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Sophia: The Lyrics

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Yes, we all had fun last week, sitting around the campfire and singing such favorites as “Melissa,” “Michelle,” and “Allison.”   On Thursday, May 4th, as promised, will be the World Premiere of what is sure to be this summer’s hottest and most rockin’ song with a woman’s name as a title, “Sophia.”  The lyrics have been written and tomorrow I’m going into the studio with one of LA’ s hippest indie bands, “Citizen and the Months.”  So, come back Thursday and BE READY TO ROCK!  I will sing the song LIVE!


They say no man should be alone
That’s why I called you on the phone.
Cause no one loves you like I do.

I know I’ve gone and done you wrong
That’s why  I’m writing you this song
To tell you that my heart belongs to you.


Oh Sophia
I think of you all day
Oh Sophia
You rock me every way
Oh Sophia
Sweetest of them all
Oh baby
Why y’not answering my call?

Let’s put behind us all that stuff
Cause ‘without you’ is not enough
I’m waiting by the phone all night and day

I’m like a ship that’s lost at sea
So c’mon, baby, rescue me
You gotta listen to what I have to say


Oh Sophia
I think of you all day
Oh Sophia
You rock me every way
Oh Sophia
Sweetest of them all
Oh baby
Why y’not answering my call?


  1. anne

    What does Sophia think of it? Have you got your stage costume figured? Can I be one of the backing vocalists?

  2. Michele

    I would be happy to jangle a tamborine in the background. That’s all I’m any good at, music wise.

  3. treespotter

    that is sweet… i personally stick to available songs, you can always blame the band if it doesn’t come out alright. curious to see how this goes, though.

    as to why is she not answering call, i’m sure she has her own song to sing, too. she hasn’t found the words yet. You have plenty help, so that isn’t really fair.

    good luck anyway

  4. Elisabeth

    “Alone” and “phone”? “Wrong” and “song”? “stuff” and “enough”? What cheap rhyming dictionary did you use Neil?

    Now, I would like you to rewrite this song in the style of Elvis Costello, this will improve its quality at least a hundred fold.

  5. Dagny

    And when will we be able to see the video? You can’t have a hit song these days without a video.

  6. lizardek

    *wishing I could find that video of the singing penis to link to here*

  7. Scarlet

    Definitely sounds like a hit.

  8. Jenni

    Man, this is sad on so many levels.

    Lesson Number One: Don’t do sappy things, which includes but is not limited to, writing her a song, poem, or standing outside of her window with a boombox and a raincoat. She’ll just laugh in your face and show it to all her friends who will laugh and most probably call you names.

    If you’re going to do something along these lines at least do it in person, with a guitar or a Mariachi Band in tow, Oh, and wear a sombrero, that way if she hates it you can blame the sombrero…or the band.

  9. Dustin

    It’s all in the delivery Neil, all in the delivery.

  10. Kevin

    I can blow in a harmonica. Can’t guarantee it will sound at all melodic, but I can certainly make noise with the best of them!

  11. M.A.

    I look forward to hearing the music.

  12. Alison

    Make sure you make the mp3 available as a free download.

  13. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T )

    WOW Neil! I think it’s every womans dream to have a man write a song for her!
    You’re a very lucky woman Sophia!:-)


  14. sara lee

    another backup singer volunteer here…although after hearing your other song…maybe we should rethink you on lead vocals? 😉

  15. tiff

    I’d be happy to be a “yeah yeah” girl if you need one. OR is this song more of a “oo oo”-type thing? Not sure I can do that.

  16. TWM

    I would have added in the line “Sophia baby, remember when I spanked you all night long. And now I am spanking out this song.”

    But then that’s just me.

  17. cruisin-mom

    I’m jealous

  18. Trixie

    Did it work?

  19. AWE

    I hope there is a beach video with this.

  20. LisaBinDaCity

    AWWW! That is so sweet. Sophia is a lucky gal.

  21. Alissa

    That’s just lovely. Will it be sung to a country tune? Rap? Pop? Folk? Hip Hop?

  22. Bre

    I think you should go the Top Gun route and get down on your knees to sing to her with all of your hot military friends as backup singers/dancers.

  23. jackt

    If it was one of LA’s hippest bands laying the tracks with you, you’d be called “Citizen and the Monthz”. Like Gorillaz. Duh. OK gotta get back to MySpace.

  24. Lynn

    This should be interesting.

  25. ms. sizzle

    will you wear leather pants in the video?

  26. bettyonthebeach

    I will offer my services on any and all non-talent percussion instruments…tamborine, cow bell, castanettes, ankle bells…

  27. Danny

    Brilliance! You have a promising future as a songwriter. I may have to forward this to my brother-in-law and see if Wilco wants to cover it for their next CD. Look forward to hearing the tune.

  28. Neil

    Elisabeth — Yeah, I know the lyrics aren’t Grammy material, but it’s gonna make you dance!

    M.A. — I wish you were here to sing it with me.

    Jenni — I look terrible in a sombrero.

    Ms. Sizzle — In the video, I will be wearing boxer briefs in the video, surrounded by several gyrating women in skimpy bikinis, dancing around a giant telephone. Then it gets all tender during the chorus.

    Trixie — I have no idea. Haven’t heard from Sophia yet.

  29. amanda


  30. chantel

    Sophia obviously didn’t edit this one did she? I hope it works Neil!!!

  31. stephanie

    you forgot to clue us into the melody. how am i supposed to sing along if i don’t know the melody?

    sap 🙂

  32. Mike F

    Now You can join the RockBottom Remainders if the song is one of the three cords they know.

  33. Deb_LA

    That’s sweet, I’m gonna go throw up now.

  34. Nance

    Neil, I gotta think that gyrating women in skimpy bikinis just aren’t gonna do it for Sophia. What do they have to do with getting her to call you? Or, are they supposed to *be* Sophia? I’m not much of a “concept” person, I guess. I still remember when MTV showed videos all day and all night….But I’m thumbs-up on you in the boxer briefs.

  35. Sandra

    For some reason, I was imagining you singing this song while wearing leather pants…with an ’80s-style rocker-do.

  36. better safe than sorry

    you get “A” for effort, but unless she’s going to explain to you (and all of us) why she’s not answering, then it’s just a guessing game, only she knows the reason why. maybe she told you but you didn’t hear it.

  37. cruisin-mom

    Neil, when do we get to hear you sing it?

  38. Neil

    It will be on the radio tomorrow morning.

  39. mariemm3

    Perfection.. You wanna swtich careers. The music industry needs some fresh blood. 🙂

  40. Rebecca

    You guys could be like Captain and Tennille only I think you should get the cute little bowl haircut.

  41. modigli

    How awesome! those lyrics are great, Neil, and I hope you really do record it and post it here for us all to hear it. 🙂

  42. Carly

    Number one with a bullet!

  43. Heather

    There’s no way this song will ever be a hit. You’ve spelled all the words correctly.

  44. wendy

    Sophia is a hard name to vibe with…so i think you did a good job….but a hint..tell her what you miss…exactly

  45. Sophia (not really)

    I’ll be “sophia” if you need a stage guest.

  46. Hazel

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