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Moving Week


I hate moving!  It is so tedious and time-consuming.  But I’m never too busy to sing in the car as I’m shlepping boxes… 

sung to the tune of ‘The Jeffersons’ theme, “Movin’ On Up”  (listen to the original song)

Well, I’m movin’ on up, to the Westside
To Sophia’s apartment by the beach
Movin’ on up, to the Westside
Her panties are now within reach.

Sophie’s bras in the morning,
Wearing her stockings at night.
How does she wear these stilletos?  Isn’t this teddy too tight?
Wearing her dress on the weekend,
Looking like Barbie, not Ken.
I’m livin’ the high life, just me and her undies,
Until she kicks me out once again!

Well, I’m movin’ on up, to the Westside
To Sophia’s apartment by the beach
Movin’ on up, to the Westside
Her panties are now within reach.


A Year Ago on Citizen of the Month:  She Exists!


  1. Tara

    Hey, I think I’m the first to comment too. Woohoo. I think I threw down the gauntlet there. Now everyone else has to send you photos of things specific to their region reading your blog too. If you’re from L.A. you could post a picture of some fake boobs reading Neil’s blog…

  2. JavaCurls

    I’m not a huge fan of moving either but you give moving an entirely different twist! Have fun!

  3. Fitena

    Your song’s lyrics are so… huh deep!
    Javacurls is right, could be fun!


  4. Fitena

    And am blog crush of the Day!!
    You carry on like this and am going to be so full of myself!!!
    I think I’ll join Margaret in that little dance!:-)


  5. treespotter

    that song… oh, how subtle.

    will send pics from Jakarta, do post a nice picture on the front page to pose.

  6. better safe than sorry

    enjoy your new digs, bet the place smells like her. she’s going to be sorry she didn’t pack every item of clothing she owns, but that’s good news for you.
    oink oink your little friend!

  7. Charming, but single

    If you started getting bikini waxes and taking Stripper-robics, I’m calling an intervention.


  8. Alissa

    Happy Moving! Make sure you sweep Sophia’s place for web cams! I have a feeling she’s keeping an eye on you, even from NYC!

  9. justrun

    Be careful lifting those x-large boxes, Neil.

  10. Odessa

    Yay for moving into better places. I feel so lost about this whole relationship with you and Sophie, so I’m just going to cheer you on and scratch my head.

  11. kristen

    Enjoy your beach lifestyle and good luck with the move. There’s nothing I hate worse. With your clever song and new way of dressing, I think you’d find a better venue in town.

  12. Melissa

    I always knew you had it in you… stretch her stockings though and she’s likely to tie you up with them.

  13. Anomie-Atlanta

    I agree with JUSTRUN, be careful lifting the big boxes. A hernia is not attractive on anyone.

  14. Neil

    If you look at those illustrations, what EXACTLY is lifting those boxes anyway?

  15. mariemm3

    Sing loud. Sing Proud

  16. Nance

    Neil! If you drive her car, DO NOT CHANGE HER PRESETS!!!

  17. Tatyana

    If you look at those illustrations, what EXACTLY is lifting those boxes anyway?

    Force of will?

  18. deannie

    I thought it quite apropose that last year’s post was ‘She exists’ and there is Sophia big as life. She is very pretty BTW. Leave the toilet seat down dear.


  19. Roberta

    It’s like an updated ‘Lumberjack Song’.

    And now another earworm you’ve left me with. It’ll be hours… perhaps days, before that song leaves my head.

  20. Akaky

    Junk food does not count as nutrition, guy. Stop eating that treyf and spackling your arteries with fat and eat something good for you. You live in LA, there’s gotta be a take out salad place nearby. And take your cholesterol medication.

  21. Akaky

    And if you hate moving so much, why are you doing it?

  22. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Oh Good for you Neil! But here’s my question, is Sophia going to be there at the same time as you? (Didn’t she take a trip??? I think she did….)
    Well, the 2nd question is: Does this mean you and Sophia are trying it “together” once agaim? Or is it just her panties and you?

    Thanks for the visit…and the neighbors are VERY unhappy with the noise and the dirt and the trucks, etc…but, they know there is nothing they can do about it…Progress…sometimes it really sucks, you know?

    I’m happy for you being by the water, Neil….Enjoy!

  23. 2nd Pearl Past the Post

    ok, you put the song in there now. How’re you going to get it back out. 😉

    This blog appreciation day sounds fun. I’m thinking a yes on that one.

  24. mrs mogul

    I hate moving so looks like I’m going to do that next month! I heart the Jefferson’s!

  25. Paris Parfait

    Very clever rendition of that classic song. I used to watch that show way back when. I was about to offer my congrats on getting back together w/ Sophia. But then I remembered she’s in New York. So you’re house-sitting or actually taking the plunge and giving up your psuedo-bachelor apartment? Either way, good luck w/ the move – the price one pays for new adventures!

  26. berrie

    WHEEZIE I’m HOME~! moving is ‘dreadful’ Have fun with the panties!

  27. sarah

    welcome to the dark side.

  28. Mr. Fabulous

    Weird Al is looking over his shoulder…

  29. Rebecca

    I just love you. That’s all I can think of to say.

  30. femme d'espoir

    I really sang along to those lyrics, ya know!

  31. question girl


  32. Heather

    isn’t it lovely having fitena represent mauritius? I am glad you put her blog up there.

    enjoy moving to your deeeeluxe apartment in tha skyyyyyy.

  33. danielle

    hope the move is a smooth one. make sure to bend from the knees.

  34. idighootchandcootch

    Congratulations on “movin’ on up”. Hopefully you wont discover that Bentley is your neighbour. He kinda freaked me the fuck right out

  35. EEK

    That’s terrific that you wrote a moving-in song. I’m sure Sophia loved it or will love it once she gets to hear it.

    ‘Panties’ is such a versatile word.

  36. Blonde Vigilante

    Awww…isn’t that cute!

  37. Akaky

    Why, if you dont mind my asking, is your small figure in this illustration wearing a cubical condom? And remember, consuming green cupcakes does not count as eating greens, nor are doughnuts acceptable as a source of potassium, vitamins, and other essential minerals, not to mention that they do nothing to lower your cholesterol.

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