The Fifth Annual Blogger Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert!

banner by the super-talented Brenda of Secret Agent Josephine

Welcome to the biggest blogger holiday concert on the internet!

Jingle Bells
performed by Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama


Angels We Have Heard on High
performed by Angela of Fluid Pudding


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
performed in Finnish by Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Home,
Nina of Ninan-Tunnetila and Venla of MTV3 Finland


photo by Heather of kinder. better. braver


Don’t Stop Believing performed by
Blaine of Mighty Hunter and the Seattle Men’s Chorus


Peace Train
performed by Faiqa of Native Born


O Holy Night
performed by Shawn of Backpacking Dad


photo by Danny of Jew Eat Yet


Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town
performed by Jenn of Breed Em’ And Weep and the Mater


Christmas in O’Hare written and performed
by Noel Katz of There’s Gotta Be a Song


performed by Mommymae and her family


photo by Trey Ratcliff


Santa Baby
performed by Karen of Chookooloonks


Christmas Island
performed by Fadra of All Things Fadra


Winter Wonderland
performed by Sarah of Slouching Past 40


photo by Schmutzie


Baby, It’s Cold Outside
performed by Pam of Nerd’s Eye View and Care


Happy Xmas: War is Over
performed by Nova of Ramona and her Mother and Brian


Got Tell it On the Mountain
performed by Bon of Crib Chronicles and family


photo by SoulChristmas


Tutira Mai Nga Iwi (from New Zealand)
performed by Juli of Wellington Road and “Five”


photo from Germany by Martin of Deutschland Uber Elvis


Angels We Have Hear On High
performed by Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad and Lesley


Where The River Meets The Sea
performed by Elly of BugginWorld and her brother


photo by Angela of Dutch Blitz


Frosty Rap
performed by Laurenne of Humans Are Funny and Kat of Girl at a Startup


Here We Come A Wassailing performed
by Lauren of Merry Mishaps


Tis the Season
performed by Momo of Momo Fali and family


photo by Devra of Parentopia


Holiday Blogger Song
performed by Mommy Niri


Jingle Bell Rock
performed by Tanis of Redneck Mommy and family


In the Bleak Midwinter performed
by Dawn of Not Going Postal


photo by Marisa of Apartment 2024


Christmas Time is Here
performed by Tracey Clark and family


In My Window

performed by Otir of Un jour a la fois


O Come Emmanuel
performed by Tiff of No Accent Yet


photo from London by Camille DeAngelis


Twas the Night Before Christmas
recited by Adam of Avitable


Christmas Day
performed by Lauren of In The Pudding Club
and Eloise


What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?
performed by Scott of Caveat Emptor


Silent Night
performed by Genevieve of Gen with a G


photo by Megan of An Acorn Dreaming


performed by Melissa of Married My Sugar Daddy and family


Marshmallow World
performed by Miss Sizzle of Sizzle Says
with Supple and Mr. Darcy


Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
performed by Jess of Hope Bomb and family


photo by Jenny of The Bloggess


Baby, It’s Cold Outside
performed by SubWow and friends


So This is Christmas performed by
Erin and Tim of Cooper Multimedia


Santa Baby
performed by Cecily of Uppercase Woman


photo by Veronica of Compost Studios


Jingle Bells (from Australia)
performed by Rachel of Sesame Ellis and family


O Holy Night
performed by Cindy of Shrewsbury Chorale


Auld Lang Syne performed by
Terra of Raising Zoeyjane


photo by Laurie of Crazy Aunt Purl


The Dreidel Song
performed by Haley and Cheaty Monkey of Cheaty Monkey


A Hippopotamus Christmas
performed by Heather of The Hopeful Elephant and family


Lefler Holidaytastic performed by Anna of Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder


photo by Nance of Dept. of Nance


Jingle Bells
performed by Loukia of Loulou’s Views


Happy Christmas (War is Over)
performed by Sarah of Imaginary Binky and family


God Rest You Wild Rooty
performed by Nicole of Ninja Mom


photo by Mommymae


Little Jack Frost
performed by Erin of Swonderland


Family Christmas created by
Ilina of Dirt and Noise


I’ll Be Home For Christmas
performed by Kristen of Rage Against the Minivan


Baby, It’s Cold Outside
performed by Lotus of Sarcastic Mom and her husband, John


photo by Lotus of Sarcastic Mom


Good King Wenceslas
performed by Leah of A Girl and a Boy
and Simon


Silent Night
performed by Amy of Selfish Mom


Up On the Housetop
performed by Loralee of Loralees’s Looneytunes
and Carolers


photo by Suzanne of Twenty Four at Heart


Round and Round (Like a Dreidel)
performed by Neil of Citizen of the Month


performed by Amy of The Bitchin’ Wives Club


photo by Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama


You can also check out what has been done during the past concerts:





P.S. — Ticket prices to the concert were pretty cheap, so since you saved money, if you want to be generous, check out what caring bloggers are doing over at The Bloggess.

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130 Responses to The Fifth Annual Blogger Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert!

  1. agirlandaboy says:

    Awesome awesome awesome. Each year better than the last. Thanks for hosting us all at your place. I hope no one spilled anything on your rug.

  2. nova says:

    Can hardly stand so much charm in one place. So Cute.
    nova posted Merry Christmas from ramona and her mother

  3. toywithme says:

    To all the contributors, thanks for sharing a little piece of yourself for a very touching, wacky, eclectic Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah!

    Neil, thank you very much for organizing such an entertaining mash up of all things good. P.S. Your hat is the new black!

  4. This is the highlight of my Christmas season… after the nog.

    Well done everyone!
    Chicky Chicky Baby posted Bluebird- bluebird- fly through my window

  5. Karen D says:

    Damn fine job to one and all and thanks Neil for bringing it all together.
    I laughed, I cried and I am amazed at the talent and bravery of you all.
    You made me feel the holiday spirit for the first time this season and for that I am grateful

    Blessings to all and a Happy New Year,
    Karen D posted Tuesday Tunes Joni Mitchell

  6. laurenne says:

    Neil! This is amazing. I am so proud to be among such talent.
    Thanks for organizing and getting us all to feel holidayish.

    I love it!

  7. OHmommy says:

    All kinds of awesome. What a beautiful community!

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  9. Dawn says:

    Neil, You = awesome. I love this. Thanks for giving me a reason to sing somewhere other than in my car.
    Dawn posted For My Middle School Choir Teacher

  10. peach says:

    LOVE THIS!! Brought a smile to my face :) What talented and brave people…

  11. This was awesome! Happy Holidays!
    Kimber Leszczuk posted The Yo-Yo Head Ninja and a Redecorating Idea

  12. Genevieve says:

    Neil, this was great! Thanks again for all your hard work on this. And I loved your song, in particular. The hat alone!
    Genevieve posted Just a Spoonful of Salt Makes the Sugar Go Down

  13. this is the best thing i have seen in quite some time. thanks, neil!
    hello haha narf posted 39 Today

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  15. If I wasn’t in the Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah spirit before, I definitely am now! Awesome job everyone!
    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy posted Mission Valley Sky- Wordless Wednesday

  16. Best thing ever. The touching, the funny, the beautiful.
    Love it.
    Some great voices up there.
    Also, good hats.
    San Diego Momma posted A Charming Thanksgiving Tale

  17. Lynn says:

    I haven’t even watched half of these yet but I’m loving it!

  18. abigailroad says:

    Well done everyone! :)

    Thanks to you Neil, for doing this every year! MMMWAH!
    abigailroad posted Whats Up

  19. sizzle says:

    Swonderland should put out an album. I’d buy it!

  20. sizzle says:

    Kristen’s “I’ll be home for Christmas” was so beautiful I cried and smiled.

  21. Rashell says:

    Wow! That was great!!

  22. Unbelievably awesome. Thanks for hosting this again this year! (And who knew so many people could play the ukelele?!?)
    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins posted Thank you- Harry Potter

  23. Miss Grace says:

    I always love this. And always declare that next year I will do it. (Next year I will do it)
    Miss Grace posted Thing I Made! Hat for Gabriel

  24. Kateanon says:

    Wow, everyone was so entertaining. Now I feel like a dope for getting too caught up in things to remember to record mine. Grr.

    Thank you all for your Christmas contributions.
    Kateanon posted pipers piping

  25. Absolutely beautiful, cute, delightful, endearing, funny, gorgeous, harmonious, incredible, jingly, kind, lovely, musical, nutty, omg, precious, quirky, radical, sweet, tender, unbelievable, vibrant, wonderful, xmas-y, yes it’s a word, zany :)

    Happy Holidays to all!!!
    Liz @thisfullhouse posted Wordless Wednesday- Super Holidazed Alternate Title – Desperately Seeking My Holiday Mojo While Under the Influence of Jen Singer

  26. Chookooloonks for the win!!! (and, Tanis’s son, Frac.)
    Gurukarm (@karma_musings) posted Why I’m Just Not Excited About Twitter Anymore…

  27. Awww! So much fun. Thanks for doing this, Neil. The Monkey showed it to her whole class THREE times. They thought it was hilarious.
    Haley-O (Cheaty) posted Lucky

  28. Helen Jane says:

    Neil, you continue to make the internet a warmer, friendlier, more awesome place.
    Thank you thank you thank you.
    Helen Jane posted Looking back

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  30. Colleen says:

    Just such a wonderful annual event. I can’t begin to decide what my favorite part is.
    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

    I can say I’m starting to wonder if I should learn to play the ukulele.
    Colleen posted Grace in Small Things – 103

  31. Sandi says:

    So much awesome! Thank you to everyone that contributed! And a huge thank you to Neil for putting this together!

  32. What they said above. Well done, all of you!

  33. niri says:

    Love it – I made my video in 5 mins and rushed it over. Figured better bad than not at all. Thank you for doing such a beautiful round-up. A perfect community spirit!
    niri posted Tech Support For Dummies – Trust Me You’re Going To Need It! Win The Android Tablet

  34. Caryn says:

    Amazing — great work, Neil! Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah lives! Wonderful efforts from all the participants. Here’s to a blessed season and a happy, healthy 2011 for everyone.

  35. Neil, you are so great at bringing everyone together. I LOVE this, and although I’m a flake and never got my video made I appreciate you putting one of my photos in. (Actually it worked out for the best – I didn’t make anyone’s ears bleed!) Great job to all the participants and Neil – you’re a champ for pulling it all together! xo
    Twenty Four At Heart posted Beyond The Parties

  36. Loukia says:

    So very awesome! What talent! Like Pauline said – what a great community! Next year, Neil, I’ll sing a proper song!

    Thanks for putting this together! xo

  37. MainlineMom says:

    Wow, this is amazing. I love our community so much :) Happy Holidays :)
    MainlineMom posted Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs

  38. subWOW says:

    Thank you Neil for hosting yet another great party! True story: I let my son pick a video to watch (before bedtime) he picked YOURS! :-) We had fun! I just have one question: What’s up with the cabinet doors all open?! Were you frantically looking for something before the taping? :-)

    Happy Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah! And to the atheists and agnostics like myself, happy Winter Solstice! And Happy New Year everybody! Woohoo!
    subWOW posted Ants

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  40. Fadra says:

    Finally finished checking out EVERYONE. It was so fun to watch and see. The whole event really just had a wide and open spirit. And so glad to participate (even though it completely blew my Monday afternoon and I swear the key was just a little too high… or something).
    Fadra posted All I Want For Christmas

  41. Juli says:

    Thanks to Neil for putting it together, and thanks to all the participants. So many talented bloggers! You have put the cheer in our holiday.
    Juli posted The Fifth Annual Blogger Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah Concert

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  45. wow. i LOVE this. thank you all – this is amazing!! xoxo

  46. SOOOOOOOO incredibly sad I did not participate this year!

    But EVERYONE is awesome!

    Happy holidays y’all! xo!

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