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What a coincidence!  I live in Redondo Beach, too!

Other more important things:

Danny Miller of Jew Eat Yet has a terrific piece in the Huffington Post (or as Sophia calls it, “that vile Hollywood liberal rag”)

Jay Allen of the ultra-popular Zero Boss has a funny video complaining about his hosting company, Dreamhost, and mentions me.  (I’m with Dreamhost, too, and it is the reason this site has been down half the week) 

Ms. Sophia Lansky sends regards.  She is working very hard on the movie in New York — 16 hour days — but she is now getting paid more.  Sophia is a Russian dialect coach to an American actress (Natasha Gregson Wagner) and an American English dialect coach to a Russian actor (Semyon Strugachev).   But she still gets to see “The Producers” on Sunday.

I am getting the bulk of my traffic today from, the Men in Panties Community (I am not joking!).  I’m not sure whether I should be happy or concerned about this interesting development with my blog.

And hear this, former “Bloggers With Biceps” members  — we have a success story way better than any other phony one from Jenny Craig — Alison joined a gym back then.  Not only is she now a sexy hardbody, but she’s going to WORK at her gym and inspire others!

And finally, since this post is really about nothing, I have a couple of real-life questions that might give you a hint of the excitement of my day tomorrow.   What do people use that is most effective in cleaning a kitchen floor and shower/bathtub?   And do men still iron their dress shirts or do they usually give them out to the cleaners?

A Year Ago on Citizen of the Month:  My First Attempt at Looting


  1. Party Girl

    Wow, there is a remarkable amount of attractive and eligible women who seem to be in your vacinity, yet I don’t live there.


  2. Bre

    go with “happy” – men in panties are people too!

    Send our regards to Sophia – I wonder if it gets confusing and she starts teaching the wrong person to speak in the wrong language!

  3. Erin

    LOL…you always make me laugh

  4. Brooke

    They may be looking for Tom Cruise’s sport jacket.

  5. Dating Dummy

    Maybe they want you to join one of their panty parties?

  6. Leese

    Depends. What kind of floor do you have? Tile? Vinyl? What kind of stone?

    My husband gets free dry cleaning at work. I don’t buy anything that requires ironing. You can buy wrinkle-free shirts now, even for women. Sometimes it still gets a little wrinkled but I always carry a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release Spray in my gym bag. I usually just spray it on my clothes and by the time I’m done working out they look great.

  7. Jody

    Ajax and water for the bath/shower – basic scrubbing. If it is really gross – first spray bleach on the nasty area (be sure windows and bathroom fan are on) – let it sit for about 15 minutes and then wash with cold water thoroughly (until you can’t smell the bleach anymore) before you go at it with the ajax and brush.

    Quality dress shirts – send them out – very light starched and pressed.

    Have a great weekend! I’m back at the lowly 2 bedroom “home” after my “vacation” at the “mansion”!

  8. Alison

    Speaking of Redondo Beach, we just got back from seeing “Little Miss Sunshine.” I’m so glad we caught it before it left the cinema.

  9. communicatrix

    Best for floor (but bad for environment): Clorox All-Purpose Cleaner w/ bleach. Spray on, LET IT SIT FOR A BIT, then scrub like a maniac. Use a brush or a kitchen scrubby sponge. You’ll need to rinse a lot; I use several sponges for this.

    Best for tub (I think): Bon Ami. Doesn’t scratch, gets off the nasty.

    RE: dress shirts–if you have to ask, send them to the cleaners. Light starch, hangers.

  10. Neil

    Communicatrix — It was you that inspired me with your insane cleaning posts!

  11. Roberta

    Regards back atcha, Ms. Sophia Lansky.

  12. fringes

    Sigh. Those Amateurmatch photos are making me nostalgic for my Internet dating days.

  13. ElizaF

    I use a man to clean the bath/shower and a cola and baking soda bomb to clean the toilet. Does this help you? Have non-iron shirts reached the US yet?;) E.

  14. Neil

    Eliza — Are you suggesting pouring a can of Coke into the toilet? I’ve heard that Coke rots your teeth, but clean the toilet?

  15. Mr. Fabulous

    I give my dress shirts to the cleaners.

    And I have found that the best thing to keep the bathtub and kitchen floor spotless is the cleaning service we use.

    Should I be wearing panties while I type this?

  16. ms. sizzle

    take them to the dry cleaner and don’t use windex on the floor. 😉

  17. Jack

    Dry cleaners all the way.

  18. Jocelyn

    Dress shirts go to the cleaners. Easy on the starch and have them hung not folded and bagged. And floors, toilets and tubs? My wonderful cleaning lady.

  19. Tara

    Wait. What did you use to scrub your floors and press your shirts in the past? Was it not working?

    Yeah, you should stick with the Redondo Beach women. At work we keep getting spammed with all these Russian mail order bride e-mails and we all imagine that if anyone actually answered the add, they might end up with a man who wore panties instead.

  20. Danny

    Yay, I love that I’m a tag! But when I clicked on it, none of the Danny Millers were me. *Sigh*

    Send your shirts out–it’s biologically impossible for a man to properly iron a dress shirt.

  21. deannie

    I have found ammonia & water a cheap solution for cleaning floors including solid finished hardwood although if it is anything like a stone (limestone, etc) then you need specialty cleansers. I agree with Jody on bathroom cleaning methods as well …

    and drycleaners.


  22. The Cynical Girl

    Good old fashioned Mr. Clean works fine. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.

  23. Caitlinator

    As another Blogger with Biceps member, I’d like to say that none of my clothes fit me any more. Yesterday my pants literally fell off in the supermarket. It was mildly embarrassing and yet completely thrilling all at once.

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