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The Blogger Interviews (The Great Interview Experiment)

Here are the links to most of the interviews done in 2008 for the Great Interview Experiment.

To join up in 2009, add your name to this list.

Ascender interviews Pam of Nerd’s Eye View

Pam of Nerd’s Eye View interviews McKay

V-Grrrl interviews Finn of A Life Less Ordinary (also here)

Madame Diva interviews Penelope

Jennifer of Open Book interviews Tiddlywink

Gorillabuns interviews Sizzle (also here)

Kathleen interviews Nathan

Nathan interviews Margalit

Chantel interviews the Watkins Lady

Watkins Lady interviews LvGurl

Geeky Tai-Tai interviews Tatiana

Cookiebitch interviews Melanie of “Not Just Nouns and Verbs”

Whoorl interviews ByJane

Abigail interviews Mrs. Mogul

Sizzle interviews Madame Diva

Walking Punchline interviews Marriage-101 (also here)

Rosa interviews Julia from “Not Graceful Enough”

Natalie interviews Fringes (also here)

Karen Sugarpants interviews Karl

Fringes interviews Helena

Jill of “Glossyveneer” interviews Gorillabuns (also here)

Neilochka interviews V-Grrrl (and here)

Dave of “Dave’s Beer” interviews Black Belt Mama

Julia interviews Bec of “Out of My Tree”

Seven interviews Schmutzie

Otir interviews Cookiebitch

Kerflop interviews Merry Mishaps

Caron interviews Glossyveneer

Sarah interviews Chantel

Elisabeth interviews Otir

Marriage 101 interviews Seven

Helena interviews Ali of Cheaper Than Therapy

Penelope interviews Lisa

Finn interviews Caron

Karl interviews Sarah

Ingrid interviews Blackbird (also here)

Joe interviews Red Red Whine

Margalit interviews Melanie of Artful Kisser

Schmutzie interviews Karen Sugarpants (also here)

Merry Mishaps interviews Katie of The Dilettante Debutante

Blackbird interviews Witchypoo (also here)

Nat interviews Bev

Not Faint Hearted interviews Ash

Lara of Red Red Whine interviews Will

Kirida interviews Ashley

Wendy interviews Walking Punchline

Victoria of The Prophesaur interviews SparkleSunShine (also here)

Tatiana interviews Di of Woman Wandering

Q interviews Samuel

Palinode interviews NotFainthearted

Tiddlewink interviews Sarah of Doodah!

Sarah of Doodah! interviews Kerflop

Witchypoo interviews Miguelina

Will interviews Natalie of Tell Me About It

Miss Britt interviews Kelly (also here)

Noir Betty interviews DaveX of Startling Moniker

Miriam interviews Elisabeth (also here)

Whit interviews Annika

Black Belt Mama interviews Shelley (also here)

Claire interviews Kelly of Ordinary Art

Sarah from In the Rouge interviews The Prophesaur (also here)

Not Fainthearted interviews Ash in Amsterdam

Emily interviews Miss Britt

Ashley of Splendid Sustenance interviews Oleoptene

Robin of Montanamoonshine interviews GB

Kristen interviews Fatboyfat (also here)

FatboyFat interviews Robin from MontanaMoonshine

Janie interviews Kristen

LvGurl interviews Abigail Road

Johnna interviews Michelle of Fabricated Goddess

Kyran interviews Ree of Hotfessional

Commis Chef interviews James from the Ink (also here)

DaveX interviews Maitresse

Shash interviews Whoorl

Rilla interviews Commis Chef (also here)

Andrea inteviews Jenny of Absolute Bananas (also here)

Oleoptene interviews Actorgirl

Kelly interviews Kim of Parachuting with a Net

Melanie interviews HeyJoe

Fabricated Goddess interviews Amber at Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck

Nichole of Esmon interviews Rodger Jacobs of Carver’s Dog

Bryna interviews Shash (and here)

Cog interviews Leahpeah (also here)

Loralle of Looney Tunes interviews Ascender Rises Above

Kristy of She Just Walks Around With It interviews AKA Monty

GB of Tidings of Comfort and Joy interviews Zookeeper

Woman with No Regrets interviews ChildsPlayX2

Curiosity Killer interviews Geeky Tai-Tai

Julie Scott interviews Emily of Something Shiny (also here)

Linsey of Uncouth Heathen interviews Tex in the City

-R- interviews Little Miss Mel (also here)

Talina interviews Janelle of Junk food for the Soul

Mary Pat of My Second Journal interviews Lisa (also here)

Lisa interviews Jeni

Maitresse inteviews PocketCT

Dry Ink interviews Gunfighter

Feral Mom interviews Will

Jen interviews Cog (also here)

Nancypearlwannabe interviews Nichole

Candy interviews herself

Peeved Michelle interviews Fivetoedsloth

Emily interviews Feet Firmly Planted

Di interviews August

Chris in Oxford interviews Courtney of Malfeasance

Danny interviews Arjewtino

Pocket Aces interviews Mary Pat

Hotfessional interviews Barbetti (also here)

Theresa of My Fairbanks Life interviews Jessica Mae Stover

Jenny from Absolutely Bananas interviews Rhi in Pink

Fitena interviews Sarah

Monica interviews Elaine of Just a Reed (also here)

Elaine of Just a Reed interviews Kathleen

Frank interviews Ally

Zookeeper interviews Frank

Red Lotus Mom interviews Frogdancer

Lesley interviews Val

TimeCzar interviews Janie

Nadine interviews Ingrid

Jennifer interviews Fitena

Kristabella interviews S.K. Waller

Leigh Anne interviews Erika of Dry Ink (also here)

Donna interviews Time Czar

Bri interviews Red Lotus Mama

Angela from Sparklie Sunshine interviews Emily

James from The Ink interviews Rachael from Antithete

Theresa from My Fairbanks Life interviews Fringes

Becky interviews Sarah

Artful Kisser interviews Miriam

Kate interviews Robyn from Pocket Aces

Miguelina interviews Jenny of She Likes Purple (also here)

Janelle interviews Talina

Nat interviews The Lost Albatross

Elaine interviews Kathleen of Unsettled

Sara interviews NancyPearlWannabe

Jen of Quarter Life Crisis interviews Sara

RA interviews Jen of Quarter Life Crisis

Whitney Barbetti interviews Laura of What a Life (also here)

Heels interviews Stacy of La Boudoir

Simon interviews Tiffany (also here)

Red Pen Mama interviews Uncouth Heathen

Katherine interviews the Muse

Rob interviews Michelle

Smtwngrl interviews Jacob (also here)

Matthew of Child’s Play x2 interviews Jake

Jessica Stover interviews Turnbaby

Theresa interviews Danny of Jew Eat Yet

Frogdancer interviews Alunfoto

Fabrcated Goddess interviews Johnna

Deep Muck interviews Alisa

Widget interviews Nancy

Ally interviews Torrie (also here)

Tiffany interviews Beck of Deep Muck Big Rake

Shelley interviews Jane Poe

Five Toed Sloth interviews Heather

Jake Jakob interviews Chris

Jeannette interviews Becca

Jenn interviews Nat

Nat interviews Jenn

Lori interviews Suebob of Red Stapler

Jane interviews Akaky (also here)

Smtwngrl interviews NoRegrets

Jen interviews Claire of TTAT

Carolyn interviews Kerrianne (also here)

The Muse inteviews Angela (also here)

Alisa of A Juicy Life interviews Lesley

Vanessa interviews Widget

Leah interviews Wendy of Of Boys and Books (also here)

Avitable interviews Feral Mom

Shannon interviews Marge of Marge in Real Life (also here)

Marge interviews Molly

Sarah interviews smtwngrl

Erin interviews Clyde

Turnbaby interviews Chris in Oxford (also here)

Mocha Momma interviews Fairly Odd Mother

Jacob interviews Brittany (also here)

Jen from Semantically Driven interviews Kristabella

Sheila interviews Sleepynita

Angela interviews Erin (also here)

Kelly of Ordinary Art interviews Callie (also here)

Molly interviews Sue Katz (also here)

Julie interviews Anno

Theresa interviews Savia

Savia interviews Theresa

MILife interviews Sarah of Pink Cereal and Raspberries

Witchypoo interviews ciboulette

Jeanette interviews Indecisive Peach

Egghead Jr. interviews Dana of MILF in Progress

Dana interviews Jen of Semantically Driven

Michelle interviews Carolyn

Fabricated Goddess interviews CuriosityKiller

Toni interviews Mountainmama

August interviews Christine (also here)

Erin interviews Juliezilla

Sleepynita interviews Mocha Mommy

Fairly Odd Mother interviews Going Like Sixty

Arjewtino interviews Sassy

Michelle interviews Carolyn

Dan interviews Mark Roberts

D interviews Rob

Liz R interviews Toni

Headbang8 interviews Liz R (also here)

Sarah interviews Melina

Tricia interviews Sarah

Wendy interviews Ciboulette

Sarcomical interviews Loralee (also here)

Pam of Nerd’s Eye View interviews Indecisive Peach (also here)

Melina interviews Ragtop Day (also here)

Karen interviews Squeaky Wheel

Butterfly interviews Sappy Chick

Mr. Fabulous interviews himself

Hamster_Grrl interviews Dingo

Sappy Chick interviews The Roaming Southerner

Jackc interviews Z

Jennifer/The Word Cellar interviews Laurel of Sass Attack

Chris interviews the Unreliable Narrator (more here)

Hamster_grrl interviews Sensibly Sassy

Nancy Pearl Wannabe interviews Definitely RA

PMJG interviews Bzzzzgrrrl (also here)

Sassy interviews Kristy (also here)

Rachel interviews Jenny of Zesty Enterprises

Jack interviews Marinka

Backpacking Daddy interviews Redneck Mommy

Fear and Parenting interviews Anissa

Mandy interviews Average Jane

My Mumbling Thoughts interviews Miss Grace

Oh, the Joys interviews Backpacking Dad

Mary Beth interviews San Diego Momma

San Diego Momma interviews Amelia Sprout

Amy interviews Ry of Arts and Dafts

Ry of Arts and Dafts interviews Elisa of Diary of an Unlikely Housewife

A.C. of Thunder and Windchimes interviews Mary Beth

Elisa interviews Sam of My Mumbling Thoughts

Winter interviews Kevin of Always Home and Uncool

Overflowing Brain interviews Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

Vodkamom interviews Winter

Sherendipity interviews Gin

Forever in School interviews Merie

Mama Ginger Tree interviews Katie from Overflowing Brain

Sheilamia interviews Ali

Ali-Rn Mom interviews T of Send Chocolate

Pretzel interviews Papa of PapaTV

Carmen interviews Charming Bitch

Marinka interviews Shiny

Katy interviews Heather

Heather interviews J

Headless Mom interviews Mary P. Jones

Meg interviews Pretzel

Suzanne interviews Meg of Mad Woman and here

Meg of Mad Woman interviews Katy

Charming Bitch interviews Renee of But Why Mommy

Kerri interviews Carmen

John interviews Manager Mom

Jen interviews Alix

MamaMPJ interviews Maia

Sophie in the Moonlight interviews Jen at 12 Steps Closer

Katy interviews Heather

Sisyphesse interviews Debbie at Real World Martha


  1. I’ve got to get on this. Once I get home tomorrow, I’ll work on mine.

  2. Hi Neil – I followed the link from Finn’s blog 🙂

  3. This is so fun. If I weren’t such a boring person, I’d play along, but I have far too much respect for the rest of humankind to ask someone to interview me.

    PS: Are we doing the Valentine’s Day hotline again this year? If so, I’m in.

  4. So far —

    Ascender interviews Pam

    Pam interviews McKay

    V-Grrrl interviews Finn

    Madame Diva interviews Penelope

  5. This is a great idea.

  6. Today:

    Kathleen interviews Nathan.
    Chantel interviews the Watkins Lady.

  7. cookie asked me questions, and I answered. Mine is up. i wasn’t sure what to do about that.

  8. Today:

    Watkins Lady interviews LvGurl

    Geeky Tai-Tai interviews Tatiana

    Cookiebitch interviews Melanie of “Not Just Nouns and Verbs”

    Whoorl interviews ByJane

    Abigail interviews Mrs. Mogul

  9. This turns out to be such a great experiment. I enjoyed so much discovering and then interviewing Cookiebitch and had so much fun reading her interview (suspense, she will publish on Monday).

    It was delicious to be interviewed by Elisabeth and I am looking forward to reading her own interview too.

    Because each and every interview as they are published so far are just fascinating and great to read. I learn about each and everyone, and believe me, questions are also very telling about the interviewer, nearly as much as the answers about the interviewees!

    Love it.

  10. 1/27/08

    Walking Punchline interviews Marriage-101

    Rosa interviews Julia from “Not Graceful Enough”

    Natalie interviews Fringes

    Karen Sugarpants interviews Karl

  11. Penelope interviewed me today!

  12. Hey — Where’s my interview with Caron? I sent you the link days ago…

  13. Whoops. Doing it now. I know you are a forgiving person, Finn. right? Right?!

  14. Nat interviews Bev is up.

  15. This was all kinds of fun. Thanks Neil, you truly bring the good times.

  16. My <a href=””interview with Splendid Sustenance is up!

  17. Ack! Sorry! The link is here

  18. My interview of Natalie is up.

  19. My interview with Janie of Gallups Family is up. I also posted the interview I did with Fatboyfat of Make Lard History. Here’s the URL for both interviews.

  20. My interview of Robin is up. As is Kristen’s of me.

  21. My interview of Commis Chef is up 🙂

  22. Your list thingie says that I interviewed Marriage-101, but the truth is, it was the other way around. She interviewed me. 🙂

  23. Dude! Thanks for the link back! I wasn’t expecting that, but I do appreciate it!

  24. Ummm. You seemed to passed over my announcement that my interview of Frank of Ready…..Row is now up. Please see it at

  25. Neil, Did you see that I interviewed Janie?
    it’s here:

  26. My interview with Jen is now showing at:

    thanks for this.

  27. Frogdancer‘s interview of me is up:
    And my interview with Karen at A Day in the Life… one glass at a time is due shortly.
    Thanks for starting this.

  28. My interview of Simon Says up… great fun, thanks for this idea!

  29. My interview by Jessica Stover is up here

    I’ll be sending Chris in Oxford his questions shortly.

  30. Hey Neil-
    Jen’s interview of me ran kind of long, so I broke it in half:
    Part 1, Part 2

  31. Neil: while checking my byline, as is my wont, I noticed that you’ve got my interview with Akaky b’ass-ackwards. I interviewed him; not the other way around.

  32. Sorry, By Jane. Fixing it!

  33. My answers to Egghead’s questions and my questions to Jen (as noted above) are up.

  34. My interview with Ciboulette was also posted here

  35. What a cool idea! I’d love to be a part. I’m just egotistical enough to think people should interview me.

    But I have to say, as far your goal to compete with Clooney and Omarosa… no one is as interesting as George Clooney. That dude has Batman nipple armor. The most terrifying sentence in the English language. (That and “Congratulations President Obama.”)

  36. Martin’s interview of me is at my blog:

  37. Jennifer/The Word Cellar interviews Laurel of Sass Attack here.

  38. I’m very late in getting this out. But my interview with Mark Roberts is in the link below. Still waiting for my interview by ETK. In meantime, you can count me in for any other interviews …

  39. It’s up – my interview with Kristy on her site and mine. Thanks, this was fun !

  40. okay. i tanis did it i will too.

  41. I KIN SPEL.
    IF tanis did….

  42. My interviewee answered her questions in record time (unlike me…). Here’s the link to my interview with San Diego Momma
    she did a great job. Now I have to go back and read everyone else’s interviews.

  43. Ali-RN Mom interviewed me here
    Meet T

  44. I was fortunate to interview Papa from and I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’m anxiously awaiting my interview. 🙂

    Here is where you can find the <a href=””interview on my blog.


  45. Jen has completed her interview with me, it is on


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