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Twenty one year old college student Courtney Van Dunk from New Jersey closed on an eBay auction yesterday that promised to place a sponsors temporary tattoos on her abdomen while she’s out and about strutting her hotness for drooling by passers to ogle. While the $11,300 offer was retracted and her site pulled by eBay because she linked to other sites featuring her, Van Dunk says the offer is still open and has placed another auction on eBay.

Didn’t I make a joke about someone doing this just two weeks ago, never imagining that anyone would actually do it?   Darn!  I should have gotten a copyright on the concept. 

(Ms. Van Dunk on Ebay)

(my original concept on imaginary

Is it just the approaching summer, or do I seem to be finding excuses for doing stories about women in bikinis?

UPDATE JUly 3, 2005 —

Of course, it was inevitable that some woman would raise the stakes by tattooing the name of a gambling site on her forehead for $10,000.