2010 – My Year in Blogging

Not only did my year suck in reality, but my blog was an uneven mess.  Some writers find their voice during stressful times.  I don’t.

Sure, I had some fun this year.

It was a year when several of my online friends gave up drinking and smoking, and to help Schmutzie and Tanis give up smoking, I matched their efforts by doing push-ups.  (My Neck is Getting Redder)

I sold out to the corporate man, or at least Buick, and was a representative at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood with my much more knowledgeable friend, Danny.   Ryan Seacrest doesn’t have to worry about me ever taking his job. (Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival)

I was even inspired by The Bloggess in May, and found my “red dress.”  (Find Your Red Dress, Uh – Wait a Minute)

I sang about Dreidels for our blogger holiday concert. (The Fifth Annual Blogger Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert!)

Mostly this year was about sickness and death.

The Passing of Fanya, my MIL  (Fanya’s Funeral and The Closing of the Eyes)

The Passing of Vartan, my FIL  (Flying Non Stop and Vartan’s Passing)

The Sadness of Packing Up Their Apartment was especially hard on Sophia (Stuff and Farewell, Apartment 202)

And the Return to New York, which first began with BlogHer ’10 and my wandering of the street all night aimlessly  (BlogHer ’10)

Then, again, this wouldn’t be Citizen of the Month, if I didn’t have a few posts with mild sexual content, such as when I had a backache and a boner (Get Back) or imagined bringing a hooker upstairs to meet my mother in Queens (The Dating Life).

Some people really liked this post critiquing “the art of non-conformity,” although when I read my post now I have no idea what the hell I am talking about. (The Three Rungs of the Step Ladder)

By the end of the year, I had finally acknowledged that I could wrap up my year in one word:  anger. (One Word)

But for better or worse, the blog post that will be most remembered this year is this innocuous little item about an everything bagel, that was read by more readers in 2010 than every other post this year combined. (The Inconsiderate Breastfeeding Woman)

Thank you for all your emotional support this year.  It means a lot.

I told Angela on Twitter that I would buy her dinner if she took this photo while she was in Toronto for Blissdom.  I need more male friends.

Thank you, Lisa, for all those delightful dinners at your home in LA, and befriending Sophia.   Thanks, Jessica and Suzanne, for those times we hung out.  Thanks, Veronica and Di, for your great visit during Thanksgiving.  Thanks, Juli, Heather, and Marinka, for our funny IM conversations.  Thanks, Kevin, for attending that crazy Whirlpool event with me.  Thanks, Karen, for teaching me a little about Zen.  Thanks, Isabel, for always good advice.  Thanks, Camille, Allie, and Alexa, for introducing me to your terrific books this year.  Thanks, Sarah, for returning to your blog after a short absence.  Thank you to those who I emailed privately during the uncomfortable times; you know who you are.   Thanks to those I hung out with at BlogHer.

And I apologize, Jenn, for sucking you into Twitter.

Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year.  Health and Happiness to all. I’ll be back in 2011.

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11 Responses to 2010 – My Year in Blogging

  1. Thank you Neil for keeping me entertained with your blog. Thank you for being one of my best bloggy friends. Thank you for hanging out with me at the last couple BlogHers and also here in L.A. Thank you for being there for me on IM, facebook, and phone calls too.
    2011 is going to be a better year for a lot of us!
    Twenty Four At Heart posted If Its Not One Thing

  2. Alison says:

    That’s a substantial year. Happy Holidays, Neil.

  3. abigailroad says:

    May next year be less about death and sadness, and more about the sexy times. :)
    Love your blog, Neil, no matter what you’re writing about. Happy holidays and all that jazz.
    abigailroad posted Christmas

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  5. Jack says:

    2011 is going to be a better year- I can feel it.
    Jack posted Some Old Posts

  6. slouchy says:

    Thank you, Neil, for being you. For your heart. If Bon is reading, she might like to know that I’ve decided what your brand is.

    It’s community.

    And we can all thank you for that, Neil.
    slouchy posted Angel on High

  7. Juli says:

    Chatting with you on IM was one of the best parts of my year. Happy New Year, N.
    Juli posted Maybe Christmasperhapsmeans a little bit more

  8. magpie says:

    Oh, Neil. How did I miss you in the red dress before? I’m so glad to have seen it.

    Happy new year to you too!
    magpie posted Merry Christmas!

  9. I only wish I was a better wingman and got hooked up with a nice washer. You know, about 5′ 7″, 36-24-36 …

    Peace in Queens, Neil … Kevin
    always home and uncool posted Anatomy of The Uncool Christmas Card – 2010

  10. René says:

    I hope 2011 is good to you. Happy holidays, Neil.
    René posted I have a small bit of writing up at the Hedge today  I hope

  11. Angella says:

    Looking forward to dinner. :)

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