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The Ninth Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert

holiday concert

It is time for the announcement of the Ninth Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, all new, all exciting for 2014!

Nine years!  Can you believe it?

Here are the past blockbuster concerts —

2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012 2013

This year’s concert will take place on December 18, 2014 right here on this blog.

It is time to hear YOU PERFORM!   YOU are the CONCERT.  That gives you about a month to work your magic.

Sign up in the comments today.

Concert FAQ:

1.  Create a video (or audio) file of you performing a holiday song.  If you need technical help, ask me.

2.  You must be performing in the audio or video.   Don’t cheat and have your cute kids doing all the work.

3.  You can sing, play an instrument, recite poetry, dance the Nutcracker, or write a symphony.

4.  Once completed, post the video on a place like YouTube and send me the link.   Or just send me the file via Dropbox or email, and I will post it on YouTube.   Try to get me all files and links by Tuesday, December 16, 2014, two days before the concert!  That gives you plenty of time to be creative.

5.  If you are too wimpy to sing a song, send me a holiday photo for concert decoration.  It could be of your tree, menorah, or plain ol’ winter solstice if you are a heathen.

6.  The comment section is the sign-up sheet.    By signing up, we can see who is performing what, so we can avoid having ten versions of “Let it Go.”

7.  Most importantly — don’t be intimidated if you can’t sing.    We like to laugh at you.

Join us in the longest-running holiday concert online — The Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, now in it’s ninth season!


  1. I will definitely participate this year. I’m thinking Tom Lehrer’s “A Christmas Carol” is the way to go. I can’t play the piano, so it may be acapella unless someone has randomly uploaded it as a karaoke track somewhere.

  2. Hmm. Maybe Henry and I will record something while we’re in the city! Don’t know what. But I swear it won’t be Let It Go!

  3. Dan and I are in for “Do you hear what I hear?” We’ll try to get experimental. Fun!

  4. I am in for a rousing (?) rendition of Mele Kalikimaka, straight from Maui, the real deal. I’ll even sit under a palm tree.

  5. My family and I will be doing “Magic to Do” from “Pippin.” Don’t worry — we’re totally turning it into a Christmas song!

  6. I’m in with Skating by Vince Guaraldi. Thanks for all that you do, Neil!

  7. Sara Stopek and I are mulling over our choices but we’re in! Maybe God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Maybe….another one she mentioned that I can’t remember. I’ll come back here and reply once we’ve decided.


  8. I’m in again! I’m thinking either Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, or maybe All I Want for Christmas is You. I’ll have to see which I can master on the ukulele the quickest!

  9. Way to guilt me into it, Neil. “We only have eight. That’s are recital not a concert.” sheesh.

    At the same time what would Christmahanukwanzaakah concert be without an overly serious accordion piece? I mean, I’ve been in almost all of them so far. So, I’m in.

    Not sure what it will be but it will NOT be “Let it Go” or any of the usual suspects. Maybe an accordion version of the “Om meni padme hum” chant I learned in Nepal? (don’t get your hopes up on that score).

  10. My eight-year old and I will definitely be singing Let it Go. DIBS. (I may, or may not, be facetious right now.)

  11. I’m in! I’ll be singing O Holy Night. You have permission to laugh away. Can’t wait for the concert!

    My 5yo can’t stand the idea of being left out, so she wants me to record her singing Jingle Bells. Hope it’s OK to have two entries…

  12. i’m in. I’ll figure something out!

  13. I shall forward my usual heartfelt Christmas-themed photograph, to decorate the concert venue.

  14. Fine, fine…I’ve been watching all these years, so I’m in.

  15. I’m thinking Allen Sherman…but I’m in all the way.

  16. I’m in. 🙂 Don’t know which Christmas song I’ll do yet…

  17. I LOVE this idea. You are brilliant, sir Neil. I read the list and found myself feeling comfortable at point 5. I’ll try to muster up courage for point 1. So yes, I’m in.

  18. My sisters and I do Dona Nobis Pacem as a trio.

  19. I love this so much! Put me down for O Come All Ye Faithful. Not done well, but full of heart. <3

  20. I just found out about this and think it is a fun idea. But I can’t sing a note AND can’t handle the laughter—so I will provide a Christmas Photo. 🙂 ~Kathy

  21. Having missed a white Christmas too many times, I’ll be singing Let It Snow….at the beach.

  22. Gabe and I will sing Mary did you know. We’ll see if you can understand us despite the accent.

  23. first year I have guts to participate! Signing up for a dramatic performance called “interupting Jingle Bells”

  24. Okay, I’m in this year with a mangled version of Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, a filipino Christmas tune. I’m calling it now because I know EVERYONE’s going to want to sing it.
    Also, it’s in Tagalog, so I could be saying “I’m climbing the nearest fire hydrant because there are ants in my cheese”, and it still sounds festive.

  25. I am planning to have my 5yo and I sing a special version of Jingle Bells.
    Wish me luck.

  26. I’m going to sing Joy to the World with my Beer and Hymns crew. Thanks for keeping this tradition going!

  27. Bob will help me with a dramatic reading – a selection from the Hanukkah favorite, “The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story.”

  28. I am participating this year! My first time!!

  29. OK, my brood and I are in. Not sure what song yet. I’ll report back tonight.

  30. Not recording a song this year, but I do have a terrific holiday photo to send, Neil. What’s your e-mail address?

  31. I will sing Silent Night…in french..:) Not a video, but audio.

  32. Oy! Did I forget to sign up??? I’ll participate too if still possible.

  33. I’m in for Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

  34. I’m in. Maybe a little banjo ditty?

  35. We have been doing this for eight years — this is our offering for 2014:

    Elvis lives.

  36. I’m hoping to do something this year, maybe even a violin duet with my daughter, but we haven’t gotten our act together. Maybe tonight!

  37. I’m hoping I can pull something delicious off this evening. Otherwise, I’ll send a photo!

  38. I finally overcame my tech problems and will upload a video tonight. Talk about skidding in sideways at the last second (sorry). Don’t worry – no “Let It Go” this year. Thanks for such a cool event, Neil!

  39. Awww, shucks. I didn’t know we couldn’t lean on our cute kids! Well, I’ll submit it to you anyway, cause it’s adorable. Awesome community builder, Neil.

  40. Oh man, I just found out about this yesterday and cannot get it together to do a video, especially because I have people in my house and there ain’t no way I’m doing it while they can overhear me. Jingle, jingle. Next year!

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