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Happiness Project, Day 2: Developing a Facebook Application



  1. Don’t you think we need to be “friends” first?

  2. Are you going to use “left-hand navigation” to get in her “box”?

  3. suddenly, “place a box in my profile” sounds so seedy.

  4. Wow virtual breast are perky!

  5. You absolutely know that those Facebook applications slow your machine down drastically, don’t you?

  6. Well, I would hope you’d know who it is before the groping ensues!

  7. Wait, that’s not already an application?

  8. I really shouldn’t be reading blogs at work! I almost turned myself inside out trying not to explode with laughter when I saw this!!

  9. When will this be available?

  10. Non-Highlighted Heather

    February 29, 2008 at 6:46 am

    When I sent you that picture of my rack I thought it was with the understanding it was meant for your eyes only.

  11. Your happiness project is so much more entertaining than mine.

  12. All headless boobs should be suspect.

  13. Oh how you tempt me to come back to Facebook ;).

  14. Hahahahahaha! Keep dreaming.

  15. see it would take two boxes that size to fit my boobs in the picture.

    rookies. :giggles:

  16. does the song “can’t you see me knocking” by the rolling stones accompany the application?

    this site is all about t&a and penises these days. as it should be.

  17. I totally want that application. When does it go live?

  18. At least sexual frustration fuels your creativity.

  19. See Melaine’s post, same goes for me :-).
    You make me laugh neil, you are the best!

  20. Am I the only person left resisting both Facebook and My Space? I flat out refuse to start doing all that. Just like I refuse to read Harry Potter books and just like I refuse to give back the comfortable sweatpants that came up in my laundry last weekend. Neil, if I can have that widget without a facebook account, let me know. You haven’t felt me up in weeks.

  21. I bet you $5 this is already there.

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