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To All My Friends at BlogHer

I wish I were there!   Enjoy the conference!


I’m curious to hear about all the latest blogging “techniques” that you learn about.


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For live-blogging from BlogHer, go to Supafine, Chantel, Liz, Karl, and Heather. 


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  1. Tara

    Couldn’t you just dress in drag and go anyway?

  2. Neil

    I probably would have fainted from all the female pheromones anyway.

  3. Kevin

    I hate to ever quote or even refer to Paris Hilton, but, “that’s HAWT!”

  4. Nance

    Neil, don’t fret. I’m not there, either. I’m far too frivolous a female blogger to go. Let’s you and I stay “here” and have a BloggEm Fest: Blogs for the Rest of Them. You can read about my cruise to Alaska and I can give you some cheap therapy or cheap thrills, either one. XXOO

  5. Charming, but single

    Neil, thank you for making the Blog Crush of the Day. You’re a really great guy and I enjoy blogging with you, but I really think you spend too much time talking to your penis and I just don’t think it would work out if we were to Blog Date … sorry, I’m Just Not that into You.

    Plus, per your suggestion, I am withholing sex, so you know, I’m boring now.


  6. better safe than sorry

    now i’m curious too, guess i had better dig out the old handcuffs and head on over.

  7. Charming, but single

    Withholding! Withholding! With a D!

  8. Heather B.

    Yes, please come read my crappy live blogging posts. Ugh!
    So sad that I won’t be in CA for like another 10 years and I won’t get to meet you neil. Tears.

  9. Neil

    WithHOLing sex?

  10. lizriz


  11. madeleine

    do they have a bar? or ANY men at all?
    no? no?
    forget it

  12. Cole F

    Good show, my man!

  13. BA

    “Withholing”…quite a Fraudian slip…

  14. plain jane

    Which one of the hot dames in the photo is Sophia?

  15. supa

    Dude! I wish you were here too. I think you’d like it.

  16. mckay

    i live in CA and i have no interest in going to blogher. what does that say about me?

    on the other hand, i was once in a play called “women behind bars”, which was quite fun, so i could go either way.

  17. chantel

    Dude, I’m home. I’m tired and I still can’t articulate the weekend.
    I think they call it a hangover.

    More soon! I really WISHED you would have come!!

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