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Oral Fixation



HOTDAVE23:  Mmmm… U R HOT… cough…  What are U… cough cough… wearing now?

2SEXYJUDY:  Just my… cough cough… sexiest… cough cough… THONG…

HOTDAVE23:  Wow…cough… R U as… cough .. TURNED ON as… cough…  I am?

2SEXYJUDY:  U make me so… cough cough… WET.   I want your BIG… cough… HARD… cough… whoops, I dropped the.. cough… damn… cough… ashtray into my… cough cough… daughter's crib… BRB

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  1. Hmmmm. I don’t recall ever coughing, or at least not that much.

  2. LOL! I love this! Where do you get the inspiration from!?


  3. I dunno about the oral fixation. I am fixated on the pic. I need to get out more.

  4. *cough* that was funny.

  5. I think I need a ciggie after this!

  6. I’m imagining a wheeze and an inhaler in there somehwere… oops that’s dating for old smokers.

    You’re too funny!

  7. Yuck. For several reasons.

  8. How can she smoke and stand in those heels?

  9. And if a couple meets on, date for a while, then break up, do they ever try to “patch” things up?

  10. Aren’t you supposed to smoke AFTER the deed?

  11. You’re a Cancer?! Wow! Me too!

    Hello, Neil.

  12. hey scott why do u write “hello neil” at the end of every comment? just wondering lol.

  13. They think it’s a tumor, Disillusive.

  14. So glad I quit smoking years ago. Couldn’t imagine kissing a smoker – icky.

  15. ROFLMAO!!! Damn, I have to quit smoking!
    *giggling* Where DO you come up with this stuff?!


  16. Note to readers: This piece is written for the American market, which is vehemently anti-smoking, so much so that you can’t smoke anymore on many California beaches! This is not intended as a commentary against my kind-hearted European, Asian, and Israeli readers who still enjoy the art of smoking a cigarette. When you smoke, it is still very sexy. Cough.

  17. Little is sexier than a man with a great big oxygen bottle…

  18. yeah, yeah, yeah…

    i got my smoking donkey today.

    guess i’m not quitting anytime soon.

  19. I think I went out with her once.

  20. Do you think she had one of those holes in her throat? I think that’s the nastiest image: smoking out of one of those. UGH! I must go vomit now.

  21. so you call yourself hotdave23?

  22. Neil, have you been hiding behind my curtains 2 weeks ago, during a friendly visit by a mutual acquaintance/blogger?

  23. never smoked and after seeing that pic, i’m not about too, a little too “hot” for me.

  24. I wonder if this post would be as charming if it were

    Just a thought.

    Nicotine Kisses.

  25. If there is anything sexy about that babe – I truly can’t find it, even though she’s got all the trappings. And if she’s a man’s fantasy, yikes, I’ll never ever meet that standard (I bet she doesn’t have a PhD! Ok – maybe she does. Bitch!)

    If I were 100% assured that smoking is not bad for you, I would go out right now and buy a pack of cigarettes – and there’s nothing better than those French cigarettes, I guarantee you! But I gave it up for good a while back, and I’m not about to start again.

  26. Hi Neil!!!

    I quit last year and I think I’m enjoying life more!

  27. It’s just like licking an ashtray.

    As they say…

  28. Cough. Anyone see that flick “Thank you for Smoking?”

    I haven’t either.


  29. Ashtray in my daughters crib…Oh.Dear.Lord.

  30. Oh my! I’m so glad I don’t smoke any more!


  31. smoking sucks (well tobacco, at least)

    i remember in college hooking up with smokers, freaking gross tasting

    i love these no smoking indoors laws

  32. I forgot what I was going to say because I’m too busy smoking.

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