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Will We Reach 300 Interviews?


I hate to make this blog ALL Interviews ALL the time, especially when I just put up such a fabulous post of passive-aggressive spam poetry, but I have been getting quite a few questions via email about the Great Interview Experiment.  I was going to just email everyone involved, but I figured just writing a post was easier.  So, let me make just one last public announcement.  Don’t think of this as a real post, but as a informational one.   (hey, it’s like my first ad!)   I’d like to keep the blog focused on the usual nonsense.   Sophia, my Talking Penis, my mother, my therapist, and the other usual blog characters are getting jealous.

That said, I hope you’re getting to read some of the interviews.   If I forget to add you to the “completed” list, just tell me.  I have a feeling that the one person getting the most out of this is … ME.  I love being introduced to new people and learning more about old friends.   I even emailed a few of you telling her how much closer I felt to you after learning more about your life.  I’ve been “blogging” with some of you for the longest time, and was always too shy to ask you about basic biographical stuff!   Now, I have someone else doing the dirty work.

If you forget who you are supposed to interview, I keep on updating the list.  I know a few of you have to drop out because of time constraints (or giving birth!).  Please email me (at neilochka at yahoo) or just contact the other two people in your interview “chain.”   If you are stuck without an interviewer or interviewee, or if they haven’t gotten back to you within a week, email me and I’ll give you new partners.  If there are some of you who would like to INTERVIEW someone, but not be interviewed yourself, please email me or comment, because we will probably need a few pitch-hitters.  Remember, I can just keep the interview process going, so you can always join up at some future time.

I hope everyone is having fun, and feeling like you are part of a community (even if it is a community of self-obsessed ego-maniacal nudniks who love themselves too much)

To join the Great Interview Experiment, sign up in the comments of the original post, not here.  Thanks.


  1. natalie

    this was a great experience. not only did i get to talk about myself (and did you see how long that interview was!?!) but i got to know someone else as well. and i have several other blogs i read now because of the great interviews! thanks!

  2. Loralee

    Mine will be up soon (She’s answering them as we speak). I haven’t heard my interviewer but I’ll probably just drop her a line about it soon. 🙂

    It’s been a blast participating.

  3. miriam

    I sent you mine–I hope you received it.

  4. DaveX

    My interview of Maitress is now posted:

    DaveX of STARTLING MONIKER interviews L. Elkin of MAITRESSE:

  5. sassy

    I just sent mine to my interviewee, FINALLY, & yippee. I letcha know when it’s up & thanks again. This is fun !

  6. churlita

    I love reading the interviews, I just don’t have time to do it myself. It was a wonderful idea.

  7. ali

    i thought this whole thing was great…only now i don’t have enough time in my life to read all the new sites i’ve discovered. so, it’s possible i may blame you when i get fired 😉

  8. Neil

    Anyone who just wants to interview?

    Just put a comment on.

  9. Rodger Jacobs

    Nichole did a terrific job interviewing me.

  10. cog

    dunno if my email got through but if you’ll let me interview Jen I’ll be your best friend.

  11. Akaky

    The 300 Spartans. What a wonderful old sword and sandal epic, complete with the ten ton dialog everyone expects in such a production. It does have, however, one wonderful line: “The gods give us beautiful girls to marry, and then they turn them into wives.”

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