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Have it Your Way


Add the Mayo
Add the Cheese
Have it Your Way
Pretty Please

“Mommy, Mommy,”
Kids Do Sing
“I Want Me
Some Burger King”

“No, No, No
That Food is Bad”

“But Didn’t I See it
On Your Ad?”

Are you sure mothers using BlogHer ads want to be advertising Burger King value meals to other busy mothers in their sidebars?   Frankly, I like Burger King Whoppers, much more than Big Macs, but I don’t have a childhood obesity problem — only high cholesterol.   At least In-N-Out gives me some old-time religion with my burger!   Burger King doesn’t even get the good movie tie-ins.


  1. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    I understand what you are saying, but with my Burger King ad I can afford to buy organic vegetables for the kids and good beer for myself.

  2. Neil

    Your kids eat organic vegetables? Don’t they make Spaghetti-O’s anymore? Did you see Jerry Seinfeld’s wife on Oprah this week selling some book of recipes of sweets using pureed vegetables so her kids would eat their vegetables, under the impression that they were fun? Those kids are gonna be f**ked up. I say the mother should say, “Eat your broccoli or else,” like in the old days.

    You think she would have been on Oprah if she wasn’t Jerry Seinfeld’s wife? I doubt it.

  3. melanie

    mmmmm burgers. I like burger king whoppers? but that smokey flavor kind of makes me queezy.

    My kid wont eat veggies at all. darn it. I give him eggrolls for veggies. and beans in his tacos. Thats it.

  4. Miguelina

    I wrote a post about karma for moms who judge each other. I mentioned how I fed my child McDs out of desperation (me! McDs!) without knowing that I was running BK ads.

    So yeah. Karma, you bitch.

  5. LVGurl

    I haven’t seen that one run yet! Funny! I especially liked the “Embryo Culture” ads that were running a couple months ago. Lovely.

  6. teahouseblossom

    I LOVE In ‘n Out but those zealots have never thought it necessary to expand to the East Coast.

    I actually do enjoy Burger King. Mmm..chicken sandwich.

  7. Neil

    My god, what type of lowbrow readership do I have — everyone loves Burger King?! You see, the ads are working. We have become brainwashed.

  8. steppingoverthejunk

    My uncle used to own about 4 Burger Kings in your neck of the woods…some on the beach…BUT I LOOOOOVE In-n-Out…I go straight there when I land in Los Angeles.

  9. By Jane

    Booger King is royalty!

  10. Los Angelista

    I haven’t been to a Burger King since the one in Evanston, IL demanded I bag my own food. It was their policy, but still, how wack!

  11. 180/360

    I DON’T like the BK lounge and I DON’T let my kids eat there. We do frequent In ‘N Out though, and I have now taken notice of Revelations advertised on my burger wrappers. Thanks, Neil!

    I just can’t add the ads.

  12. gorillabuns

    we live in the sticks. we eat crap. i also, don’t pay attention to the ads.

  13. sasy

    I admit it Neil, I’m lowbrow too. I can have some of the workd’s finest cuisine whenever I want, but am so so sad we do not have Whoppers here in France. Extra pickles and mustard please.

  14. Introspectre

    As a BlogHer myself, I’m revolted.

    What a total sell out. Who came up with that shittastic idea?

    To hell with them. I’m out, yo.

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