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Life with Mother

The best lesson that I can teach you, after eight successful years in blogging and social media, is the supreme importance of communicating the positive message of your personal brand. Unfortunately, today is not the day for this lesson. Today … Continue reading

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The Photo of the Sunset

I unfollowed everyone on Twitter, and then slowly re-followed everyone back. I brought the final divorce paperwork to the court, and then got it returned by mail because I was missing one of the forms. I grew a beard, and … Continue reading

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Nothing To Say

Have you noticed how infrequently I have been blogging? I’m afraid the competition in the blogosphere market is getting to me.   There are so many other others out there with something to say — celebrities, comedians, professional authors, journalists, … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, My Father, and Yom Kippur

Steve Jobs, the legendary co-founder of Apple passed away this week, and the internet exploded with admirers reflecting on how his vision impacted their lives. Some talked about their first Mac, iPod, or iPhone, and how it transformed the way … Continue reading

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My Week According to Me, 9/16/11

As sure as a Republican candidate saying something stupid during a nationwide debate, summer changes to fall, and I just took out out a sweater stored in the back of my closet.  I am currently in New York until — … Continue reading

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The Hole in the Ground

When you are stuck underground for a long time, in the darkness, under the grass and dirt and flowers, not dead but fully alive, all vital signs working except for your sense of reality, your first sighting of a pinhole-sized … Continue reading

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One Word

David’s “The Anger of Achilles” I’ve been upset the last few nights, sleepless over something rather innocuous — a writing prompt that I saw on someone’s blog: “Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word.   Explain why you’re choosing that word.” … Continue reading

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Feeling it For the First Time

Surprisingly, I’ve been doing quite well in New York, away from Sophia.  We’re still talking on the phone, exchanging stories of the day.  But not every day.  I have no idea what she has been up to this month. A … Continue reading

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Morning, December 1st

Last night, I had a little trouble falling asleep because I was laughing to myself so much over my last post. I know it probably wasn’t that funny to you, but the absurdity of the premise struck a nerve in … Continue reading

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My Current To Do List, October 2009

(in order of immediate importance) Write This Script and Send to LA Exercise More Read Kate Inglis’ Book Make A Lot More Money Visit My Friends Move in, Resolve Things, or Get a Divorce From My Wife Make Better Choices … Continue reading

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