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I Can’t Wait For the Weekend to Begin!

Have a fun weekend!


Secret Agent Josephine‘s dog goes on the wall next to the artwork by Margaret and Stepping Over Junk, and others — and the photos by Finn and Ms. Mamma. Thanks, Paris Parfait, for that cool old French postcard! Sophia and I loved it.

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  1. Finn

    I love that picture! Enjoy it.

  2. Annie

    How come there is no signature on that art piece?

    The video is hilarious.

  3. Neil

    Annie — Right? I’ve already complained to SAJ. She already promised to write something special to me on the back!

  4. LVGurl

    Ah, I see you made to the Surf Dog to pick up your print! Nice selection, by the way!

    I must go now, and try to stop “Ahhh, cant wai for dee weeeken to beegeen!” from playing over and over in my head…

  5. wendy

    I”d be careful Neil…those girls look under age to me…..

    Why did it kinda creep me out??

    Ah weekend has already begun..if ya know what I mean….

    I think I need a nap….

  6. Neil

    Wendy — eh, they’re just kids. But I love their beautiful voices!

  7. steppingoverthejunk

    I love that dog, SO cool. And LOVE that you have my print hung there somewhere! Oh my, I just love you!

  8. Tuck

    So, exactly what accent was that? Ikea?

  9. Sassy

    Neil, are you dropping hints so that we’ll all mail you artwork? If you like, I draw a mean piggie.

  10. Neil

    Wait for my next birthday, Sassy. And how mean will this piggie be?

  11. Bre

    Haha – what search terms did you use to find THAT one?! 🙂

  12. Neil

    The weekend’s over already?

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