Happiness Project, Day 2: Developing a Facebook Application


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25 Responses to Happiness Project, Day 2: Developing a Facebook Application

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  2. Pingback: Facebook » Happiness Project, Day 2: Developing a Facebook Application

  3. Diane Mandy says:

    Don’t you think we need to be “friends” first?

  4. V-Grrrl says:

    Are you going to use “left-hand navigation” to get in her “box”?

  5. ingrid says:

    suddenly, “place a box in my profile” sounds so seedy.

  6. Nat says:

    Wow virtual breast are perky!

  7. witchypoo says:

    You absolutely know that those Facebook applications slow your machine down drastically, don’t you?

  8. Bre says:

    Well, I would hope you’d know who it is before the groping ensues!

  9. Wait, that’s not already an application?

  10. Penelope says:

    I really shouldn’t be reading blogs at work! I almost turned myself inside out trying not to explode with laughter when I saw this!!

  11. Finn says:

    When will this be available?

  12. Non-Highlighted Heather says:

    When I sent you that picture of my rack I thought it was with the understanding it was meant for your eyes only.

  13. Your happiness project is so much more entertaining than mine.

  14. Marge says:

    All headless boobs should be suspect.

  15. Hilly says:

    Oh how you tempt me to come back to Facebook ;).

  16. Hahahahahaha! Keep dreaming.

  17. melanie says:

    see it would take two boxes that size to fit my boobs in the picture.

    rookies. :giggles:

  18. bookfraud says:

    does the song “can’t you see me knocking” by the rolling stones accompany the application?

    this site is all about t&a and penises these days. as it should be.

  19. LVGurl says:

    I totally want that application. When does it go live?

  20. Stacey says:

    At least sexual frustration fuels your creativity.

  21. Annie says:

    See Melaine’s post, same goes for me :-).
    You make me laugh neil, you are the best!

  22. Nina says:

    Am I the only person left resisting both Facebook and My Space? I flat out refuse to start doing all that. Just like I refuse to read Harry Potter books and just like I refuse to give back the comfortable sweatpants that came up in my laundry last weekend. Neil, if I can have that widget without a facebook account, let me know. You haven’t felt me up in weeks.

  23. I bet you $5 this is already there.

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