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Sophia Went to Temple with the Satin Slayer

Someone has been killing half of the town of Pine Valley on “All My Children,” including the beloved Dixie Martin. This week, the mysterious and villainous “Satin Slayer” was revealed as Billionaire Alexander Cambias Sr.!   Not only was Alexander Cambias … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Trash (The Lyrics)

Last night, I was watching poker on TV and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when I received a call from Sophia.   She’s coming home ONE DAY EARLY.   Sunday, not Monday! Joy.  Joy.   But — F**k!  I was supposed … Continue reading

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Sophia, Fortune Cookies from Redondo Beach Never Tell a Lie

fortune from Seafood Village, October 25, 2006 (the waiter with the cool Chinese name who calls himself Paul says hello and looks forward to your return from New York)

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The Trees of California

  Even the trees of California Are beginning to change color Knowing you will be home Soon Happy Anniversary, Sophia! (thanks, Jerry, for the tree photo!)

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Almost Weekend Update

Just some random blogging updates before the weekend — Sprint disconnected my Sprint Ambassador phone today.  So much for my pimping.   I do, however, command respect from the Bunch O’Panties website. I am on the shortlist to be reviewed by … Continue reading

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Donut Shop Redux (Now with Sprint Phone)

Six months ago, Sprint invited me to become part of the Sprint Ambassador program. I received the Samsung SPH-A920 phone and free service for six months.  Sophia, being my blog editor, received one as well.  They were interested in feedback … Continue reading

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The Rosh Hashanah Challenge

MC: It’s The Rosh Hashanah Challenge, the game show where you decide the winner! And here’s your host, fresh off her third-failed game show, former MTV star Kennedy! Kennedy: Thank you. Welcome to The Rosh Hashanah Challenge. You know the … Continue reading

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What a coincidence!  I live in Redondo Beach, too! Other more important things: Danny Miller of Jew Eat Yet has a terrific piece in the Huffington Post (or as Sophia calls it, “that vile Hollywood liberal rag”) Jay Allen of the ultra-popular Zero Boss … Continue reading

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Sophia, Thinking of You at Dinner

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The Romantic Post

This morning, I had a pleasant surprise.  Sophia sends me a photo of herself at work, taken with her cellphone.  I called her a half hour later, telling her I have a surprise for her in return. Neil:  “Sofotchka, cute … Continue reading

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