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Which Levi’s Jeans Makes My Ass Look the Best?

For the last few months, there have been these YouTube advertisements plastered all over the subway platforms, in the subway cars, and even on the subways themselves. They showcase a group of girls who look no more than fifteen years … Continue reading

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Best Advice For Men EVER

Early to bed, early to rise, Makes a man boring until he dies, Eat the best food, f*ck all the night, Wear comfortable shoes before a long flight.

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The Recipe for a Happy and Successful Man

Editor’s Note: I know this post is rather odd.   Look at it as an experiment. Every man instinctively knows the recipe for a successful and happy life. The recipe is as simple as the easiest homemade mac-n-cheese or a basic … Continue reading

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A Proof of the Existence of God

Many of you ask me about my religion, wondering if I truly adhere to the belief in an all powerful, all-knowing God. Here’s what I think: None of us can truly know if God exists, but anyone who admires nature, … Continue reading

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Can I Break My Promise?

We were on the couch, kissing and undressing, when I suggested we go into the bedroom. “I don’t know.  I’m not sure I feel the same way about you anymore?” she said. I pulled back, suddenly feeling very alone, like … Continue reading

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Feminists Ruin Everything

It’s one thing to have a woman run for President, or become a CEO, but enough is enough.  It’s not fair.  You keep on infringing on our territory, without giving us anywhere to go.  You can wear a dress.  You … Continue reading

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Two Thoughts About Women

1. Yesterday, I chatted with a guy on Facebook.  He was someone I didn’t know, but he seemed to know me.  He noticed that we had befriended many of the same bloggers. “A lot of married women, right?!”  he joked. … Continue reading

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More Angst: A Question for Married Female Bloggers

I’m a crazy guy with marital issues who currently lives with his mother and talks about his penis all the time. You’re an attractive, intelligent married woman with two children. We both blog. Can we ever really become friends? Was … Continue reading

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Are Mojitos Gay?

I am writing a screenplay with another writer back in Los Angeles.  We get along well, but waste a lot of time getting into ridiculous arguments on the phone about the direction of the scenes.  The problem is that we … Continue reading

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What I Can Teach Neil About Making a Women Really Really Happy!

Today’s guest poster is Linsey from Uncouth Heathen.  I knew she was special from the minute I read her About page:  “I began with a major in Biochemistry, switched to History, then Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, English and finally settled … Continue reading

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