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Wild and Crazy Dating Stories

Conversation with my friend Craig, who I met in the street. “Hey, Neil. How’s the online dating life?” “It’s good. I’ve met some interesting women.” “It must be wild. I’ve been reading the articles in the New York Times about … Continue reading

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Dating Advice

Female friend on dating: “Think about her. What can you offer her? If she is a single mother, her children will come first. Can you be a good father figure? A role model? Can she look up to you as … Continue reading

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The Importance of Sentence Structure in the “Date Question”

In some ways, I know less about “dating” now than I did in high school.  I never dated in high school, so obviously, being young and stupid, I naturally assumed I understood it all.  Now, after years of experience going … Continue reading

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Two Thoughts About Women

1. Yesterday, I chatted with a guy on Facebook.  He was someone I didn’t know, but he seemed to know me.  He noticed that we had befriended many of the same bloggers. “A lot of married women, right?!”  he joked. … Continue reading

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Age of Love

“Does age matter in love? Hi, welcome to NBC’s summer show Age of Love. I’m your host, Mark Conseulos. You may remember me as the hunky but safe Latino hearthrob, Mateo Santos, from “All My Children,” until I left the … Continue reading

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Rich Man, Hot Babe

I’ve never done speed dating before, but I know I would be good at it. I’m an immensely interesting person for one minute, and then I become a total bore, so with speed dating, I could capture a woman’s attention … Continue reading

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The Blogosphere’s Valentine’s Day Emergency Hotline

(photo by sudergal, on flickr) The Valentine’s Day Emergency Hotline at mister_valentinesday (Yahoo IM) Are you alone on Valentine’s Day? Is the only Valentine’s Day Card you received the one from the supermarket with a discount coupon for Dannon Yogurt? … Continue reading

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“But Are We Compatible?”

I know how much you’ve enjoyed me turning my blog into a promotional tool. Unfortunately, this is the last day of the bidding, so next week I will back writing about the usual important issues that I normally blog about. … Continue reading

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Stuff Dudes Don’t Want to Know About Women

For the second day in a row, women complained to me via email about how I objectified Sophia in her photo when she is sick with the flu. The truth is that no man wants to see a girl looking … Continue reading

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Neil’s Penis’s Dating Rules for Men

Hello, I’m Neil’s Penis. Today I’ll be guest-blogging on “Citizen of the Month” because Neil is in the corner crying like a little wimp over Sophia. I have no idea why God punished me by attaching me to such a … Continue reading

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