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He Wasn’t a Tiger-Cat!


Look, it’s one thing if, while IM-ing with a female blogger, I tell her that “if we hook up, I’ll make love to you like no man has ever made love to you before.”  She’ll understand that I’m blowing some smoke in her face, being a typical man who just wants a piece of ass.

It’s another thing when you’re Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, currently running for State Attorney General, and telling voters that you won a football scholarship to Harvard University, and also received an Academic All-American award there.

But now that the local media investigated his background, it appears that he never received an athletic scholarship from Harvard.  He got financial aid. 

“The Ivy League does not permit” athletic scholarships, said Robert Mitchell, a Harvard spokesman.

As for the All-American honor, Delgadillo actually got only an honorable mention for the award.

City attorney spokesman Jonathan Diamond said the words “honorable mention” inadvertently were left off Delgadillo’s city Web site.

Delgadilllo also has claimed a brief stint as a professional football player with a Candadian team, but even this is cloudy.

Delgadillo signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League and reported to training camp but was cut before he could play, Brad Blank, a sports agent who represented Delgadillo, told the Times.

“He never played for the team, never claimed to. That was the extent of his stint as a professional football player, and he has never claimed otherwise,” said Roger Salazar, Delgadillo’s campaign spokesman.

Team spokesman Rom Halverson said he could find no record of Delgadillo being signed to play for the team and added, “if he didn’t play, he wasn’t a Tiger-Cat.”

Did I already mention that this man is running for State Attorney General?

I just sent him off this angry email:

Dear Mr. Delgadillo,

What kind of message do all these “white lies” send to our youth?  What message does this send me, a tax-paying citizen rewriting my resume for the fifth time before I mail it to someone at Warner Brothers?


Neil Kramer
2006 – Editor-in-Chief of Internationally-Read Online Publication

Responsibilities include — content management, web design and template development, customer service, marketing, search engine optimization, social networking, photography, research, editing, audio production, visual conception, statistical interpretation, and scheduling. 

Hey, I’m not lying, am I?

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  1. jackt

    I don’t get it. Why do these guys do stuff like this? They gotta know that someone’s gonna check. Seems dumb. Maybe politicians are.

  2. jules

    You forgot to mention other responsibilities: public relations, educating the masses, and since the work out buddy post, motivational speaking (writing)
    How was your work out today?


  3. Neil

    I won’t lie to you, Jules. I didn’t end up going today. Tomorrow. And I will go. I promise. I don’t want to give any money to some damn charity.

  4. Pearl

    Okay, Mr. Editor-in-Chief, you should also be signing off as a recipient of many a Citizen of the Month award, should you not?

  5. Dagny

    First of all, I am with Jack. Don’t these guys know how easy it is to check this kind of stuff these days?

    Secondly, I don’t believe that you will make it to the gym. I think you are just trying to manipulate your readers for your own entertainment the same way that I do to guys in bars.

  6. Non-highlighted Heather

    I’ve got one word for you. Candadian.

  7. DebR

    I especially love the way he figures going to training camp and being cut before he could play makes him a former professional football player. So does that make everyone who ever washed out of boot camp a former Secretary of Defense?

  8. Neil

    Heather, I’m giving you an honorary spot on the blogroll which links to nowhere.

  9. anne arkham

    That’s why I got turned down for that job. I should have put ‘Professional Football Player’ on my resume.

  10. Fitèna

    Politicians are either stupid or stupid. This makes me think of this show where a 6 year old was asked what he thought of politicians: “They lie to make you chose them” he wisely said then added “because if they don’t lie, you won’t chose them.”

  11. jenni

    Wait, Harvard has a football team? Huh.

  12. AWE

    Did anyone check to see if he is really an attorney?

    You forgot your other jobs that include vocalist, psychologist, and underwear model.

  13. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T )

    I think your resume responsibilities sound great Neil! I don’t see where there is even a “white lie” there. I’m sure if they ask, you’ll tell them it’s a blog. Where’s the harm in this?


  14. justrun

    Do they really think no one is going to check? He shouldn’t be elected because he’s stupid, not because he has no credentials.

  15. scott

    He looks like Adam Carolla all cleaned up to go to court.

    Hello, Neil.

  16. Party Girl

    Hey, you’re the boss and what you say, goes!

  17. M.A.

    Wow. Never lie. It comes back to get you, doesn’t it?

  18. Margaret

    I love a creative story teller, but the little white lies don’t do much for me. Bigger is better.

  19. wordgirl

    Sure…politicians are stupid. Just not as stupid as they assume we are. Which is why they think they can get away with crap like this.

  20. Tatyana

    Visual conception? Is that a next-generation conception, after the immaculate one?

  21. better safe than sorry


  22. Bre

    Wow. That’s… quite sad actually. I mean imagine how pathetic you are if you have to invent acomplishments

  23. Kevin

    A man committed to uncovering the truth cannot find it in his own life? Aye aye aye. Be afraid.

  24. cruisin-mom

    should someone named “ROCKY” really be our state attorney general?

  25. ms. sizzle

    and i wonder why we don’t trust politicians. i swear, even if one was telling the truth, i’d question it. it’s totally sad.

  26. mysterygirl!

    Ah, doesn’t everyone know that guy? At the bar he can’t stop talking about his beach house and his Ferrari, the latter of which is, uh, in the shop, and can he just get a ride home?

    Just as pathetic.

  27. Monick

    I wish these guys understood how impressive unimpeachable honesty is in a person.

  28. Mari

    politicians! bah! xxx mari

  29. ACG

    if we hook up, I’ll make love to you like no man has ever made love to you before

    I would bet cash money you have a style all your own!

  30. Danny

    Years ago I was on a committee with Rocky and even back then I remember thinking, “Wow, what a textboook politician–he will run for mayor some day!” But he should fire his PR person for allowing that photo of him to get out–it could be used in the encyclopedia entry for “sleazy politician.”

  31. Neil

    That is his official photo from his website, Rocky2006! He might be a great candidate, for all I know. I mean there are a couple of cool photos of on the site of him digging dirt for some senior center, hanging out with some reformed gang kids, and making a speech to an adoring crowd. So, he must be doing SOMETHING right.

    (no photos of him, the city attorney, ever in court, though?)

  32. Miss Golondon

    maybe he was a Li-Ger instead? but that no scholarship thing is weird, b/c i swear my cousin is going to Princeton to play ball and got a “scholarship”. ooh, i want to go start a family scandal!

  33. sara lee

    That picture is soooo bad! but I do like that he is proudly showing his wedding ring…cause Rocky is clearly not going to try and mess around! 😉

  34. schrodinger

    I’m stealing your resume idea and mailing it to WB first. nanny nanny.

  35. bettyonthebeach

    What a self-aggrandizing retard…did he not think people would be looking into his records?

  36. claire

    Sounds like he’s in that 10-50% (depending where you get your stats) of people who lie or embellish their resumes. Chances are he’s always done this. You’d think he would’ve known better when running for a public office though.

  37. ACG

    it’s not like this is new… hell its barely news.
    look at fry… ‘let me write a biography and i’ll just fudge a little… including the passage where i describe my girl friend’s suicide attempt… she won’t notice that it is completely inaccuate.’

  38. Heather B.

    Politicians are stuuuuupid. Take my word for it, I live by 200 of them and everyday I shake my head and wonder why their parents dropped them on their heads so frequently.

  39. Tanya

    Any moron knows Ivy League schools don’t give athletic scholarships. It’s how they keep the brown people out.

  40. Alexandra

    Waiting for the gym update! So did you join? I have a charity called Frequent Flyer Miles for Alexandra to go to Italy that you can donate to if you haven’t yet joined. do let me know!

  41. eeekat

    Harvard Schmarvard…

  42. Brooke

    He has creep written all over him.

  43. Fitèna

    BTW, he looks constipated. Or maybe he’s suffering from ulcer or some gastric ail. That pic on his site? He would fire his agent if he were smart which he isn’t.


  44. kimananda

    Hmmm…I’m in the process of rewriting my resume, and may need to borrow some of these terms for my, erm, publishing/journalism experience. Thanks!

  45. Painterbeachgirl

    he reminds me (just his photo) of that toothy “Loveline” guy. Adam “something”. I new a girl who was married to a guy who faked all his past jobs, his degree in college…all he had was some sort of technical degree for being an electrician. She disovered he was a full blown lier and divorced him and all I kept thinking was “and you didnt question his big wig (false) credentials while he was working at a skating rink all this time?”

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