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Watching the Fishermen

I’m not a fan of the ocean.  It is too big, vast, dark, and scary.  The tide will come in and swallow you up like a shark.  But I am a Pisces.  Two fishes swimming in opposite directions.  I am … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Traffic – Instagram

If New York is symbolized by the Empire State Building, the iconic image of Los Angeles is… traffic.  Sure, the Los Angeles Kings just won the Stanley Cup, the supermodels are at the private beaches of Malibu, and the Hollywood … Continue reading

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Jesus at the Beach

Summer at the beach.  Tanned bodies, flip-flops, kiddie rides, ice cream cones, pop songs on the radio.  Sure, there may be too much skin exposed, and people are reading dumb books rather than Dostoevsky, but there is way more sin going … Continue reading

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Instagram Los Angeles: Day at the Beach

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Change of Locale

I’ll be in Los Angeles, at least through the month of August.

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Car Stolen

Hyundai Santa Fe gone away to East L.A. where Jose will chop away and ship next day to Monterrey. What can I say? You’re on your way to those who pay for parts Hyundai. I hope and pray You’ll be … Continue reading

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Vote for Me… Or Else

I woke up this morning and saw a large manila package outside our door.  I opened the door, still in my underwear, and took it.  It was for Sophia.  Since she was still sleeping,  I took the initiative to open … Continue reading

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Where’s ICU?

  Thank you for your emails and comments about Fanya, Sophia’s mother.  She is doing better, and was released from the hospital tonight.   Fanya’s room was located in the Saperstein Critical Care Tower, which was opened last year after entrepreneur … Continue reading

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What’s Up, Cedars-Sinai?

It’s been hectic.   My mother came to town.  We prepared for the first seder. I fought a cold.  My mother cooked a wonderful brisket, matzoh ball soup, kugel, etc.  We went over to the home of Fanya and Vartan, Sophia’s … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Times to New York City: Drop Dead

In a calllous show of one-upmanship, the Los Angeles Times contrasts bundled-up New Yorkers freezing their asses off with nubile young Angelenos in Santa Monica enjoying a carefree afternoon having lesbian sex with popular LA-produced “Rabbit” brand strap-on.

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