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Waiting and Acting


In therapy this week, I felt something deep,like a voice from childhood.  Someone telling me to wait.   Study and prepare.   Or risk the humiliation.   And all of a sudden I wasn’t there for humorous fodder for Facebook but because I needed it.   Two years since my divorce, my going to New Zealand, and my coming back to New York, and I’m still in retreat, waiting, studying and preparing.

I put on some 70s funk music on  Spotify.   And the music tells me, in this funkiest way possible, that there is no humiliation in acting. There is no humiliation.  There is no humiliation.   Acting only brings joy to the world, not only for you, but for everyone else.   You’re not here on Earth to think.  You’re here to act.

I need to act.  Don’t think.  Just act.  Start small.



  1. Deb @ Bright and Precious

    Waiting is good. Being still enough to hear your voice is good. I think you are preparing space for good things.

  2. Neil

    I think waiting is probably not good for me. Thank you for saying I am preparing space for good things, but I think it is even more helpful to just say, I have no idea if it is good or bad. It is just acting. That alone is enough.

  3. Heather

    Try different music.

  4. Jennifer

    I needed to read this. Too often, I wait and work to make things just so before really taking action. Act, act, act…

  5. Elan Morgan

    When I’m feeling too anxious about a decision sometimes, I’ve found it’s good to leap first and think more later. It’s not always the wisest advice, but it’s how I got married and how I started to blog, so it has its merits once in a while.

  6. Shannon akaMonty

    For some of us (possibly/probably) including you, Neil, waiting gives us waaaayyy too much opportunity for rationalization and talking ourselves OUT of doing what needs to/should be done. Baby steps, but in a forward motion.

  7. Kizz


  8. Bella

    Yep. While I will agree that waiting is good (for bursts of time), from action comes conversation, opportunities, friendships, laughter. It begins there. I know you’ll take some good photos on the way. Have fun.

  9. Jack

    As long as it doesn’t cause paralysis of analysis waiting can be useful.

  10. Roxanne

    I’m stuck in a waiting place. I need to act, as well. DO something.

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