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New Chapter

As I begin this new chapter in my life, I promise to be honest and open with you, hiding nothing, although I will leave it to your imagination to figure out if I am wearing pants or not.


  1. kat

    i vote no pants!

  2. Angella


    This was definitely a funny way to start the day. Thanks, Neil 🙂

  3. Backpacking Dad

    I’m going to say you’re wearing chaps.

    Exactly, what ARE chaps?

  4. churlita

    Pants are highly overrated.

  5. PocketCT

    I think I can see the reflection of pants or no pants in the small stripe that is the towel holder. Or maybe I am imagining it.

  6. ingrid

    Neil! You’re just trying to tickle our keyboards aren’t you?

    My votes:
    1. spandex pants
    2. a quirky little thong with feathers
    3. titillating tights (like superman)

  7. Kathy

    I like Ingrid’s answers.

    Boxers? A Towel?

  8. Tuck

    Did you shave the top part of your chest?

  9. Annika

    I feel pretty sure that if you were not wearing pants, you wouldn’t have been able to stop yourself from telling us. So I vote pants.

  10. Neil

    Tuck — yes, good eye! I also tried to shave my back, but ended up just cutting myself. I had gone to the beach yesterday and felt odd that I was the only guy there with hair on his body. Everyone else was a vollyeball/surfer dude.

    But as I was doing my chest, I received a phone call, and never finished shaving, and Sophia told me that it was going to just be all prickly, so I now have a half-shaved chest.

  11. sizzle

    Pants Free!

  12. LVGurl

    I bet you’re wearing pants, because your mom reads.
    Everything okay…?

  13. Neil

    LvGurl — Actually, the first woman to ever see me pants-free was my mother.

  14. kristen

    you might not have pants on, but i’d guess you’re definitely wearing smalls.

  15. Finn


    No pants… please?

  16. psychomom

    Hi Mr. Penis and Neil!

  17. Mr Lady

    It would appear that you’ve got enough hair from the nipples down to be able to get away with no pants anyway. 🙂

    You should have seen it before I tried to shave it off.

  18. nancypearlwannabe

    I vote yes on the pants.

  19. Arjewtino

    I’m more curious as to what’s in that see-through bag behind you.

  20. Katherine

    You’re too skinny.

    I vote you eat something. If it’s hot soup, put on some pants first.

  21. Annie

    Neil, you are ahunk :-). I vote no pants.

  22. Lynda

    I have a really good imagination!

  23. sa_scully

    No pants, but shorts.

  24. Katherine

    Also, can’t stop thinking about this now…

  25. kenju

    Maybe long black socks and white sneakers? LOL

  26. Neil

    Arjewtino — That’s where we keep the soap and shampoos we steal from hotels, but one of the straps on the bag broke, so it just hangs there like that.

  27. Neil

    Katherine — funny.

  28. will

    The kids on your facebook friends list are going to love this shot.

  29. Whit

    If you are wearing pants then you have on the exact opposite of my daily uniform. Pants are for going outside.

  30. laurie

    I love that picture.

    I love new chapters! Pants optional.

  31. Jenny, Bloggess

    Forget the pants. I want you to put on those clear buttless chaps hanging on the door behind you. I like that your clear buttless chaps have pockets. Mine don’t. (This is where I’d put the sad smiley face if I used sad smiley faces.)

  32. Rattling the Kettle

    New chapter, my ass. You’re just hoping this will titillate some of your female readers, and maybe one of them will invite you to stay with her for a wild weekend.

  33. miguelina

    Hmm. I think you’re wearing pants. But why take this picture now? Are you submitting it to Hair Thursday?

  34. Neil

    Rattling — Uh, yes.

    Miguelina — I’m still waiting for Whoorl to give me my shot.

  35. stepping over the junk

    WOOT! (You weren’t kidding, I thought you were kidding!)

  36. V-Grrrl


    Don’t shave your chest, OK?

    And does the bathroom need painting or does the mirror need cleaning?

    (Critiquing your bathroom is my way of avoiding the pants question…)

  37. Karla

    I think any new chapter should involve a few bathroom decorations.

  38. Diane Mandy

    As there is no towel on the rack, I’m would assume it’s wrapped around your waist sans the pants.

  39. barbetti

    I say no pants. I think new chapters should start fresh, naked fresh.

  40. Neil

    For those interested more in the bathroom decor than whether I am wearing pants, Sophia and I have three bathrooms. One is the main bathroom, where we brush our teeth and comb our hair. The second is on the lower level, and it is the smaller guest bathroom. The guest bathroom is where the cute dolphin toilet seat is located, which I showed to you a few weeks ago.

    This is the bathroom attached to the office and it is basically where I shower and shave and read the New Yorker when I want to get away from it all. So, blame me for the shoddy decor. It also has poor ventilation so the whole room steams up during a shower and we’re always fighting mold and mildew on the shower wall. And get this… this bathroom is carpeted, making it even more of a health hazard. Sophia hardly ever steps foot in here. Got it?

  41. Scarlet Hip

    You are such a whore.

  42. Neil

    I think you mean gigolo. Isn’t a whore always a woman?

  43. Jane

    I’m looking at the man in the mirror,
    I’m asking him to change his way-ays,
    No message could have been any clearer,
    If you wanna make the world a better place,
    Take a look at yourself and SHAVE.

    I totally vote for the shave down. And some nice chinos and a button up shirt.

  44. Neil

    Jane — don’t you mean a button down shirt?

  45. Jane

    No, Neil. I mean button UP! LOL.

  46. Postmodern Sass

    I’m OK with hiding. Fine with obfuscating. Prefer editorial discretion. Please don’t feel you have to be 100% open and honest on my account. I may have to stop reading you. 🙂

  47. heyjoe

    That picture doesn’t leave ENOUGH to the imagination so far as I’m concerned.

  48. Non-Highlighted Heather

    Oh good god. You’re not going to start doing those partially clothed Sundays and nearly naked Wednesdays or whatever the hell those are.

  49. Neil

    No, Heather. Just a once a year thing to get it out of my system.

  50. JP/deb

    Nakey Neil…

    no pants is my vote 🙂

    Keep it real, babe.


  51. Karl

    Welcome to the Naked Bloggers Club!

  52. better safe than sorry

    there is no way you’re nekkid!!!

  53. natalie

    i go out of town for a few days and come back to naked neil pics! man. i have to read what i’ve missed. why, oh why is neil naked?

  54. HRH @ June Cleaver Nirvana

    Would it be wrong to slightly yearn the old less honest, less open Neil who wore clothes?

  55. Mattie


    I do believe I’m havin’ a case of the vapors.

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous man.

  56. Mattie

    AND, your hair is growing back, looking unkempt. SO sexy.

  57. kerith

    uuuuuummmmmm…boxer briefs…

  58. Anonymous City Girl

    I vote tighty whities.

    And… ummm… dang.

  59. Sarcastic Mom

    Ah, see? This was hilarious, quirky, silly, adorable, and unexpected, all at once. What’s not to love about that?

  60. chloe

    pants and flip flops.

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