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Communication Through the Ages


I usually work on my desktop in my upstairs office. Sophia works on her laptop in the downstairs living room in front of the TV. How do we communicate from such a distance? The medium keeps changing, but the message stays the same.

2003 —

Sophia (screaming at the top of her lungs, as if she was Alice on the Honeymooners): “Neil, did you throw out the garbage yet?!”

2005 —

Sophia (typing on Yahoo Internet Messenger, interrupting my blog reading): “Neil, did you throw out the garbage yet?!”

2007 —

Sophia (ringing me on Skype, interrupting my blog reading): “Neil, did you throw out the garbage yet?!”

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  1. And that is why I will not sign up for Skype. lol

  2. But Neil, what we really want to know is whether you’ve taken out the garbage yet!

    Sophia’s been waiting for you to do that since 2003…she’s a patient woman.

  3. Next, it’ll be telepathy.

  4. sounds like you have some garbage to take out neil! Then you can come to Gettysburg, i have some garbage that still needs to go out too. thanks.

  5. Is “blog reading” your new euphemism for surfing the ‘net for porn?

    I like it!

  6. well at least the message stays the same? maybe you should take out the trash! 😉

  7. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with consistency, is there?

  8. Neil, if the garbage has been sitting around since 2003, it’s no longer garbage. It’s archeology.

  9. Hilarious. The same thing is going on at my house. You’d think we wouldn’t have to rely on Skype in a 1,300 square foot apartment.

  10. HA! Sizzle took my comment, that crafty, crafty girl…

  11. Lovely slice of life, although I would be tempted to make a recording, planting speakers in surprising places around your office to surprise you with periodically. Actually, I sat back in my chair and admired my evilness …

  12. There aren’t words for how much this makes me laugh!

  13. geeez, these comments are funnier than your post Neil (sorry)

  14. i use the phone to call my husband in the other room to take out the trash and make me a drink so, this doesn’t seem odd to me at all.

  15. The Fiance and I have already agreed that when he moves in, taking out the garbage will by MY chore. It’s because I hate doing dishes, so that will be within his realm of jobs.

  16. And to think people say communication is dead.

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