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Thursday is Blog Appreciation Day

local newspaper on Mount Everest

Summer is coming to an end, and fall brings in new emotions.  I just had a wonderful weekend meeting some bloggers in San Diego.  So, I’m feeling all sentimental about blogging – 

Isn’t it amazing that you can interact with others — and in such an intimate way — even when that other person lives half the country away in Pittsburgh?  Or half the world away in Mauritus?

That’s why Thursday is Blog Appreciation Day!

What is Blog Appreciation Day?

The idea formed as I drove home from San Diego.  As I was on the 5 Freeway, I started getting sleepy.  Maybe it was all that champagne at brunch!  I got off the freeway to grab a cup of coffee.  I ended up in some small beach town between San Diego and Orange County.  

As I drank my coffee in a small coffee shop, I perused through the local “free” newspaper.  In it, was a feature titled “Around the World.”  The column was all about local residents who submitted pictures of themselves while travelling.  In the photos, they were holding up their rinky-dink local paper in some faraway location, whether it be Chicago or China.   I started laughing, not because I was making fun of the concept, but because they do the EXACT SAME THING in the Redondo Beach local paper.   And I thought this was just a Redondo Beach gimmick!   How naive of me.  Do they do this in all small town newspapers? 

local newspaper in Morocco

This small town gesture is easy to make fun of.  After all, you don’t see people showing off their copies of The New York Times in exotic places:

 “Look at me!  The New York Times actually went to China!”

But, in reality, I found the gesture rather heartwarming.  By taking a photo of yourself holding the HOMETOWN paper in front of the Eiffel Tower, you’re sending a strong message to those back at home:  “Hey look, we are part of the world community.  You can actually read this rinky-dink Redondo Beach newspaper in Paris!”

I’ll admit it –  I get a real kick knowing that someone actually reads my stupid blog in places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida  and Sydney, Australia!  How cool is that?  And I’m sure you feel the same way about your blog. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually SEE you home page in one of these places, just like you enjoy seeing someone holding up your local newspaper in Bombay?

That is where Blog Appreciation Day comes in.  Anyone who asks for it in today’s comments, will get a digital photograph emailed to them on Thursday.  The photo will be of HIS or HER blog taken from my actual MONITOR in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.   Show your friends and family!  Amaze your children!  Feel good about what you do.   Look how you’ve made an impact thousands of miles away.

That is what Blog Appreciation Day is all about.  You can finally say, “Hey, someone actually reads my dumb blog all the way in California.  And, look — I have photographic PROOF!”

The only thing I ask in return is that if you ask for a digital photo, you pass the gesture on to the next blogger.  You need to make a photograph of another blogger’s blog and email it to them — perhaps some blogger who has done something meaningful for you, even if you have never met. 

Show a friendly blogger how their blog is appreciated, even in a faraway land.

Remember, Blog Appreciation Day is this Thursday, August 24th. 

Would you like a photo of your blog?

Fitena’s blog (written in Mauritius) on my monitor in Los Angeles

Another example:  Sophia sent me this for Kapgar in Chicago.  Notice Sophia ultra-chic New York highlights in her hair.


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  1. ms. sizzle

    count me in neil- i love this idea. next we’ll be paying it forward. 😉

    (hey i don’t think i have ever been the first to comment on your blog- lucky me- woo woo!)

  2. Sarah

    I’m in! I want you in the picture, though.

  3. elle

    I’m in too. Love it!!!!

  4. Roberta

    I’ll bite.

    Except not the one I just posted, which is exceptionally stupid and pretty much an in joke. But like, any other one.

  5. Kevin

    Cool! Can I repost this information on my blog as well to get word out to some of my readers?

    Can I get a picture of Sophia reading my blog from New York? Heh.

  6. Viscountess of Funk

    Hi Neil:
    Sign me up!

  7. V-Grrrl

    I’m going for it and have to wonder, am I the only reader you have in Brussels, Belgium?

  8. Charming, but single

    Can I get a picture of your penis reading my blog? ;P

    Great idea!

  9. Scarlet

    I’m so in. I’d frame that picture to show to my future grandkids!

  10. Alison

    Count me in!

  11. Karl

    Oooh, great idea. Please count me in, Neil. And I’ll reciprocate!

  12. Chantel

    This would be a lot of fun however, I’m leaving town and there will be very little internet.

  13. the psycho therapist




  14. Blonde Vigilante

    What a great idea! Who needs a statcounter when we can just send photographs to each other. :0

  15. Neil

    Chantel — You don’t need internet access for a photo.  This is what I did on my first (unsuccessful) try with taking a photo of Fitena’s site — I made a screenshot of it so I could take it with me on the laptop.  I tried to take the photo of her site with the actual Hollywood Sign in the background.  Unfortunately, the glare make it impossible to see the screen, so I gave up and came back home to shoot it.  When are they going to invent a monitor that you can see outside?

  16. Tara

    I want one too. I bet I’m the only reader from Iowa. I could send you a picture of some pigs reading your blog if you wanted…

  17. fringes

    I’m in, please. When you tell me what to do next, type slowly and clearly so I don’t mess up the chain of events.

  18. Rhea

    Me, too! Me, too! Since you’re in L.A.,
    could you photograph your monitor at poolside?

  19. lizardek

    You come up with the sillie…I mean greatest ideas, Neil! 😀

  20. deezee

    well, from another LA blogger…I’m now on the road in Zion after a morning river hike reading you! Not the same as a photo…just a travelin’ heads up……….

  21. Wendy

    love it – i’m in – just tell me what to do and point me in a direction 😉

  22. fringes

    Where is our “A year ago” link?

  23. Leesa

    Cool idea 🙂
    I’m in.

  24. Akaky

    this is all very well, but are you taking your cholesterol medication? Are you eating something other than donuts?

  25. tamarika

    ROFL …
    … And yet … yes …
    … I would like a photo of my blog but, really, how will I know it’s from your computer screen if there is nothing that actually identifies you? Hmm … ?

  26. Neil

    Tara — if you can get a photos of some pigs reading my blog, I will make a poster of it and put in my bedroom. 

    Tamarika — I’ll put my thumb in the shot so you can identify my thumbprint against your computer database.

    Akaky — I am eating absolutely terrible, I must admit. Fast food and junk. But blogger Leese from Northern California actually sends me a message EVERY DAY to remind me about my cholesterol medicine. Whether I take it, is another matter.

    Fringes — Will put the year ago link in. I totally forgot.

    Kapgar — I’ve added another photo on the bottom of the post that Sophia sent me from NY.

  27. Jocelyn

    I’m in Neil. Just tell ‘splain what I have to do. sloowly. And my picture from Canada will be on it’s way!

  28. kristen

    You will be very busy on Thursday but I’m in.

  29. Edgy Mama

    Fun! I’m in. But you’re gonna be one busy photog, Neil!

  30. Kevin

    Sophia did it! She really did it! And the proof is going up on my site now! Woo hoo! Thanks, Sophia!

  31. Bre

    I’m in! This is deeeelightful, but that’s par for the course for you, eh? 🙂

  32. Denise

    I cannot believe that you came to SD and didn’t see me. *Sniffle, sob* I shall recover, but it will be slow and painful.


  33. Lynn

    Shit, now I gotta get highlights? The upkeep to live in this city is over the top.

  34. Neil

    Denise, you should introduce yourself to the other San Diego bloggers. Do you know any of them? I actually thought you knew the people I met…

  35. SJ

    I’ve only been a lurker here up to now, but I’m coming out of the shadows for this!

    My blog will be new to you, but I would like to request a drive-by shooting. And I’ll be happy to pay it forward.

  36. Caryn

    Neil, you never fail to amuse, amaze and delight. Count me in and we’ll teach the world to sing with sweet blog love.

  37. plain jane

    Neil—the trend setter on the cutting edge of the blogosphere.

  38. Alex

    I’ve only met two of my fellow bloggers, well, in addition to my best friend, Laini (at growwings), and both times it was such a joy as they are truly kindred souls I would never have met otherwise. I love blogs because through the written word we often get to know others in a much more deeper, interesting, and unjique way than through verbal words alone. I think sides of ourselves would forever lie dormant if we didn’t write. I have a teensy, tiny readership but I have a couple people from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that check in regularly and I would love to know who they are. One time I had someone in Afganistan, and I wondered if it was Osama. What if my recent post on meatball cupcakes inspired Osama to stop terrorizing us, being so inpired and grateful for this exciting new culinary possibilty? What if my ridiculous little blog has saved mankind?

  39. Neil

    Alex — how true. How can you hate knowing there are meatball cupcakes in this world?

  40. Pearl

    Having already been your “Crush of the Day” once is enough appreciation for me, Neil!

    You make me smile every time you post something new. That’s how much I appreciate you, Neil!

  41. littlepurplecow

    Coolio. Count me in.

  42. Bill

    I didn’t see this post till today. Cool idea. I’m in.

  43. JavaCurls

    I’ve been a lurker for a couple of weeks now but with your “Blog Appreciation Day” entry I’ve decided to come out of the woodworks. Count me in!

  44. Fitena

    Wow! Neil Baby, I so love this idea! I know Reader’s Digest has or had a similar concept! I came accross another idea which is post-card- sending-forward concept where say you send me a post card of your City, I send mine to another blogger who sneds his/hers to some other blogger. A record is kept of course!
    I really do love this idea, I knew I had to uy that digi cam when i had the money! grrrr!
    BTW, I’d love having that pic emailed to me!
    Love you Neil! 🙂 Sign me up! I’d beg someone to lend me their digi card! (The stuff I have to do for you: eg, can you believe that! pheeeww)


  45. ChickyBabe

    Love the idea! Still trying to figure out how to show my silhouette reading a blog…

  46. justrun

    Oh, I want to participate! Am I too late? Forgive me, I had the flu. If it’s not too late, I’m in and I’ll pay it forward.

  47. e.

    What a good idea… and it will also keep you out of trouble for at least all of Thursday! If I’m not too late, I’d like to play, too 🙂

  48. psychotoddler

    This is a great idea, and I definitely want in. The only question is, how will people know where these pictures are actually taken? I mean, if someone posts a picture of their computer with my blog on it, how do I know that it’s really in a basement in Nepal and not a basement in Peoria?

  49. The Cynical Girl

    Am I disqualified because I’m a day late? Count me in, dollface.

  50. Neil

    Psychotoddler — That’s why the guy in Nepal should have a copy of the Nepalese Times standing next to the monitor. Of course, I could go to some “International News” stand in Cleveland and get the Neapalese Times, but I’m a firm believer that most bloggers are honest. Have you ever heard of anyone online taking on another identity or faking information? It just doesn’t happen!

  51. paperback writer


  52. danielle

    i would love to get such a photo, but i will be in texas and unable to return. boo. i suck. cute idea though.

  53. Alissa

    I’m totally in.

  54. claire

    d’oh, I’m behind on my reading. Cool idea though. If you get a chance, I’d love one; I’m already in the works on paying it forward regardless.

  55. Caroline

    Hit me, baby, and I’ll do the same for someone else! Thanks.

  56. Anthony S.

    Count this Californian forward. I have a few people in mind who I can pay it forward to.

  57. inky

    My hometown paper where I used to be a reporter for… the Yankton County Observer prints photos on a regular basis from far away places like California with folks holding up the OBserver’s logo (front page) grinning and describing their location. It’s a hoot.

  58. mckay

    i’ve been sick as a dog these past few days and just now found out about the appreciation day. yes, i’d love for you to love me…or appreciate me…or just read the damn blog.

    this is a great idea and should become an annual event, spread around the world faster than a std. it might even have to morph into appreciation week.

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