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The Christmas Day Broadcast of the 2007 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert

Merry Christmas!

Neilochka: Help me, I’m Jewish! Why am I on this weird guy’s lap?

Santa Claus: Now listen very carefully, young Jewish Neilochka. One day, you will have a “blog.” I know you don’t know what that means right now. But you will. Right before Christmas, you should have a Holiday Concert right ON THE BLOG. Take my word for it. Chicks REALLY dig guys who throw Holiday concerts!


Have a wonderful day filled with love and joy. No Christmas is complete with music. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, why not listen (or listen again) to some of your blogging friends creating some special Holiday memories?!

The 2007 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert


Have a wonderful Christmas day. Good health and happiness to your families. See you at the movies, fellow Jews!


  1. Otir

    Since only the non-christian readers must be online right now, I’ll leave a message too to wish everyone a peaceful and meaningful holy day. Merry Christmas to all and let us say May it be this way!

  2. Christine

    Love the carolers pic. Did you know that is Jackson Square in New Orleans? The buildings in the back are the Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral, & the Presbytere, with the statue of Andrew Jackson in front of the cathedral. Anyhow – just a little of my useless knowledge rearing its head.

    Happy Holidays – whatever holiday you celebrate – to you, Sophia, your mom, and all your readers.

  3. Not Fainthearted

    Oh Neilochka, Merry Christmas to you and Sophia and Elaine!! I love that we can wish each other happy “whatever the current celebration is” and know that it’s heart felt and all. Thanks for all you do around here.

    Ok. clearly I’ve have maybe a little too much egg nog with brandy and am a couple carols over my limit for blog-commenting. But it’s 12:44 in the morning and that’s my excuse for being effusive. So there.

    Oh! BTW, I put a new version of my concert contribution up.

  4. Ash

    It’s not only the non-christian bloggers online, it’s also the atheist bloggers who are celebrating christmas anyway 😛 Happy Christmas Neil 🙂 Here’s to a rocking New Year 🙂

  5. kristen

    We were just deciding on what movie to go see…I’m thinking Juno.

  6. teahouseblossom

    Merry Christmas!! And I’m a Christian who’s currently online. Waiting for my family to wake up so we can open presents. I have a lazy-ass bunch of relatives..9:45 and still not up yet!

  7. Finn

    Happy Christmas everyone — Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic and Anarchist!

  8. Elisabeth

    Merry Christmas, everyone, whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate!

    Your mention of the movies, Neil, reminded me of those friends we have (they are Christian) who always go to the movies after their Christmas dinner. Every year, we would try to guess what film they had seen. Since they would always invite us for dinner on Boxing Day (the husband is Canadian), we would get the answer then. I kind of miss that quirky little tradition, now that I no longer live in Pittsburgh.

  9. churlita

    Happy Every Single Holiday to you and Sophia.

  10. margaret

    santa is ALWAYS right and ALWAYS delivers…. i dig you neil

  11. Jack

    Call me The Grinch. I can’t wait for the holiday season to end.

  12. Neil

    Thanks again to everyone who participated in the concert this year. Now I have a reason to blog for another year.

    I hope you had a nice Christmas and got the wii and pony you were hoping for.

    We went to see Charlie Wilson’s War and had Chinese Food. Did anyone get any unusual gifts?

  13. Megan

    At least you weren’t born on Christmas. Sigh. It gets worse every year.

  14. Los Angelista

    Oh my goodness, those photos are so funny. You totally look like you want to escape.

    As for me, I wanted to go to the movies last night but no babysitters were available. 🙁

  15. Michelle

    Neil – Sophia does look exactly like your mom…she really does :o) You may not see it, but the rest of your fans do! Two lovely ladies…

    Take care, and enjoy NYC in all its holiday splendor!

  16. catnapping

    I have matching photographs of my daughter and HER daughter. They are both sitting on Santa’s lap.

    Crying. I framed them together. They look very much alike, but then most crying kids do.

    Hope you had a merry merry and a cool yule.

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