logo Design by Vanessa of the Butterfly Blog (get an array of concert buttons for your site at her blog)


Were You There on Christmas Night?
sung by Lizardek (“the Swedish Celine Dion”) with Sharon Johns

Sleigh Ride
sung by Heather (“Broadway Baby”) of OMSH

Mele Kalikimaka
sung by Kerflop (“The Virtual Hawaiian Honey”)

Have Yourself a Very Merry Little Christmas
sung by the — Greeblemonkey and Ms. Sizzle (“the Simon and Garfunkel of Christmas”)

The Man with the Bag
by Vanessa “the Fourth Andrews Sister” of the Butterfly Blog (not her real talking voice!… she wants you to know)

Silent Night
by Erin (“Vivacious Voice”) Villanovababy (and hubby Tim Cooper on guitar)

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah
sung by Sophia, (“Hot and Spicy Songstress”)

Coventry Carol
sung by NFH “The Minnesota Mantovani” from This Journey

Everyboy Got Pissed At the Party (a little adult)
sung by Whit “Rapper Whiteboy” of Honea Express

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
sung by “Ukelele Pam” of Nerd’s Eye View

Vermont Snow (an original song)
sung by MapleMama “Green Mountain Diva”

The Christmas Song
sung by Bec (“The British Barbra”) of Out of My Tree

Light Up (Himmelman/Broza)
by Psychotoddler (“Jewish Doctor Feelgood”)


Carol of the Bells
by Merry Mishaps (“They Call Me Merry”)

Mi Yimalel
sung by Danny (“Wilco’s Secret Band Member”) of Jew Eat Yet

Ner Li (Hanukkah)
by Otir (“the Female Jacques Brel”) of Un Jour a La Fois

I’m Dreamin’ of a White Trash Christmas
by AKA Monty (“Let’s Make a Deal”) of The Daily Bitch

O Little Town of Bethlehem
sung by Hilly (“The Hills Are Alive”) of Snackie’s World

Mon Beau Sapin (Christmas)
by Otir (“the Female Jacques Brel”) of Un Jour a La Fois

Baby, it’s Cold Outside
sung by Ms. Sizzle (“Ms. Claus”) and her special Santa

Te Harinui (a New Zealand Christmas song)
by Dee (“The Diana Ross of Down Under”) of Singular Scene

Hanukiah Li Yesh
sung by Tamar ( “the Philly Sound”) of Mining Nuggets

Christmastime is Here
sung by Angela “Jazz Hands” of Fluidpudding

“Light Up”
with Psychotoddler in a live concert version

from Kyran Pittman (“The Poetess of Song”) from Notes to Self

I’ll Be Home for Christmas
sung by Saviabella (“the Sweetheart of Saskatchewan”)

… and a special performance by Sophia (“Hot and Spicy Songstress”), who sings…

Flicker Wicker,
a new Hanukkah song she wrote especially for this concert, done to the tune of ABBA’s Super Trouper. (You know how much I love ABBA.)


Christmas photo by Whit

Christmas photo by Greeblemonkey and Ms. Sizzle

Christmas photo by Erin and Tim

Winter Wonderland photo by Vanessa

Christmas photo by Mckay

Christmas photo by Dutch Blitz

Hanukkah photo by Tamara Eden

Christmas photo by Whoorl

Christmas photo by Jennifer of Open Book

Christmas photo by Laurel

Hanukkah photo by Letter B

Creative Advent Calendar photo by Kerflop

Christmas photo by Assertagirl

Christmas photo by Cici.

Christmas photo by Alissa and Evan

Christmas photo by Gorilllabuns

Christmas photo by Jill of GlossyVeneer


Holiday photos by Shash


Happy Holidays! The Christmahanukwanzaakah Holiday concert will be re-broadcast on Christmas Day, so feel free to send me any new material if you missed today’s deadline, whether it be audio, video or Holiday photos.

Relive the memories! — The 2006 Christmahanukwanzaakah Holiday Concert


  1. V-Grrrl


    It wouldn’t be the holidays without all the Big Love and Cheer you share with the blogosphere.

    Sending you a big American hug and three Belgian kisses! Mwah!

  2. MapleMama

    MrMaple and I just finished listening to all of these wonderfully AMAZING performances. I am so honored to share this program with each of you.

    Neil – you might have to take this show on the road. I’ve given you a little shout-out on my blog.

    Happy Holidays one and all!

  3. Danny

    FANTASTIC! I haven’t been in much of a holiday mood this year but this concert has catapulted me into the spirit! As usual I’m amazed at the diversity and vocal range of your readers–really superb! Sorry about that weird clicking during my song. I couldn’t hear that as I recorded it which is why I’m not singing to the beat!

    CHAG SAMEACH to all of Neil’s readers who form an oasis of sanity and love in the blogosphere. (Great kicker from Sophia!)

  4. tamarika

    Neilochka, once again you created a fantastic community – a place for us all to get together and enjoy each other.

    Thank you so much! Happy Holiday season to everyone! Hugs, smiles and waves!

  5. Neil

    Danny – I thought it sounded there on purpose, for the beat!

    If I mis-labeled anything, please email me. Bec’s song is an mp4 and may not open for some, so I am going to try to convert it.

    Also, while it isn’t exactly Hanukkah music, Therapydoc has added some Jewish music to her site.

  6. margaret

    I am touched!

  7. Lisa

    What fun!! Enjoyed them all! Thanks Neil for putting this together.

  8. Not Fainthearted

    “Flicker Wicker” kicker ROCKS the house.

    Thanks Sophia!

    And Thank You Neil, for hosting this extravaganza once again.

  9. SAJ

    Bravo! Bravo!

  10. OMSH

    This was a fabulous start to my day! ENCORE! ENCORE!

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    All I can say is, you all sing (or play) WAAAAAY better than I do.

    That was seriously AWESOME!!!!!

    Thanks so much, Neil. What a hoot!

  12. psychotoddler

    Oh, Holy Crap!

    Nice job again Neil! Now all you need to do is get some of those muslims and hindus in on the act.

  13. sizzle

    i love this. fun! i got a laugh out of the simon and garfunkel reference for myself and aimee. hee hee. “time it was and what a time it was…a time of innocence, a time of confidences…”

    good work on this neil!

  14. cruisin-mom

    YAY for Neil…if there was mistletoe hanging…i’d give you a kiss

  15. Karen Sugarpants

    Wow there is A TON of talent here… I especially loved Hilly’s O Little Town of Bethlehem. She has a gorgeous voice.

  16. MapleMama

    Regarding your question yesterday–as to why such talented folks would waste their timeblogging–I’ve just realized the answer after listening to the concert over and over this morning.

    I think most everyone here just has WAY too much talent for one creative outlet!

  17. Rhea

    Another year, another great collection of singing bloggers.

  18. Whit

    Irving Berlin called. You’re in.

  19. lizardek

    Thanks, Neil! You made my year! 😀

  20. lizardek

    Wait, I take that back, I just listened to Sophia’s contribution and THAT made my year!!!

  21. wafelenbak

    Thanks to all for participating! What fun–really made my Monday. 🙂

  22. Tamara

    HEY! That was a surprise to see my pic there! Thanks so much, and Happy Chanukah!

  23. Hilly

    Thank you so much for letting me participate and for doing this for all of us!

    Everyone is so talented!

  24. Loralee

    This idea rocks the house. I loved it. I’ll probably just sit here and keep clicking on all these people for an embarrassing amount of time.

    I think it’s amazing that so many bloggers are so multi-talented.

    Most people stare blankly when I say that blogging is my daily bit of applause and consolation for walking away from an opera career, but I bet that sentiment would be completely understood here!

  25. Caron

    From the mountains to the isthmus, you brought Holiday joy! Sophia, you are my hero for that rhyme!

  26. wendy

    Did anyone else weep.. TWICE??

    and laugh..

    This was really a moving experience for me Neil!


  27. butterfly

    Hey Neil!

    I have been enjoying the concert so much — what a wealth of songs and pictures and new friends to make! You weren’t kidding about all of the talent up in here! ;-D

    I am sooo honored that you liked the logo and used it to intro the event — wow *blush* You really do love me, don’t you?

    May you get all of the loose women you hope for this holiday season! LOL

    – vanessa aka the butterfly

  28. Sara


    Awesome. Thank you!

  29. Digital Father

    Neil- so sorry I missed the gig this year. I’ve been out of town, and my agent has not been on top of the gigs like he used to be.

    That said, nice work by everyone here. I’d have been hard pressed to top them.

  30. pam

    I love this whole thing. You rule, Citizen of the Month.

  31. Kyra

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!

  32. Sarah

    Impressive lineup 🙂

    merry holiday season to all!

  33. Jill - GlossyVeneer

    Coolest idea EVAH! Thanks for including one of my holiday pics.

    Now if I were to sing… that would be a completely different and more terrifying addition!

  34. Bec

    Sorry I sent the wrong format over! Am putting the mp3 in the ‘post’ now!

    I just adore this lineup – seriously, shall we just convoy in a massive world tour affair? I can make the tea!

  35. Neil

    Bec – fixed!

  36. Neil

    And for those who asked about Sophia’s “Flicker Wicker” song — yes, Christmas DOES rhyme with isthmus! You think you can come up with anything better?!

  37. Jennifer

    Wow. It’s even better than last year’s event. And I’ve found new blogs to love! What a gift you’ve given!

  38. Otir

    What a treat! Thanks Neil for putting up such a great concert, and the whole show with pics and decorations, and heart, and soul, and fun, and everything!

    I am half flattered that I am called the female Jacques Brel, wondering if it is because I roll the r’s like him, also please tell your readers I am not as depressing as he is, or I hope (but yeah what a great singer, even if he was Belgian).

    And yes, I want that next year you hook me up with Danny so that we do a Yi Malel duet (I don’t do the Hark! thing though, just the Hebrew part).

    Wow, that was too cool, I submit the comment and go back to the entire show one more time!

  39. mckay

    i’ve peeked at a few…LOVE them! savoring the rest like pricey or two a day.

    God bless you, Neil, for creating such a cool event where people get to share all sorts of fun stuff.

    and God bless us, everyone!

  40. Angella

    This? Is AMAZING! You rock the casbah!

  41. Pearl

    Neil, you’re the Bob Hope of blogland. It’s time to take this show on the road and entertain those overseas troops.
    Fine work…once again.

  42. SJ

    I am really, really sad that I didn’t contribute.

    But having listened to these, I’m infinitely grateful that I didn’t send in my lame off-key warbling.

  43. merrymishaps

    Great job everybody!
    I’m glad I could be a part of this!

  44. 180/360

    Sounds great everyone! Bravo, bravo! Encore, encore!

    Wish I could’ve had more time to figure out where my file went so that I could’ve participated. Next year, I guess.

  45. Carrie

    Wow! Thanks for spreading the cheer! Wonderful.

  46. Leesa

    Well shoot.. I didn’t realize photos were accepted for talent! Great selection here 🙂

  47. Geeky Tai-Tai

    Neil, this was beautiful! I really enjoyed everyone’s contributions to your concert.

  48. teebopop

    I wasn’t in the holiday spirit at all. Now I am. Thank you everyone for sharing your self and your families for this concert.

    Neil? You’re just too awesome for words.

  49. AB

    Thanks for that peek into everyone’s world. I promise to particpate next year. Happy Hanukkah to you!

  50. supa

    wow, neil. And everybody. I’m moved. Excellent job!

  51. Neil

    Did a little re-arranging to make it simpler to navigate. Thanks for the advice.

  52. Karl

    Happy holidays, Neil and Sophia! Great concert!

  53. MsMamma

    How uber cool. Sophia is one hot Sweet Potato!

  54. Mr. Fabulous

    Man, lots of good stuff here. And, of course, I forgot all about it and didn’t submit anything, despite you reminding me.

    Sigh…I suck.

  55. Elizabeth

    damn– this is inspiring. i like the moniker someone above gave you– “the bob hope of Christmas” but I think that has to be modified to the “billy bob hope” as I don’t think bob’s penis ever gave monologues (not in public, anyway) and I’m pretty sure billy bob holds regular discourse with his.

  56. Dagny

    Lovely, but next year can you add in Yule to the mix? Sorry to be a pain.

  57. Miguelina

    Impressive. You’ve all put me in the Christmas spirit – finally!

  58. Michael

    Damn, I forgot to take photos of our latkes. I coulda sent them in… but I was too drunk on the vodka for the latkes. Happy holidayz

  59. gorillabuns

    everyone is way too talented!

  60. mrsmogul

    WOW that cheered me up!! I might get something together..if I have time!!

  61. Neil

    New Addition to the concert!

    Te Harinui (a New Zealand Christmas song) by Dee (”The Diana Ross of Down Under”) of Singular Scene

  62. AscenderRisesAbove

    awwww; hark the hairy angels was too sweet

  63. catnapping

    merry merry, and a cool yule!


  64. Cyprus chick

    Wow what wonderful stuff!
    Thats churped me up for the day!

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