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Sophia: The Song


I know you’ve been waiting patiently since I wrote the lyrics to the song

Sophia, are you ready to ROCK?  I can’t hear you!  Are you READY TO ROCK?!



  1. Fantastic, Neil! Plus you got a nice country thing going there as well; already you’re blurring the boundaries…

  2. Amazing. I agree with Anne: nice country spin.

  3. Don’t quit your day job, Neil.

  4. How romantic, Neil!

  5. I’m impressed with your twang!

  6. Damn you work computer with no sounds card!!!

  7. A cappella, no less!

  8. How does she keep her hands off you?

  9. You need a verse or two about mama, your pick-up truck, a train, alcohol and America.
    Neil you redneck. Who knew?
    Did you get this here?

  10. How cute are you!!!

  11. Are you about to quit blogging and start song writing?

  12. Nice! Not how I imagined it as I first read through the lyrics. But better. The a cappella makes it that much better.

    Congrats. You are no on heavy rotation on my iPod.

  13. (Imagine my English accent)
    Um Neil, someone’s got to tell you the truth…that was just like a bad wedding singer doing karaoke, that we could have heard at any hotel on any given night. You’re going home!

  14. Oh Neil
    You rock me every way

  15. That took a hell of a lot of balls…I’d never sing in public. That was awesome, Neil!

  16. Where you doing some heavy lifting or other strenuous activity whilst recording? Some heavy Santa Anas blowing through the house perchance?

  17. Were you doing some heavy lifting? Argh.

  18. That was awesome. You are a rock god.

  19. So sweet Neilochka! If she doesn’t marry you again for that lovely ballad, she’s crazy!

  20. Except for the pauses between the verses hinting that you may not know all the lyrics by heart, I give it two thumbs up! O wait, that’s for movies…
    Sweet rendition!!

  21. WOW. I am seriously impressed…I did not realize the magnitude of your commitment to this blog, or to Sophia for that matter. 😉
    You are a brave and very funny man. I’m even more disappointed that you weren’t at TequilaCon…you will be making the ’07? It’s been set…February 17th in the Pacific Northwest!

  22. Sorry, I couldn’t get it to play. I will wait for the video.

  23. *sigh* I will obviously have to try to listen to this once I get home.

  24. I’m sensing some angst in your voice. I do have to say, it’s kind of a cross between Buddy Holly and David Lee Roth. Catchy tune though, and I thank you in advance for having it stuck in me head all day.

  25. let’s see, how to put this nicely, ummmm, beautiful lyrics, the country surprised me, ummmmm, beautiful lyrics. maybe you could get some backup singers? or a guitar.

  26. I wonder where all the recording contract offers are right now? You should have had plenty of them by now.

  27. Neil, you’re beginning to worry me. Does Sophia know that you’re stalking her now?

  28. In the words of Randy Jackson

    “it was aiight. I just wasn’t feeling it”

    Or, if it makes you feel better,

    “I was a little concerned in the beginning there, but in the end you brought it out.”

  29. Wow. You are quite the crooner.

  30. Mariemm3 — Yes, I do feel I’m a “little bit country” at heart.

    Simon Cowell — screw you, Paula liked it.

    Heather –That heavy breathing was supposed to be part of the song, showing my inner suffering.

    JackT — The pauses are for the guitar solos.

    By the way, if you want to hear some REAL talented blogger/musicians. check out Fictional Rockstar OR Psychotoddler (see side Anyone else there have their music online?

  31. No,Neil, but I have my trip to Portugal online-special for your mom.

  32. Thanks, Tatyana. My mother heads for her trip to Spain and Portugal in a few weeks. Now if she only had a blog to write about it!

  33. Neil–I was intrigued by the URL for your song and wondered if it was a website host for recording your own music, so I just put in — YIKES. OH. MY. Does Sophia know about THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  34. you are a brave, brave man for posting the link to that neil.

    if sophia hasn’t called you by now, well, it’s her loss.

  35. Nance, that embarrassing NSFW page is left over from a post from November, back when posts about short men were all the rage on this blog, which is somewhat ironic since I’m a tall man. But I still don’t get women’s insane discrimination against dating shorter men. Hey, most men will date a taller woman. What’s the big deal? Anyway, sorry about that NSFW link on your sensitive eyes, Nance. I’ll move it to a safer place on Sunday.

  36. Neil,
    That was a great song I would like a personal performance.
    Your poker buddy, Judy

  37. I see a recording career in your future.

  38. I have a new and unexpected respect for American Idol.

  39. This is very intersting indeed! (am I sounding pompous here?! lol!) Except for the pauses – especially when you say “let’s put a …” I thought the song stopped there.
    It’s sweet though! I guess am criticising because am jeaoulous. No one ever sang a song for me! sniff!


  40. Neil, dahlink, I have an opening at 11:00 in my studio. I might could squeeze you in for a lesson or two. Though, I’m not really sure it would help, and, of course, you’d have to sign a legal agreement that I offer no guarantees.

    (I wander off shaking my head wondering, what in the hell was that?)

  41. So I finally got around to listening to the song. I think the other commenters have covered everything sufficiently.

    Then I was intrigued by Nance’s comment. Oh my!

  42. Dude, you totally need to get the band back together. RAWK!!!!

  43. OMG! You are so awesome! Any chance I could commission you to write a song for ME?? I’ll even provide you with a list of my likes, dislikes, & idiosyncracies (sp)! Thanks for the belly-laugh, I needed it this morning!

  44. Never a dull moment with you two!

  45. I just don’t know what to say.

    What did Sophia say?

  46. That takes some huge sack. Nice!

  47. That is so f*cking cute, Neil! You should put a few guitar chords behind that, and I bet you’d have a top40 hit there. Seriously, I think most rock’n’roll songs only have 3 chords anyway.

    PS. Is she answering your calls NOW?! 😉

  48. PS. I JUST noticed you have a “blog crush” of the day on your sidebar! Cute! … When did you start that?

  49. Could have used more cowbell…

  50. Neil, you are freaken adorable.

  51. Holy crap! I go away for a while and this is what happens? Yikes.

  52. That was great!
    A little bit like, you’re sixteen, you’te beautiful and you’re mine.

    You need a band, “and the Months” should be made flesh.

  53. Beautiful, yet terrifying. I’ve got chills.

  54. Sounds like you had a blast doing that! 🙂

  55. I am now digging through your archives, and I don’t know how I missed this song the first time. It’s awesome. Good times. I love a little begging.

  56. how sweet and cute. I hope she liked it.

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