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Don’t Stop Believing

It is Midnight, the last day of September. My September journey is over. In the beginning of the month, I agreed to blog every day of September, and if I did, a certain female blogger would tell me her bra size. It was a noble cause and I fought hard till the very end.

One of the things I learned on this blogging journey is that you end up writing a lot of bad stuff when you blog every day. But I also learned something else. There is a truth to these bad posts that you don’t always find in polished work. Most of us are filled with anxiety and fear. And this sneaks out, like a sly fox, when we least expect it.

Unfortunately, my journey this month was not a success. I missed two days this month, where I didn’t write. I didn’t know this until I glanced at my archives. I’m not sure how this happened. I screwed up. I will never find out this blogger’s bra size.

But maybe it is better. Lately, I have been feeling down about blogging. But with the Holy Grail still out there, calling my name, I must continue, like the Knight who vowed his unrequited love to Guinevere.

“Don’t Stop Believing,” she says to her loyal Knight.

The Journey remains. Just not every day, cause blogging seven days a week really sucks.


  1. anymommy

    34B. Consolation prize.

  2. anymommy

    Yeah, okay fine. I’m breastfeeding. I’m not typing my real size but without the milk I drop down a letter in the alphabet. Happy now? 😉

  3. Juli Ryan

    Thanks for letting me tag along on your journey. And FWIW, the anxiety and fear were more interesting (to me) than the more polished stuff. 34B.

  4. The Glamorous Life Association

    36D. Does that help ease the pain?

    Actually I have to disagree…I blog every swingin day. And have for nearly a year and a half. Of course I am a humor blogger. And writing less about ME and all that feelings and stuff and more just about ‘the funny’. So perhaps that is why I can make it happen. It is not a contest or even a commitment. I often think ‘hmm this might be the say I don’t blog’ and just when I think that I see a stupid commerical or my asian neighbor comes over and I have a conversation for 20 minutes NOT UNDERSTANDING ANY of it because of her accent. And well then…I MUST blog.

    So 36D it is Neil. And I had them reduced.

    Go on.

  5. mamie

    wow, are you getting this, you do not get to know the size of one, but probably 25 by the end of these comments. i have to play, it is just too good. 36B (plus-ish lately). hope you do keep up the posts, maybe just not 7 days a week. it was a great way to get to know you better.

    and my husband really enjoyed the 48 rolls post.

  6. Elisa

    Ah, this is a trick, isn’t it? So all your soft-hearted female readers will go “Awwww!” and tell you their bra size.

    Ah, what the heck. It worked. 36D.

  7. Quadelle

    I only started following you during your month of blogging, so are you saying you’ve left me with falsely high expectations? By the way, more truth in posts is (usually) a good thing.

    As for bra size, I don’t know. I’ve just stopped feeding my baby and haven’t had time to venture out for new bras. So, ‘ridiculously large’ will have to suffice.

  8. tysdaddy

    Every day?! There is no way. Unlike a previous commenter, I often write about me and mine, and we’re just that boring.

    I applaud your efforts, my friend.

    And for what it’s worth . . . I wear a size L shirt and 34×30 pants.

  9. Caitlin

    Neil, I believe in you. 36C.

  10. Finn


  11. Memarie Lane

    you’ve been watching glee haven’t you?

    i already told you mine. now what’s your penis size?

  12. Gwen

    You only missed 2 days? I’m impressed. I think what constitutes a not great post is in the eye of the beholder anyway. Are all the consolation bra sizes working?

  13. Neil

    Memarie – No, haven’t seen Glee yet. Is there something about bra sizes there?

    And if you want to know, blog every day for two months.

  14. Jack

    I am an advocate of blogging every day. It is a great way to practice writing. You may not produce Catcher in the Rye each time but you’ll come up with some pretty good stuff.

    Then again I may not be the person to listen to as I put out double the content of the average blogger.

  15. Danny

    All you were getting was the bra size? I thought you were at least getting a photo of the blogger in her brassiere…

  16. sizzle

    I’d tell you my bra size but I don’t want to alarm you. Let’s just say it’s bigger than 34B.

    Journey is AWESOME.

  17. Corina

    We all get discouraged and blech and want to throw in the towel from time to time. It is the catharsis that comes from the writing that draws me back, whether good writing or pure crap. Keep on writing, Neil. We will keep on reading.

    Oh, and I don’t go there. I leave your imagination speak for itself.

  18. Walter

    It’s all about finding what works for you. We learn thing as we go on and making some bad stuffs is part of the learning process. 🙂

  19. Annie

    I think even trying to blog everyday is insane. I could never do it.

  20. Artful Kisser

    34GG. Yeah, not really. I just think the idea of saying “I’ve got a pair of G’s” sounds pretty cool and yet, I’m sure the reality is oh so painful.

  21. Denise

    Congrats on making it through Neil. I find I have a lot in common with a lot of your readers, I’ll leave it at that.

  22. threeboys1mommy

    Chin up! You’re worst is still better than most bloggers best. E for effort.

  23. teahouseblossom

    Neil, congratulations on a fantastic triumph. You blogged almost every day in September, and you were your typical thoughtful, creative and outstanding self. I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

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