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Don’t Stop Believing

It is Midnight, the last day of September. My September journey is over. In the beginning of the month, I agreed to blog every day of September, and if I did, a certain female blogger would tell me her bra size. It was a noble cause and I fought hard till the very end.

One of the things I learned on this blogging journey is that you end up writing a lot of bad stuff when you blog every day. But I also learned something else. There is a truth to these bad posts that you don’t always find in polished work. Most of us are filled with anxiety and fear. And this sneaks out, like a sly fox, when we least expect it.

Unfortunately, my journey this month was not a success. I missed two days this month, where I didn’t write. I didn’t know this until I glanced at my archives. I’m not sure how this happened. I screwed up. I will never find out this blogger’s bra size.

But maybe it is better. Lately, I have been feeling down about blogging. But with the Holy Grail still out there, calling my name, I must continue, like the Knight who vowed his unrequited love to Guinevere.

“Don’t Stop Believing,” she says to her loyal Knight.

The Journey remains. Just not every day, cause blogging seven days a week really sucks.

90 Million Women Wear Wrong Size Bra


For years, men have wondered why women are so overly-emotional, crying if they don’t get a phone call right after a date or if they don’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Now the answer is finally revealed — they wear the wrong bra size

According to a national fit study by Wacoal, a bra company, eight out of ten women in the U.S. — or nearly 90 million women over the age of 18 — are wearing the wrong size bra. The Wacoal study, conducted among 750 women, also reveals that the most common mistake made by women is wearing a bra in which the band is too big and the cups too small, with an estimated 35 million women making this mistake alone.

Liz Smith, director of retail service for Wacoal suggests a bra fitting. She notes that:

"A professional bra fitting done by a trained fitter can be a fun and informative experience."

Men, do the women in your life a favor.  Tell them today that their bra doesn’t fit right.  They’ll love you for it.

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