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Jessica, Sophia, Neil

Neil and Hilly

Yes, Tequilacon is over.   I got to meet a whole lot of amazing bloggers.

Yes, Sophia was there.

Yes, everyone liked her more than me. 

There was alcohol.  There was stick-on tatoos.  Sophia received a tattoo of a tiger on her cleavage.  Bloggers forgot my name.

The event took place in a converted school that is now a trendy hotel/bar.  It is not surprising that I reverted back to my elementary school days — I was intimidated by the girls and enjoyed hanging out with the boys.   It was an honor to meet such cool guys as Dave, Karl, Dustin, Mad William, Vahid, and others.  I was even shocked that my long-time evil nemesis, Brandon of the the defunct One Child Left Behind, is actually a sweet, interesting guy.

The girls were another problem.   In one room were gathered some of the most gorgeous, glamorous, and intelligent women of the blogosphere — Jenny, Jessica, Postmodern Sass, Hilly, Ms. Sizzle, Jill, Kimberly, Adena, Stacy, Communicatrix, Sibyl, Chantel, and others.  Without one glass of tequila, I was getting drunk on the sensuous scent of female bloggers’ pheremones.  Luckily, this being a former school, there was a shower in the men’s room!  Three or four times during the evening, I had to slip away from the group and take a quick cold shower to enable me to continue chatting with others without me drooling like a crazed lecher.

I know it sounds a little ridiculous to some of you to drive all the way to Portland to meet a few bloggers, but it was totally worth it.    I can’t wait to meet the rest of YOU.

My one concern about meeting a blogger is that it makes it difficult to go back to reading his blog, which is a pale imitation of the real three-dimensional person.  It almost makes reading his blog irrelevant.   So, while it was great meeting all of you last night, I think it is only appropriate to now delete you from my blogroll.  Thanks…


  1. Jill

    Very jealous that I wasn’t there…

  2. Two Roads

    Build me up buttercup only to let me down later – deleting blogroll again. So I shall remain anonymous so that I can live on forever in your blogroll!

  3. Dagny

    I like to live dangerously. Y’all can get in touch with me on your drive south. And then I dare ya to delete me. Oh, but there won’t be any tequila involved unless I’m feeling exceptionally wild.

  4. Mist 1

    Suddenly feeling less cool than the Left Coast bloggers.

  5. kapgar

    Yeah, like Jill, kinda jealous.

    But, really, can you blame them all for liking Sophia?

  6. Otir

    Does that give a chance to the faraway bloggers to get on your blogroll?? – Rats! I had forgotten I don’t blog in English. Next time!

  7. Hilly

    Where is the shot of your head between Sizzle and my chests???

    I adore you AND Sophia, both the dame, just the way you are!

  8. he's dead, jim!

    I am impressed the blogging world cuts such a great social group in real life! Neil, sorry I missed you birthday. I am honored you took the time to visit when you were home in NYC.

  9. Dave2

    You can’t imagine how happy people were to have you and Sophia attend the event! Those of us who got to meet you the night before TequilaCon were treated like rock stars when the word spread that we’d actually got to see you a day early!

    Thanks so much for making the trip… I didn’t think that I could love your blog any more than I already do, but meeting you guys in person was a fantastic experience. I’m already looking forward to the next time! 🙂

  10. Roberta

    I hope I make your next East Coast tour… I can’t possibly pale in the comparison of my blog. It’s only my voice, after all (and technically, not even). Says nothing of the boobs…

  11. communicatrix

    How were you up to post this so early?? We barely made it up in time to check out of our tragically hip hotel w/o penalties.

    I will treasure my many memories of TCPacNW, but most of all, I will treasure my lanyard. Dave, I heart you big-time…

  12. ms. sizzle

    how much do i love neilochka? a lot! i have great pics of us that are on their way to you via email.

    after reading you for so long, it was a true pleasure to have you, finally, “squeeze my tush.”

    can you tell sophia i have a girl crush on her? ok. thanks.

    i’m sorry i didn’t get to hug you both goodbye!

  13. Karl

    It was a great time hanging with you and Sophia. By the way, I don’t necessarily like her more than you, but she’s certainly hotter. Really glad you two made it. Now I have more cool people to visit whenever I get to California next.

  14. Jessica

    The shower, huh? So THAT’S where you were – I kept going, “Where the hell is Neil?”

    SO great meeting you and Sophia last night….I’ll be posting pics soon!

  15. Jack

    Everyone needs an evil nemesis. It makes for great blog fodder.

  16. Danny

    Sounds like a great time although such an event would scare me more than my recent high school reunion. I was nervous enough meeting you and Sophia last year. I think I am a pale imitation of my blog, not the other way around.

    Didn’t you already delete your blogroll? I can’t for the life of me figure out that Bloglines thing you have, which is irritating since, as I CONTINUE to get birthday presents for you from these folks, I want to look up their blogs!

    Oh, and what’s with the gray temples in those photos? It looks great but I swear you didn’t have them last week. Is that what happens when you get a year older?

  17. Rabbit

    Funny, cause I thought most bloggers are shy, hermit-like types who almost never leave the house . . .

    Or is that only me?

  18. Postmodern Sass

    Though I will continue to read Citizen of the Month, I will from this day forward think of the guy who writes it as “Sophia’s husband.” 🙂

  19. churlita

    It sounds so fun. I would probably be too insecure to go to one of those things anyway. I would probably drink way too much to calm my nerves and then get really loud and end it by puking. It might make you appreciate my blog better though. My blog has no sound and can’t throw up.

  20. Finn

    I’m jealous too! I missed out on having my tush squeezed and Neil’s head in my boobs. And I missed meeting Sophia. 🙁

  21. Dating Dummy

    Hey Neil, glad you had such a great time! Meeting bloggers sure is fun.

    btw, Happy Late Birthday! Sorry I missed out on the festivities.

  22. shari

    Great meeting you and Sophia!!

  23. Not Faint Hearted

    Sounds like a great time! Totally jealous that I couldn’t be there. So, have you and Sophia ever been to Minnesota?

  24. Edgy Mama

    Sounds like fun!

    So you can delete me AFTER I’m in LA in April!

  25. jenny

    had so much fun with you and sophia, and after applying that tattoos to both of you, i think in some countries the three of us would now be married. as soon as i find out which country, that’s where i’m planning the next tequilacon… 😉

    i’m so glad you made it and hope you have safe travels home!

  26. Ellen Bloom

    Maybe it’s time for an L.A. area blog-meet?

  27. Wendy

    Ok when’s your southern blogger trip, y’all? I am jealous!!!!!

  28. rach

    Get your asses over the pond then and mads and I can take you down the pub.

  29. Stacy Elaine

    tequilacon schmachelathon.

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