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My Neck is Getting Redder

A few months ago, I struck a deal with the blogger Schmutzie.   If she didn’t smoke for an entire month, I would do at least ten push-ups a month in support of her effort.   Today, she is a model of health.

This week, I noticed that Tanis of The Redneck Mommy, another fine Canadian blogger, was also trying to stop this awful habit.   What is it with Canadians and smoking? Being a good Samaritan, I made the same bargain with her.   However, unlike the loving and good-natured Schmutzie, Tanis would only agree to this deal if there was daily verification that I was doing the push-ups, as if she was the United Nations dealing with the Iraqi nuclear program.  Hopefully, when she has completely eliminated cigarettes from her life, she will also learn to trust her fellow man.

Here is day one of my push-ups.   Notice the irony of Sophia (who is filming me with my iphone) saying that my “neck is getting redder” as I attempt my ten push-ups, even though she has no idea that I am doing this for a blogger named “Redneck.”


  1. Whymommy (Susan)

    Yay! For you both!

  2. Ariel

    I am convinced that you got a body double for this one… Would you really have us believe that ueber-blogger Neil Kramer actually does push-ups? Tsk…

  3. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    If you do ten pushups a day, I’ll do 10 kegels. Sorry, no filming. You’ll have to guess whether they turn my neck red or not.

    (P.S. Good to hear Sophia’s laughter.)

  4. Bill

    I came here ready to mock you, but those were actually awesome pushups! Your hands are right under your shoulders, you were dropping all the way down and staying in great form… You shall get no mockery from me, sir.

    Well, not about the pushups, anyway.

  5. Chris

    Awesome! You did a great job on those push-ups, and for a worthy reason. I loved hearing Sophia’s voice and laughter. It was the best part! Congratulations to everyone.

  6. Jane

    And now you’ll be a total stud, Neil, with STAMINA.

  7. Shieldmaiden1196

    Aw, look at your wobbly wee elbows. Bless your heart. All the effort proves you weren’t cheating!

  8. kgirl

    I’m actually not sure which end of the bargain I’d want to be on. I have successfully stopped smoking, but I have never successfully stuck to any exercise regime. Although, the potential wrath of Redneck Mommy might motivate me to stick with it.
    Good luck.

  9. Finn

    I love that Sophia is laughing her ass off the whole time.

    And next time, pull your elbows in toward your body. Your shoulders will thank you.

  10. kathcom

    I admire the fact that you kept going in spite of having a woman laugh at you the whole time. That was hilarious. Thank you for giving me a good belly laugh to start my day. Now I’m going to go have a cigarette. Can I call on you when I’m ready to quit? You’ll probably be doing one-armed pushups any day now.

  11. Twenty Four At Heart

    Were you on your knees doing “girl” push ups? I think you were! CHEATER! : )

  12. Neil

    24 – only at the end… bitch!

  13. Tanis Miller, RNM

    Damn it Neil, laughing makes my incision hurt. LOL.

    I admire your determination even though I will mock your form and your stamina for the rest of your life.

    But I think we can safely say, for my health, that I no longer require visual proof. I don’t think I could survive laughing at your daily attempts to do a pushup. My poor back.

    (And I love Sophia.)

  14. Titanium

    Excellent form, Neil! 🙂

  15. Overflowing Brain

    That’s 10 more than I could do!

    Go polish those guns for tomorrow Neil.

  16. Juli Ryan

    You’re in better shape than I thought!

  17. amanda

    Where were you when I quit 10 years ago, I could have used the Quitter’s Video Advent Calendar. Here’s to to puffing for soon-to-be-non-puffers.

  18. Diana

    Nicely done. And hilarious!

  19. Loukia

    Dude. I recently quit smoking and I didn’t even get an itty-bitty congrats in a tweet from you! And I’m Canadian.

  20. Kelly

    Oh this is fun. I may take up smoking and then quit in the hopes you will do a pull-up challenge.

  21. daysgoby


  22. Jack

    I use the Perfect Pushups ( for my workout.

    Full disclosure, I am promoting without any compensation. I just happen to like them. They really add to the workout.

  23. Nancy

    Good for you, but since we really didn’t get a full shot, I’m wondering if you were doing “girlie” pushups. If so, my SO says they don’t count. I’m with Katie, though – that’s 10 more than I could do!

  24. Zoeyjane

    Tanis quit in like, December. I think you owe her a couple hundred!

  25. Stacey

    24 and I think along the same lines. I wondered if you were doing “girl” push ups on your knees. Hell, even I can manage ten of those.

  26. sizzle

    Strengthen the core!

  27. Kat1124

    I love Sophia laughing at you the whole time, too funny!

    I’m quitting smoking on Monday. I think you should continue in solidarity.

  28. abdpbt

    Dude, are you doing those on steps? Because I don’t think that counts.

  29. Tuck

    1. This will go viral
    2. Are you sure this was not a loop video?

  30. The Mom(aka Amy)

    Girl Push-Up are cheating. I call shenanigans! Your knees were totally on the floor.

    I quit smoking almost 10 years ago. It was easy because I moved to California where people look at you like were killing kittens every time you light up.

  31. Neil

    Give a guy a chance. It was only day one. Check back in thirty days when I am a pro!

  32. mamie

    i can’t see the video because it is a work computer, but, um, so, you totally lied about the week long post….i only see sunday and i just checked.

    hmmm. not sure what i think about you now. at least you stuck by your push up promise. guess that says something.

  33. Jade

    You inspired my husband to see if he could do ten push-ups. Do you parties, Neil?

  34. magpie

    Friggin’ awesome, Neil. My husband quit smoking at the beginning of the year, and I am not going to show this to him for fear that he makes me start doing push-ups.

  35. this new place

    I don;t know what’s funnier, you doing pushups or Sophia laughing! classic.

  36. followthatdog

    I’m so proud. You kept going despite the amazing laugh. I don’t think I could have managed, I’d have been laughing right along with her.

  37. Marinka

    I’ll quit meth if you do lunges.

  38. p-huong

    Next time you should do push ups with Sophia filming on your back. That’s bad ass.

  39. Wandering Through Wonderland

    I can’t wait for the remixes of this to come out.

  40. Annie

    I laughed along with Sophia :-). And I laughed out loud when I read Marinka’s
    comment. xoxo

  41. f/m

    A push-up philanthropic powerhaus!

  42. leah

    that was great, i vote for more neil on video with sophia filming. she has an awesome laugh.

  43. leah

    p.s. it was also, completely & 100% hot to see you doing push ups.

  44. 180|360

    seriously. sophia’s laughing kind of steals the show! but go neil! you should do the 100 push up challenge. i got to 47 and then gave up. 😛 it was fun trying though!

  45. Babybloomr

    I’m kinda crushing on Sophia right now– what a great hearty laugh!

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