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CES: Day Two

In a desperate publicity stunt to take attention away from Google, Yahoo!’s Yodelimo will drive you five feet from the monorail to the convention center entrance.

After we heard some Microsoft presenter talk and talk about technology advancing "productivity,"  we noticed that most of the crowd gathered around the X-Box games.

At CES, the world is already Asian.

My favorite booth at CES — cutesy TVs by Hannspree.

At last! We found Moxi and Sophia promptly told them what she thought about their shitty DVR interface.  I couldn’t believe it, but they actually took notes!

Sony’s AIBO robotic dog costs $3000 and has "blog capability."  I’ve already put him on my blogroll.

The one question that stuck in my mind throughout the event:  Is Yanni really any better in Hi-Def and Surround Sound?


Polk Audio’s new line of speakers offer amazing clarity and sound.  You won’t believe the power of the highs, mids, and bass coming from this attractive set… uh, excuse me, this photo is from the wrong Las Vegas convention.   She belongs in the Adult Video Expo across the hall…


  1. Jacynth

    Do you think the Sony dog will write a better blog than me?

  2. Spirit Of Owl

    That is a suitably surreal set of pictures. I am now going to reset my equilibrium by drying a sock with a mangle for an hour.

  3. anne arkham

    Get to the porn already.

  4. Melissa

    I want to see a picture of the orange bag. I also want one of those apple tvs for my kitchen.

    WTG Sophia!

    I think I may be developing a crush on Anne… I like her priorities.

  5. bella

    A robotic dog that can blog? what does he write about? “Ran in a circle today. Sniffed another dog butt. Peed on a tree.”

  6. Leesa

    I want AIBO! I wouldn’t mind the net shirt either 🙂

  7. Bill

    A blogging robotic dog has a kind of gimmick appeal but I think the marketing guys are missing the key features: it don’t shed and it don’t shit.

    That should drive sales through the roof.

  8. mrsmogul

    I have that exact same outfit at home!

  9. anne

    Are the Moxi people going to send you a prototype, Sophia?

  10. schuey

    can you tell me more about the Adult video Expo ?

  11. akaky

    Neil, can the gizmos and put up more porn babes! WooHoo!!!

  12. communicatrix

    Neil, I think you’ve found your niche. You go to conventions that have little to nothing to do with your life, and photoblog from them.

    Now PLEASE, would you and Sophia get your asses over the porn convention?!?

  13. ms. sizzle

    Yanni is only good with the sound off.

  14. Carly

    I’m so glad I’m not there this year. Too much madness all at once. It’s nice to experience it vicariously.

  15. Edgy Mama

    Yes, more from the Adult expo, please.

  16. LisaBinDaCity

    Never a dull moment in Neilochka land 😉

  17. Lynn

    So, given the last photo, did you feel overdressed?

  18. better safe than sorry

    i think you should get one of those fishnet outfits for yourself.

  19. claire

    I’m glad you had better luck on day 2. Large crowds are a nuisance, but free schwag is always fun. Good luck finding your tote bag!

  20. Pearl

    Maybe the “mesh madame” wants to make the acquaintance of your little kilt, Neil!

  21. Bill

    I just noticed … the fishnet woman? There’s a guy to her right who seems more interested in her feet.

    Personally, were it me, that would not be the focus of my attention. Is he a shoe salesman?

  22. Mik

    There’s a guy by her feet?

    I think I’d rather a dog that sheds and shits than blogs better than I do!


  23. Sandra

    I’m feeling rather un-hip, not being there. Even E! said that “everyone who’s anyone” was there…which makes me?

    (cries into soup)

  24. darlin nikki

    Yee-ah Sophia, tell those nincompoops! I’m headin to MacExpo later this week and could only hope to see some meshed skin. Maybe the beers won’t be so ‘spensive and there’ll be more free stuffs. Enjoy the pretty Vegas lights Neil!

  25. helen

    Just out of curiosity, why aren’t you blogging about the Adult Video Expo across the hall…??

    She looks way cuter than Aibo.

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