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Married with Dyson

This post I am writing right now might seem like I am poking fun of mommyblogger promotions and giveaways, but that is not the case.  The following is more about me and my marriage, and what to expect from a wife: has started an interesting promotion titled Dyson Domestic Divas.

Every 2 weeks from now till April, we are going to be picking a new mom to spend a full two weeks with our Dyson and then come on as a Dyson Domestic Diva and give everyone the lowdown on it. Comparing it to your current household cleaning, your vacuum that you use on a daily basis, the all around ins and outs of how you feel about the Dyson after spending 2 weeks with it in your home. You will be able to blog during your experience from set up to the day it leaves, posting pictures, videos and sharing your experience with the world.


The Dyson is an excellent vacuum.  I have one myself.  If I were a Mom, I would love to try-out this new model, the DC 25 Rollerball Animal.

Each Mom who gets picked after sign-up gets to keep the vacuum for two weeks before they have to return it to the company.

Just imagine how clean your house will be and how convinced your husband will be to let you get one after you have proven to him how great it is!

This last sentence made me think about my own marriage, and the roles we played in the home. Were Sophia and I out of step with current reality?  Do wives still need to convince their husbands before buying a vacuum cleaner?  Did I get a raw deal with Sophia?  She is the type of woman who would never ask me before buying a new vacuum cleaner!

She might say, “Neil, I want to buy a new vacuum cleaner.”

I might answer, “Why do we need a new vacuum cleaner.”

And she might reply, “Because the old one stinks.”

What am I talking about?  Sophia never used the vacuum or asked for a vacuum cleaner.  I did all the vacuuming in the house.  I was the one who bought the Dyson for our home!  Am I the only husband in the country to do the vacuuming in the house?  Not only did I do the vacuuming in the house, I had to SHOW Sophia how to used our year-old Dyson before I came to New York because she never used it before!  Was I tricked by Sophia into thinking that a husband should do anything useful in the house, like vacuuming or doing the dishes?  How did I get suckered into that?

If I ever get remarried, I’m going to be looking for a different type of wife — one who ASKS me before she buys a new vacuum cleaner?  A woman who enjoys vacuuming so much, that she will give me oral sex after she finishes cleaning the house in appreciation for my staying out of her territory.  That would be cool, and make me feel manly.

And if she did ask for a new vacuum cleaner, I would tell her that I need that money for my Maxim magazines.

“No! You cannot buy a new vacuum cleaner.  Back into the kitchen, woman.  And put on that French maid’s uniform!”

“Maybe we can get a cleaning woman?” she might ask, a little in awe of my Maleness.

“A cleaning woman?  What for!  That’s what you are here for.  And I like watching your ass move when you dust!”

“Oh honey, you are such a rascal.”

I learned three important lessons this post about Domestic Divas that I need to remember if I ever get re-married:

1)  A wife must ask her husband for permission before buying any household product.

2)  Wives love to clean the house, especially with innovative appliances.

3)  Men have no interest in household cleaning, or are they even expected to contribute and help.

Sophia apparently never read the rules.   If I ever remarry, my next wife will be a Dyson Domestic Diva.


  1. mammaloves

    There are so many things wrong here.

    1. If a vacuum cleaner was in my house for only two weeks I don’t know if I would have the chance to see how it works.

    2. Can all the women who love cleaning please call me because I have a business opportunity for them.

    3. What kind of company expects you to give them free pr for “allowing” you to use their equipment for two weeks and then send it back? Um…don’t do me any favors Dyson.

    4. Men who clean are damn sexy.

  2. foolery

    I couldn’t get past this phrase:

    “your vacuum that you use on a daily basis”

  3. Marie-The Snake Charmers

    Well, I am one of those women who would ask her husband before buying a vacuum cleaner. At least partly because I would want to see the look on his face.

    We also have a Dyson, which cost a ton of money, which why we would need to discuss it. I also have one of those husband’s who is a engineer, whereas I am most assuredly am not. So if it’s mechanical, he gets a vote.

    That said, early in our relationship, just after he acquired a key to my apartment, I came home to find him vacuuming my place.

    That’s when I knew he was a keeper.

    Fortunately, being an engineer, my husband has no use for blogs. I never want him to see this and have him get any notions that women do housework. Or perform oral sex.

    And, yeah, Dyson, too cheap to let the little lady keep the vacuum? C’mon!

  4. trisha

    I didnt mean it like that. I am an extremely independent woman. But i hear all day long “my husband wont let me buy a vacuum that costs $500”. Now, mine did because i went out and bought one and i didnt really ask him permission, kwim?

    And for the record, my husband is the one vaccumming in our Dyson video….not me.

    But our site cators to women (hence “mom”) therefore I am talking to “mom” (ie female) bloggers, so I auto addressed it as such that females would sign up and men would not be running to test out the vaccuum….

    Being a tester for an online product is a ton of fun and mom bloggers love doing it….I know I do. We end up getting to keep so many of the products we get to test. Its a lot better then going out and buying something and then having buyers remorse or saying, hey, wait, this sucks.

    The dyson program is just a fun way for online mom reviewers, whom already review products, to have a hand to test one product that is talked about SO much among women.

    One more thing…its not common to find a man who wants to clean. I know, because I have spent the past 5 years in charge of a ton of online woman communities and its like 1 in 100 that has a husband that cleans..and Im married to him. You are an exception, not the rule. Very unfortunately, i might add.


  5. trisha

    PS We are passing this vaccuum around to test its durability…we don’t mention the perks of the program because we do not want people to sign up for FREE product, but for fun. But that doesn’t mean there wont be pluses as part of working with momdot.

  6. Kirsten/Mama Ginger Tree

    I didn’t ask permission from my husband when I bought our Dyson two years ago.

    I would give my husband oral sex if he would vacuum the house or could correctly answer which is the washing machine and which is the dryer, or if he folded my laundry, or if he made the kids breakfast.

    Why are there so many product give-aways and reviews going on right now anyway? Is it the holidays?

  7. Marie-The Snake Charmers

    I’m having a little trouble putting “fun” and “vacuuming” in the same sentence. But, it takes all kinds.

  8. veep veep

    I still think Dyson should give each of the women participating their own vacuum. If they don’t like it, they can give it to their mother in law. 😉

    Last year I gave away dozens of vacuums no strings attached. The women who received them wrote back and told me what they thought of the vacuum and those were some of the funniest and most honest comments ever emailed to me. So I’m sure the women participating with Dyson will have a lot to say no matter what.

  9. Memarie Lane

    I have to say, that promotion is such bullshit. That’s like saying, “here, eat this delicious ice cream, tell us how yummy it is, then vomit it up and give it back. Up yours Dyson!

  10. Corey

    I’m pretty sure I’m not in the target audience for these Dyson people. When we were preparing for the birth of our son, I was reading all those books one reads to prepare (ha) for a child, and one said that we should prepare to lower our standard of cleanliness after the baby arrived. I told my husband that if our standard of cleanliness was any lower, the DHS might come take that baby away from us.

    That said, he does the vacuuming when it absolutely must be done.

    Good luck finding your dream woman. No one I know would fit the bill.

  11. Janna

    Hmm… now I will have to check out this Mom Dot website. Sadly, I know a couple of ex-friends who have this kind of relationship with their husbands. I say ex-friends because their husbands don’t like me. Huh, go figure.

  12. Trish

    You bet I would ask my husband before I spent $500 on a vacuum! I expect him to talk to me before he buys something that expensive as well, no matter what it was. I talk to my husband about anything that is over $50.

    My husband likes to vacuum, but he doesn’t do it very often. Part of it is he works longer hours so by the time he gets home our daughter is already asleep, and if vacuumed then, it would wake her up. I just have more opportunity to do it than he does.

    I think it’s a fun program, which is why I’ve signed up for it. I love trying out new things, and would I love to keep it? Oh yeah, but if I don’t, at least other people out there can hear my honest opinion about it.

  13. sarah g

    eh, I would let him know only cause I’d want him to run it by me before spending a ton of money too. In order to check the budget, not to get permission or allowance. and he is just as capable of vacuuming as I am.

  14. Staci A

    Not all of out there have an extra hundred dollars laying around to spend on a vacuum that will break after a few uses, or not fit our needs. So, why not test one out for a couple of weeks? What would it hurt?

    I don’t have a hubby who cleans. And yes, a vacuum is at the top of my Christmas list. I’m a mom, I’m all about practicality. And as a wife, I would definitely talk to my hubby before spending $500, just as he would do the same.

    Have you seen the response at MomDot? It seems to me there are quite a few moms interested in the program. I know I would love a chance to try it out and offer up my review to other moms, who want to hear if it actually lives up to the hype.

  15. Betsey

    Here is how jacked up my household is. I would never buy a vacuum without asking my husband first AND we BOTH vacuum.

    We obviously need counseling.

  16. Staci A

    Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t get sent back to Dyson. They pay to ship it on to another mom in the review group.

  17. Nancy

    Maybe that’s why I made such a lousy wife. I didn’t ask permission, yet I didn’t expect my husband(s), yes “S”, to be domestic divas either.

    I thought that’s what house cleaners were hired for.

    Oral for cleaning eh? Would that include windows and toilets? Maybe I was hiring the wrong cleaning crews.

  18. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

    No offense, but I can see why you are married to the type of woman you have. Luckily for as many types of women there are, the same goes for men. I’m eager to try the Dyson out and yes, I would ask my husband for permission to buy it, even if it was with “my” money. Why? because it’s a large purchase and in our marriage, large purchases are a joint decision no matter whose bank account it comes out of.

    Being a stay at home mom doesn’t excuse my husband from household chores either. I would say our vacuuming is split pretty equeally, just as many other chores are. But that’s our marriage and it works for us.

  19. Nancy

    P.S. I sure I wouldn’t want a passed around Dyson … the previous people’s dirt coming into my house!

  20. Sheryl

    In our house any single item that costs over a hundred bucks needs to be discussed, whoever is buying it.

  21. jenna

    I don’t NEED my husband’s permission to purchase something. It’s common sense to anyone in a meaningful relationship that they TALK about decisions. The money is both of ours and if the husband was to just go out and buy, say an XBOX 360 without asking me, I’d have issues with it. It’s something that is an “investment” and with the economy the way it is right now, smart people would be discussing their purchases before they made them.

  22. V-Grrrl

    Shocked to discover Marie The Snake Charmer and I are married to the same person!!!!

  23. Peeved Michelle

    I am a mom! I am a blogger! I use proper grammar. I don’t assume every woman who is a mom and a blogger has a husband. I guess I am not the target audience either. The housekeeper brings her own vacuum cleaner.

  24. LVGurl

    Mammaloves comment #2 killed me! 🙂

    I know this isn’t necessarily your point, Neil, but I feel compelled to say it anyway — I cannot imagine being excited enough to sign up for what amounts to a two week “free” rental of a Dyson. Then, *before sending it back* blog about the experience of using the vacuum, providing visuals? (Sounds fulfilling) And share the story with the world? Finally, ask your husband to buy one for you? Seriously? That seems like a lot of footwork for the blogger, especially when Dyson gets all the publicity for free. I can’t believe companies are getting away with this… and bloggers are happily complying.

  25. trisha

    What was left out of the sentences pulled to quote was this part:

    Will I get to keep it?

    Sadly, no. This one is on a very important trip around the blogosphere. But that doesn’t mean you wont see rewards in the future for your participation.

    If I sat on my site and told everyone to sign up to get a free vaccuum, i would have 100K entries and not someone who really has a true need or a reviewer that wants to TEST a product, I would have a PAID review panel, not an honest review. We want an honest program. There will be perks and thankyous for being a part of the program, of course, but those are not going to make the front page of momdot…it would be a reaction we dont want.


  26. Ashley

    2) Wives love to clean the house, especially with innovative appliances

    I fail at that one. To me, innovative appliance would equal an appliance that cleans the house its own damn self…and bonus points if it can make me donuts. Or something.

  27. Susan W

    I don’t know about other women/wives/moms but if I just went out and got a $500 vacuum my dh would kill me. If I wasn’t a SAHM and made half of the income I would spend what I wanted but that isn’t the case. Or maybe I am just not as rich as some of the wives who can go out and get a $500 vacuum without worrying what my dh would say or what bills wouldn’t get paid.

    And as for my dh vacuuming?? Not really so he doesn’t care what kind of vacuum we have. He has his chores, I have mine and some we share.

  28. patois

    It’s posts like these that have me howling. Well, the posts and the comments. As for me, I’ll stick with my nearly-as-expensive Oreck.

  29. Neil

    Jenna — I’m not sure buying a woman buying a vacuum and a guy buying an XBOX falls in the same category, but I see what you are saying.

    And yes, since the Dyson is so expensive, I can understand discussing it over with your spouse.

    You can find some of the excellent older model Dysons online for $230.

  30. trisha

    Neil, its the same when its a $500 vaccuum, not a $99 vaccuum. Its like going out and buying a new pair of jeans at walmart…or buying a pair of Rock N Republics. Your checkbook wont cringe over your $9.99 jeans, but its going to throw rocks at you over the $300 one.

  31. Danny

    If you ever get married again I’d stake my life on the fact that she’d never touch a vacuum cleaner. I’m the only one who’s ever used one in my house (and I’ve been married twice). My vacuum cleaner is a piece of crap and I’d love to try that Dyson but $500? Are you kidding? Are there really people that vacuum more frequently than once every two weeks? I’m almost there…if you consider once a year close. Oh well, we have mostly wood floors and my $9.00 broom works just fine. Now I need to go research so I can get my gender discrimination lawsuit started…

  32. Sarah

    You have got to be kidding me. You read that review and took it as a 1950s vision of marriage? Seriously?

    Obviously, Mom Dot has enough respect – yes, respect – for her husband to include him in the decision making process. The Dyson is expensive and marriage is a partnership, after all.

    As for vacuuming being fun: I hate cleaning, but I have a love affair with my Dyson. I love seeing how much it sucks up. Yes, it can be fun. Try it.

  33. Kimberly

    Peeved Michelle – I thought I’d start by saying that I’m active on the momdot site and a SINGLE mom and not once have I felt out of place. It is geared for mom’s, yes, but they don’t have to be married. Yes, there’s a comment about a husband, but that’s not the point of the post. Taking a sentence or two out of a piece of writing and blowing it out of proportion is ridiculous. Things should be read in context for find the main ideas. Finally, I’d also like to say as a SINGLE mom, I don’t consult with anyone over my purchases, but I’d still love the chance to try out the Dyson. Why? Because I’m not sure I want to spend $500 on a vacuum, and what better way to decide than to have a trial run? I’ve often commented that I wished technology companies would allow you to try out items such as cameras and computers for a couple weeks before making a final decision, and commend momdot for such a great and innovative idea. And to me it’s simple – if you don’t like the idea, if you think the idea is stupid, then don’t go to the site and don’t sign up.

  34. Toni Saussele

    I happen to think the program is a plus. We need a new vacuum and perssonlly letting me try one out would be an asset in making my decision. $500 is a ton of money and YES I would discuss buying something that costs this much with my husband. My DH does a ton of housework and he thinks the program is a great idea. I HOPE with all my heart I am picked.

  35. Leah - Diaries of a Domestic Goddess

    In my house, out of a respect for each other, we discuss a lot of purchases that are over 100 or 200 dollars which I’m thinking a Dyson costs that much (never looked into one since my vacuum works OK).

  36. Charmarie

    Wow, well I’m at a loss for words. My relationship damn well isn’t like that, I buy what I want (most of the time) unless its a big purchase then I’ll consult R, Or he’ll straight our purchase it. Oh and I don’t do cleaning I have other things to tend too 😉

  37. Roadchick

    Redneck was talking about a Dyson the other day.

    I told him the vacuum I have is fine.

    Because I don’t want a big, shiny vacuum under the Christmas tree.

    After Christmas is over, THEN I want the Dyson.

  38. LVGurl

    I LOVE IT! Neil is stirring the pot!

  39. deidre

    My chiropractor told me that women should never vacuum. Something to do with how our hips our built – its terribly bad, apparently. Its advice I like.

  40. Neil

    Diedre — that’s the same excuse sophia used…

    Also she told me that she is allergic to dishwashing detergent. Do you buy that one?

  41. Amanda

    Saw this post and had to comment. I personally would not ask my husband to buy a vacuum. I vacuum. My husband does not. We both despise cleaning but somebody has to do it. One day I’ll hire a maid. Maybe a man maid. 😉
    But -all fun aside – that’s really not what MomDot’s post was all about. It was simply a product review and an opportunity for those who wanted to take it.
    Personally, for me I would not and have never been interested in product reviews that do not let me keep the product. I turn them away instantly because I just don’t have time for that.

  42. Amanda

    Oh crap. I meant I would not ask my husband before purchasing a vacuum. If asked him to buy one he’d bring home a piece of junk. He’s cheap. 😉

  43. floating princess

    Ok, this cracked me right up! Your tongue-in-cheek dialogue is great!

    This promotion would never work for my house. My husband is the one who wanted our Dyson, he bought it, and he uses it. I hate it because either we got a lemon or it just doesn’t work for our carpets. I’d say it sucks, but really it does quite the opposite. Luckily our house is mostly hardwood or I would have tossed it out on the side of the road a long time ago!

  44. LVGurl

    Apparently not everyone gets your satire.

  45. mommymae

    i don’t mind vacuuming, but hate the rest of it. daddyjay does 90% of the cooking in our house. he’s better. that’s also why he picks up…he’s better. i do laundry – he does garbage. it’s a trade-off around here.

    and no way would i want to do the review…i would hate to deal with packaging the damn thing up to send off to someone else and would probably use the piece once. that’s about how often i vacuum.

  46. Postmodern Sass

    X used to do all the vacuuming at our house. I think it’s a man thing; big, noisy machines.

  47. Lesley

    That line “your vacuum that you use on a daily basis” makes me feel like such a slovenly slut. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

  48. better safe than sorry

    i have a dyson, the purple one for pets, but i don’t have that new one, with the ball on the front. i told my husband i was looking at getting a new vacuum, i still to this day have never told him the price, but it is worth every penny.

  49. Finn

    Just imagine how clean your house will be and how convinced your husband will be to let you get one after you have proven to him how great it is!

    I feel nauseous.

  50. sassy

    I ‘let’ my husband buy a karsher vacuum, and ‘let’ him do the floors. I’m a nice wifey, eh?

  51. NYCWD

    I find it ironic that almost everyone is down on Dyson instead of for running the actual promotion with that language.

    Now if it was Motrin instead of, I bet the reactions would be vastly different. Oh the camouflage those corporate mongers are using now!!!

  52. ali

    what’s a vacuum?


  53. churlita

    Was that Dyson promotion for real? Do they remember what year this is?

  54. Avitable

    Are the moms who are eagerly piling over themselves to ask for a two-week trial of a vacuum cleaner so they can demonstrate their worthiness to their husbands the same ones who were morally outraged by the Motrin Ad? Maybe Motrin should just have given away free products.

  55. anna

    Wow, what a lame “promotion.” You can do housework, then do the work of blogging about it, and then in return you get . . . NOTHING.

    I would say you have to ask/tell if you are buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Anything over $300 or so I think is a “family decision” in my house.

  56. Cathy

    My husband is also an engineer and he is the money earner in the house. He also helps with the cleaning and meal making. I do not have to ask him when I go out and buy things but I do out of respect for him especially when the item costs above 250 dollars.

  57. 180/360

    You’re such a rascal, Neil! This just epitomizes how ridiculous product promotion in blogging has become. Who in their right mind would want to use a vacuum that has been in various homes across the country?

  58. Sarcastic Mom


    My favorite part was when you wrote, “Maleness.”

    Ah, Maleness.

  59. Jessica (from It's my life...)

    I pulled out the vacuum and the 14mo started crying because it scared her. She’d never seen it before. ’nuff said?

    Now a man vacuuming? That’s sexy. Not as sexy as one who folds laundry and cooks orders pizza, but sexy nonetheless.

  60. jessica

    I perdonally think the Dyson promotion is sick. Just the siomple fact that dyson would stoop so low to be on this mom dot site. She posts pictures of her butt and sings naked. Clearly dyson has not seen this but I have emailed them and so have others. Sorry dyson tacky choice in mom bloggers I will never see dyson the same again.

  61. jessica

    And Kimberly this is the same Trisha of mom dot who said pregnant woman can’t go on trips where theree owuld be drinking. You’re telling me this nut case isn’t controlling you active members, You’re just as nuts as she is.

    PR reps have been contacted Dyson should pull the mom dot stuff. Sorry it’s just tacky she should consider what she posts on that site befrore she tries to work with such a great company. Dyson you’ve made me sick!

  62. Neil

    Whoa… whoa… Jessica… what’s going on? This post is supposed to be about ME!

  63. Kristin

    “Wow, what a lame “promotion.” You can do housework, then do the work of blogging about it, and then in return you get . . . NOTHING.”

    As a blogger like this myself that’s what I thought.

    I second Sarcastic Mom bwahahaha

  64. Kristin

    Neil, Neil you crack me up!

  65. Anissa@Hope4Peyton

    Neil, love of my bloggy life, get thee to Google and put in the phrase “Porn for Women book” and go with it. THAT’S what makes a woman hawt HOT hot!

  66. threeboys1mommy

    Ahh the Sophia mystery is solved. Does she have a blog?… because I think I may like her more than you 😉

    This ☝, is INSANE! I am writing a vacuum post straight away!

  67. Darryle

    Maybe because I’m Jewish, I don’t get the big fuss over a vacuum cleaner. My husband is not Jewish, and brought home a Dyson a few years ago. If you don’t own one, I’d be be happy to share mine. The Vacuum, not the husband.

  68. Neil

    ThreeBoys1Mommy — Everybody likes Sophia better than me. That was the problem.

  69. pam

    My husband? He does the vacuuming. And most of the dishes. Really.

  70. Toni

    Well I have a few things to say on the matter.

    I think the promotion is silly but that being said anyone that thinks it is silly just doesn’t have to sign up for it right.

    I just wouldn’t want to “fall in love’ with something only to have the hassle of packing it up and sending it off, that is not worth it to me.

    Heck yeah I want a dyson but I don’t want to “borrow” one personally I would much rather just go and buy one than have to deal with all the hassle involved in this.

    I do however think there is not a problem with discussing whether or not to buy one with a significan other or spouse. My spouse and I discuss pretty much all non necessities or anything over a certain amount with each other before buying just out of respect for one another and this could be the perfect solution as in a try before you buy.

    Those are my thoughts on the situation, I don’t personally like the promotion to me it would be a hassle but for those that do then it’s a great idea. It may just be the selling point for some husband or wife

  71. Nat

    I didn’t read all the comments, and I don’t really care what Trisha says… that is one antiquated way of looking at gender roles.

    Fun and housework. Not in my reality.

  72. SarahHub @ Oakbriar Farm

    My husband doesn’t vacuum, but he does do laundry AND clean toilets. I’d rather vacuum twice a day than wipe down a toilet.

    That said, I would certainly discuss a several hundred dollar purchase with my husband. He would do the same with me. In a household of limited resources, we need to be on the same page with our spending.

  73. SarahHub @ Oakbriar Farm

    Oh, and we already have a Dyson. I love it!

  74. Kristin

    I’m with Toni about the whole thing. Dyson did a poor job at overseeing how the promotion was posted on mom dot. But hey even PR peps don’t know any better. They are handing these suckers to people with NO traffic. Any blogger who makes money or does real reviews won’t be signing up for this promotion. I can see them now “doing all that work and getting nothing in return”. It’s a good pitch on mom dot’s part. Saying she wanted one for herself, why not let her bloggers who follow her work for it. As you can see Dyson jumped right on that. All in all dyson did a poor job, they lost some of my respect.

    Pertaining to hosework.. I do think in my household at least, that I would consult Del about a purchase like this. Once he used my moms he was sold on the Dyson product anyway. It’s just the simple fact of a $500 purchase. And yes he consults me about his purchases.

    And Neil everyone loves you, funny whitty and charming. Your “maleness” rocks!

  75. Whit

    I seriously covet that vacuum, but as I’m a WAHD and not a mom I’ll have to sit this one out.

    It actually makes Dyson sound kind of cheap. Two weeks to test it? It’s not a freaking car.

  76. Geoff

    I have a Dyson. I actually reviewed it for one of my technology columns in the local newspaper. And yes, I do a fair bit of vacuuming and other chores around the house. I expect this is not as rare as many of your femme readers may think. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from that review:

    “My first observation was the quiet operation. After all the hype, I was expecting it to howl like a jet engine. Then I noted how the power nozzle chewed down into the carpet like a cat into tuna fish. It moved smoothly, but had a resistance that was strangely reassuring. After about 30 seconds I glanced back at the transparent canister, which – to my total surprise – had already snared a warren of dust bunnies. By the time I finished the small rug, the canister was pretty much full.

    I haven’t been this impressed by a pile of dirt since I was three years old…”

  77. patty

    Wait – was I supposed to ask my husband before I bought my car?

  78. jenna

    I love all the comments from the people who have continuously bashed MomDot over and over again and then tried to “make up for it”. Get over yourself folks. You’ve made your intentions pretty obvious. Maybe if you would have thought of contacting Dyson first, you could have held a real giveaway.

  79. followthatdog

    What crap. I have a Dyson, but do they really think that in two weeks the average mom used the vacuum more than once? Hell, my floors are lucky if I use my fancy, expensive Dyson more than once a year. Ok, maybe i”m not a good example here. I was once fired by my housekeepers because my house was too messy. Still. The person who lobbied for the new vacuum in our house was my husband. And why the hell do they think the woman has to ask to buy a new vacuum at all? If I waned a new vacuum instead of a few new pairs of shoes, I would have just bought one for god sake. Ok, I have to stop now, my blood pressure is up.

  80. Stacey

    I bought myself a Dyson after the Captain broke his vacuum cleaning up construction debris. I actually like vacuuming because it makes me happy to see the house clean (and the vacuum scares the beejesus out of the cats). The Captain really wants to vacuum too, but probably only because I won’t let him.

  81. nugo

    i also do the vacuuming and i also bought our dyson and i also want a cleaning woman wearing a french maid’s outfit.

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