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The 2009 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert Sign-Up Sheet


Happy Thanksgiving.   Tomorrow, Santa Claus made his first appearance at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, which means only one thing — Macy’s is open for business!    Uh, I mean its the start of this special Holiday season.

To me, nothing says “holiday” more than song.  And nothing brings more joy to the children of the world than the annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, now in its fourth year! Now, this NEVER gets old!

(2006)  (2007)  (2008)

Last year was a smashing success.  After the concert, our sponsors were so pleased with the feedback, that they arranged for a 45 city tour in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Israel, and Lithiuania with the entire cast!

“Bloggers Live 2008” was a sell-out in every city!   And who would have guessed that our opening act, “The Five Mommybloggers” would go Platinum and #1 with their rousing version of “I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day?”

“The Five Mommybloggers” in the “Bloggers Live” finale.

Who will be this year’s breakout artist?

You know the rules —

Sign-up, promising to perform a Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa song, poem, or interpretive dance for the concert.   The online concert will be published on December 17th, so please send me the file or link, either audio or video,  by December 15th.   All file formats accepted.

Look over the list of participants and try not to repeat the same songs more than twice.  You do not have to be talented to participate.   Heart, spirit, and cojones are more important.

Contact me with any technical questions.

This has been a year of ups and downs for many of us in the blogosphere.  There has been much sadness.  The holidays will be hard for some of us because it is so focused on celebration.  I hope the concert will be an uplifting voice for those who need it, and symbolic of a peaceful and healing 2010.

And now, as master of ceremonies, I open up the curtain to the sign up sheet —


  1. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I’ve never done this before but I figure what the hell. So, I’m assuming the comments are the sign up sheet.

    I want to sing “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”

  2. iamthediva


  3. Mamie

    Gonna aim to get my kids to perform the all time classically annoying jingle bells. In pajamas.

    YOU need to be in the video singing too — Neil.

  4. Not Fainthearted

    You know I’ve been a bit absent around here lately. It’s been a crazy year and reading but not commenting much at all. But I’m all about the spirit of giving and song and celebration. And the ginormous number of hits I get from this every year.

    Anyway, count this charter member midwestern accordion player IN again this year.

    No idea what I’ll play just yet. Maybe I’ll really step up and include pictures and/or video. Wait and see, I guess. It’ll be a surprise!

    p.s. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Zoeyjane

    As much as I’d love to nerd it out holiday style, I’m terrified of my image being on someone else’s blog without my find approval. And I make a lot of weird faces. But. We’ll see. This has been a year of firsts.

  6. Jenipurr

    I will commit to at least an audio performance (not sure if I’m ready to do visual to the whole world as well). Assuming I can get this organized, I’ll do Noel.

  7. Danny

    I just listened to my previous three performances and had to hold my ears. Nevertheless, I can’t sit out this fun event but I think I’ve run out of Hanukkah songs that I know. So I will switch from Jew to Goy and from audio to video and do my own version of “Little Drummer Boy” starring you know who. (Do you think my Chasidic great-grandparents will rise from the grave to protest involving my baby son in a nativity scene?)

  8. amy

    I will try anything once.

  9. abbersnail

    The Horse Whisperer and I would love to share our rendition of “Angels We Have Heard On High.”

  10. Otir

    This year, to make a change, I’ll attempt something in English, and suggest “Light one candle”, and will try to be on time.

    Please feel free to use any of my last year’s videos of Chanukah

  11. Annie

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  12. Karen Sugarpants

    Not sure what I’ll sing just yet, but sign me up. I can’t guarantee your ears won’t bleed tho, bro.

  13. bon

    you crack me up, dude. i like.

    if i can convince/teach my kids to sing something, i will participate via them. perhaps a family recitation of the Grinch.

  14. Robin

    I’ll do something – what the hell?

  15. apathy lounge

    How can you NOT be in the holiday mood after seeing that kid sing his naked heart out? On the other hand, I hope someone is saving up for therapy. He might need it.

  16. this new place

    ooookay, I will do something this year. Okay? Okay.

  17. this new place

    p.s. you know who this is, right?

  18. MammaLoves

    I think I want to give this a try this year. I never realized a talent wasn’t required until last year. That means I can finally enter.

  19. mommymae

    i’m in! i’ll do ‘holiday road’ by lindsey buckingham, (unless i change my mind & do something else)

  20. sizzle

    I am definitely in. Just need to figure out which song to sing this year.

  21. churchpunkmom

    Ooh! Fun! 🙂
    Count me in.

  22. merrymishaps

    Assuming I can find time to squeeze it in, I plan to participate again. Still thinking about songs …

  23. Blaiser

    Blaiser is in. Blaiser needs to think of some third-person appropriate response that is both nonpretentious and really cool. Blaiser has his work cut out for him…

  24. Trish/Astrogirl426

    I’m in – I know I promised I would last year but then bailed (it had to do with some very technical audio issues, including the fact that my voice sounded HORRIBLE). I’ll drag the Bunker Boy into it too (so y’all finally get to “meet” the little monster!). We’ll probably wind up doing Jingle Bells (hey, that’s only one repeat!) but if I can I’ll try to get him to sing something else (he doesn’t know many Christmas carols, alas).

    Also, BadAssDad better get his ass in on this shit too; he’s got a great voice and has NO EXCUSE.

  25. Michael @badassdadblog

    Yeah, yeah, OK, Trish, I’m in. Probably just audio. I look funny when I sing.

  26. Michael @badassdadblog

    Oh, and unless I get a better idea, I’m going with You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.

  27. Otir

    I changed my mind. Well, not exactly changed my mind, but just recorded something and thought that I could use it for the Chrismahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, as the season is starting tomorrow with Santa Niclaas (Saint Nicolas) and I thought that a famous legend ballade sung in French would be totally original.

    If you don’t want it, let me know of course.

  28. Selfish Mom

    This is the best idea EVER! I’m down for “The Man with the Bag” from the Macy’s commercials. Just have to find some karaoke accompaniment…

  29. Redneck Mommy

    Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer because I’m feeling passive aggressive this year.

    And no complaints about my singing this year or I’ll beat you.

  30. Mr Lady

    We’re totally in it again this year. I have no idea what we’ll sing, but we’ll get you something.

  31. Amy @ The Bitchin' Wives Club

    I think I was born to blog this one…. 😉 Definitely count me in! It is my first time doing it for Christmas, but I’m an old-hand at singing in blog-land, so I’ll try and come up with something good for you.

  32. alejna

    I’m hoping to participate again this year, assuming I can get my act together. I’m thinking maybe something a bit more cheerful than last year’s song about dead babies.

  33. Angela

    I’m in.

  34. Angela

    Augh! Sorry. I’m in with Joy to the World on piano. Okay then.

  35. BugginWord

    Ok, I think I’ll be ready. I’ll do a reading of “Twas The Night Before Christmas” I think. Is cursing aloud? Correct answer is yes. Say yes. Yes would be good.

  36. EarnestGirl

    Here’s the thing: I am new to the game and a relatively new arrival to teh online party altogether. So perhaps, with your indulgence, I will clap real loud this year and then spend 2010 working on my contribution for next year. Perhaps a Diwali candle lighting chant?
    Or something like this:

  37. rahree

    i’m in! sending later this evening!

  38. Velma

    I am totally late to the game, but I’m thinking I can make my (sick) kids sing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” with inappropriate lyrics before school tomorrow…

  39. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Crap. I just realized I missed this this year.

    Not next year my friend.

  40. Introspectre

    Ok, the kid singing was so adorable that I simply cannot go onstage after that! How can I possibly compete with wet cute kiddie chub, with dimples and dancing and my camera people could not pull of such excellent smooth parting of the red curtains, I mean, you’ve raised the bar to unattainable levels, sir.

    However, I shall watch with giddy anticipation.

  41. Heath Buckmaster

    I only just found out about this, but I’ve been doing a Heath sings the 12 days of Christmas since the 13th….all the videos are on my blog at the URL above ;-).

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