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Briefs or Boxers?


I have worn the same basic white underwear for most of my life:  white Fruit of the Loom or Hanes briefs that I buy in a three-pack at Target.    Sometimes, I might throw in some color, but not very often.

I never gave much thought to my underwear.  I know my father always wore boxers, but I always assumed that those were “old man” type underwear.  I figured that men’s underwear was mostly a practical piece of clothing, mostly to prevent your dick from getting caught in the zipper.

But lately, I’ve been noticing that my style briefs have a bad reputation, something that I had no idea about.

I recently saw an online quiz which revealed “What Your Skivvies Say About You.”  My standard underwear got very poor reviews.

A Man who is wearing Tighty-Whities is telling the world: As far as maturity and mental development go, I peaked in the second grade. My idea of accomplishment is winning an internet flamewar. I can’t cook, and there’s a good chance my mother still does my laundry. Also, I couldn’t get laid if I walked into a whorehouse wrapped in treasury bills.

Wow!  I”m a walking fashion emergency.  And are they really known as “tighty-whites?”  How embarrassing!

Another online quiz asks —What kind of underwear do you wear?

Only 9% say they wear briefs.  9%!

That can’t be true.  Who buys all those 3-packs at Target?

Just what I need.  More things to angst over.  Work.  Relationships.  Health.   Now — my underwear.

So, dear readers, I need your advice.  in order to perfect my Neilochka makeover, do I really need to throw out all my “tighty-whites?”

When I take off my pants — is this what a woman really wants to see on a sophisticated, well-dressed man?



  1. Melissa

    No, but I’d have to ask if you always wore girl’s underoos.

    I’m a boxers or boxer briefs kind of girl. Leave a little to my imagination – I have an incredible imagination.

  2. The Retropolitan

    If I knew you were wearing underwear like that, I would think, “Hey, I thought I was the only one.”

    As for the boxer/briefs question: go for boxers. They’re much more comfortable, in my opinion.

  3. Neil

    As an experiment, I put on an old pair of boxers — and I put them on under my jeans. But they get all crunched up when you wear jeans — which I wear a lot. What is a man to do?

  4. Kevin

    I have one problem here. You say that this is the “last step.” Well, Neil, that’s your first misstep. If you don’t change your habits and make this your “first step,” you’ll eventually show up at work looking like the little receptionist lady in Splash who wears her bra on the outside of her clothing. Better get cracking!

    For me, I say go with the best of both worlds… boxer briefs. That’s what I do now that my wife (at the time, girlfriend) weened my off tight whities. Yes, they do call them by that name.

  5. better safe than sorry

    i love those boxers, you’ve got the abs for them, right?
    both my husband and 14 year old son wear boxers. my son loves the ones from american eagle (can i say a brand name here?), they have funky colours and themes throughout the year. my husband is happy with whatever i buy and wash for him.

  6. Sandra

    I’d vote boxers or boxer-briefs…but if you have trouble making the transition, boxer-briefs would probably be the best gateway underwear.

    On the other hand, if you love tighty-whiteys most, maybe you own that distinction with pride…?

  7. Hope

    To be honest, Neil, I’ve never been with a guy who wore briefs, but I think boxer-briefs are HOT. Maybe if your boxers are getting scrunched up in your jeans it’s because your jeans are too tight. I say try boxer-briefs. It won’t be a hard transition.

  8. communicatrix

    I cannot keep my hands off The BF when he’s wearing those mid-thigh length Calvin Klein boxer briefs with the band at the leg. Can. Not.

    Yeah, they cost more, but Macy’s has sales.

    Seriously, dude. Action city. No lie. Tighty-whiteys? Shudder…

  9. Neil

    Sophia must be very forgiving. She never has mentioned this to me ONCE. I honestly thought most men wear these type of underwear. I never even gave it a second thought. I don’t think I have ever even heard the term boxer-briefs before this week.

    Now, is the white socks and black dress shoes also a no-no?

    (Note to friend Rob — are you reading this? Has your wife ever brought this up to you?)

  10. Alecia

    I do have to agree that as a woman, I wear the sexier underwear more for myself than the guy looking at me. Not that it hurts when he so obviously appreciates it, but it really does make me feel sexier. And it’s just damn pretty. A suggestion for you however, I really feel that boxer-briefs or boxers are the way to go. It’s hard for me to look at a man in the tighties and think anything positive. It’s perhaps shallow and rude, but I can’t help what I’m not attracted to. Cheers!

  11. Neil

    Alecia — Maybe I’m finally understanding all those short guys who were complaining about being passed over because of their height. Are you actually saying that if you saw that I was wearing Fruit of the Loom white underwear that it would give you a negative vibe? As if I had my nipples pierced or something?

  12. Denise

    Tighty whities are just so wrong after high school – ew! Boxer briefs or boxers but not satin because that just screams “porn star wannabe”.

    (Yikes, I don’t think I’d want to know what my readers thought of my undergarment choices, so you’re very brave.)

  13. Trix

    My vote: Go commando.

  14. Danny

    This baffles me too. I have only worn briefs (with the occasional boxer brief) and I don’t get why *some* women (happily not my wife) find them so distasteful. What’s the REASON, ladies? Why are boxers more appealing? I just don’t get it. I also have the same worry that boxers will bunch up and be uncomfortable. But to be honest, I think I wear white briefs simply because that’s what my mother first put on me in the early 60s and it never occurred to me to change. I guess I’ll have to be a fellow contestant on “Extreme Makeover: Bloggers Edition.”

  15. Nance

    My husband is a fan of boxer briefs; my teenaged sons like boxers. The bunching-up is not an issue for the sons because they wear their jeans fashionably baggy. But I will say that there hasn’t been a pair of *white* undies for a male around here in ages. Embrace color, Neil, regardless of whatever style you ultimately choose!

  16. Dave2

    I used to enjoy the comfort and support of briefs, but was viciously shamed into switching to boxers by an ex-girlfriend who found my tighty-whiteys to be hysterical (not much of a confidence booster).

    Since then, I’ve become accustomed to boxers and find them very comfortable… even in jeans. Something about “huddled masses yearning to be free”… or something like that.

  17. claire

    Tighty-whiteys are just goofy looking to me, and I personally hate wearing white for just about any piece of clothing. I get tremendously annoyed when the only pack of underwear that has cool colors insists on having one white pair as well.

    Go boxer briefs!

  18. AWE

    If you wear those don’t tell. Please don’t tell.

    Go with the boxer brief option.

    Watch wearing boxers, a medical friend of mine told me that it could hurt the boys in the long run because there is no support.

  19. ashbloem

    If I knew you were wearing those, I would wonder why you weren’t also wearing a cape and a mask and calling yourself Captain Neilochka.

  20. Neil

    You ever have the experience of feeling like you’ve been living under a rock? Am I officially a dork by not knowing the expression tighty-whitey? And commando? I’ll assume that is what we used to call “without underwear” in the old country? Never comfortable.

  21. Dagny

    Definitely boxers or boxer briefs. I remember many conversations with girlfriends when we were in college about men and their underwear choices. I seem to remember that the mention tighty-whities (yes, we called them that) always sent into squeals of laughter. Sometimes even tears.

    Oh, and guys have told me that if you want a really sensual experience, go for the silk boxers. Of course wearing them in public could be a bit embarrassing.

  22. Bre

    Ugh. There’s something that I find remarkably un-sexy about tightie-whities, but that’s just my personal preference. If you’re worried about boxers getting scrunched up – go with the boxer-brief – 400 times sexier, but not really scrunch-up-able.

  23. Mine is a Gin

    Definitely boxers or boxer-briefs. Vanishing-R always went commando, which was rather sexy.
    I have lots of gorgeous underwear, which I buy entirely selfishly (sad to say)

  24. Neil

    You might think that all these negative comments about my white underwear has gotten me down, broken my spirit, or made me feel insecure with the ladies. Never. I know women too well. No matter what the crime, there is always a way back into a woman’s heart. That’s why flowers were invented. And look at all the total dorks that have beautiful women at their side. Let me show you how to woo a woman in the bedroom, even in ridiculous underwear.

    Men, take notes as a professional is at work here.

    Scene: Neilochka’s bedroom

    Neil is with some hot brunette he met at Barnes and Noble while he was reading David Sedaris. Neil takes off his pants.

    Girl: Oh my God.

    Neil: Why, thank you.

    Girl: Not that. It’s those tighty-whities. You look like someone whose mother still does his laundry. I’m squealing with laughter. Wait until I tell all my girlfriends about this and we laugh hysterically.

    Neil: I’m hoping you do tell your girlfriends, because I want everyone to hear the message I’m sending. You see, I choose to wear these white underwear because white is the symbol of peace, like the dove. I wear white underwear to remind myself that we have so much further to go in this world. Look what’s going on in the Middle East. One day, I hope to see a world without war or hatred or strife. And we can all live like one people. One day, I know that white dove will fly. But for now, I wear my white underwear as a reminder of this more perfect world. So, tell your friends. Tell everyone!

    Girl: Oh, Neil, I think I’m going to have an orgasm just listening to you. Where have you been all my life? Fuck me right now. And keep those white underwear on.

    • Paul

      Don’t listen to these dolts. Briefs are hot. Boxers are disgusting and the precious boxer-briefs… yawn

  25. Miz Liz

    Definitely go for the boxer briefs Neil. My guy wears them and they’re functional AND sexy. And BTW..not all thongs are uncomfortable. I swear by them!

  26. ChickyBabe

    Neil, you should have come to me first! I did The Research and The Verdict!

  27. modigli

    Neil ~ why not go for the best of both worlds and get some boxer briefs? They look sexy, and they also look quite comfortable!

  28. cherchezlafemme

    Do you actually use our advice? If so I vote for boxer briefs. Tightie-whities and speedoes – not a good look.

  29. Student Nurse

    Personally, I am a fan of boxer-briefs especially in colors.

  30. psychotoddler


  31. Freak Magnet

    Boxer Briefs. It’s the “in” thing now.

    And I say it’s all in how a man wears his undies. I dated a guy who wore tightie whities and he was sexy as all get-out in them.

  32. Spirit Of Owl

    Underwear is a matter of taste. I’m not licking your undies.

  33. jenny

    Boxer-briefs, all the way. But not the kind with a tuxedo on them.

    Or if you could find a pair like the all-American ones, but with the Canadian flag on them instead, I’d be all over that. I loves me some Canadians.

  34. Nicole

    Definitely go with the boxer briefs… so so so sexy!!!

  35. Megan

    First, to start out positively, yay for you for updating your look! I bet you’re super hot now.

    Second, I’ve never met a woman who dug tightie-whities (and yes, we call them that). I also think of these as underwear for either little boys or grandpas. Real men wear boxers or boxer briefs.

    If you show me your new underpants, I might show you something in return…

  36. Postmodern Sass

    Sophia’s never bought you underwear, then, that’s clear. And it was just Valentine’s Day… are you sure she’s not a figment of your imagination?

    Maybe she’s like you. The point is to get the man out of the underwear. Who cares if he’s wearing tighty whiteys?

    OK, I tried to make that sound convincing, but no go.

  37. Needra

    OMG!!! NO NO NO to the tighty-whiteys.

    i love a guy that is commando in button fly jeans. nothing sexier!!!
    but if that is not an option… then boxers.
    but definately no Tighty-whiteys

  38. bella

    aww, geez – mental images I now cannot get out of my head!

  39. Fitèna

    It depends. I think boxers are fashionable nowadays. I hate this fashion. It consists of wearing you pants low. Your briefs gotta show. All the guys I know are weraing Calvin Klein boxers (fake bought by the dozen). And they have this very doubtful color. As long as whatever you wera is clean and you’re comfortable in it….


  40. Cuda

    Brief for outdoor activities
    Boxer for home & bedtime

    Definitely boxer is more appealing

  41. Bill

    I make no recommedations – I speak only for myself. I cannot wear “tighty-whities” for 3 reasons: 1) the term “tighty-whities”; 2) the way I, a skinny man, look in them; 3) perhaps most important – they make my genitals feels as if they’re bound in duct tape.

    I choose boxers. (Years ago I went sans-drawers until, as you mentioned, I actually did get my penis caught in my zipper. Mother of God! THAT is a moment, I’ll tell you.)

  42. Ikea Boy

    Timeless elegance (preferred in grey by guys, don’t ask)

  43. Serena

    Boxers are hot. Of course, whatever makes you feel sexy should be your first choice.

  44. ams

    definately something in a leopard print – to bring out your eyes!

  45. cruisin-mom

    Neil, who cares which underwear you wear. You know what they say…it’s not the type of underwear a man wears that matters…it’s the size.

  46. better safe than sorry

    lol, white socks and dress shoes. my 14 year old son tried to wear that combination for his grade 8 graduation, didn’t work, he didn’t make it past the front door. the things that men need to be taught.

  47. Elisabeth

    “My goal is to get the woman out of her underwear. Why should I care what underwear she’s wearing?”

    Amen, brother! replace “woman” with “man,” “her” with “his” and “she” with “he,” and you’ve got my opinion on that one.

  48. anne arkham

    Boxers or boxer-briefs are cool these days. Tighty-whiteys are now considered old man underwear.

  49. Kestrel

    Wow, those pictures are something else. I’m tempted to buy the tuxedo ones for S just to see the look on his face, lol.

    I’m a boxers girl myself, but I’m not averse to briefs as a rule. I think it depends on the ass inside said boxers or briefs.

  50. Kestrel

    Im trying to think of something to send you for the carnival of the mundane, but my whole blog is so mundane it’s hard to choose, lol.

  51. i ended up here... how?

    i know it’s been said already, but i’m throwing in my .02 for boxer briefs.

    or commando.

    whatever makes you more comfortable 🙂

  52. ms. sizzle

    that whole “picture them in their underwear” bit to make a person less nervous would certainly work if you were wearing that last pair.

    tighty whiteys are indeed what they are called and they aren’t very sexy. you can do better neil. boxer briefs!

  53. Leesa

    Boxer briefs, definitely.

  54. Uncle Miltie

    Hey Neil, Happy Birthday. When I read your blog about boxers, I had to ask, “They’re still selling those things?” I’m too skinny to wear boxers anyhow. I’ve been wearing snazzy bikini briefs (leopard print even) forever, and I bet others in the over 70 group also like them. Jeezz, Neil, you should have talked to me. We could have gone to that place near CBS–where they take the stuff the Loehman’s doesn’t want–and gotten you fixed up even with boxers for less than $14.00 a pair. I can see $3-4 bucks a pair, but $14? No way. Your father must be going crazy! He used to go to sales and buy a whole (nice) suit for $14.00. Oy, now I’m worried you’re turning into an LA yuppie. And for what? For $14.00 you could have gone to Canter’s and had a meal.

  55. Neil

    Uncle Miltie — I don’t want to speak for any of my readers, but I have a feeling they won’t be any kinder to your choice of underwear than they were to mine. I’m not sure anyone over sixty years of age is supposed to be wearing snazzy bikini briefs (leopard print even). In fact, I’m not sure anyone over the age of thirty should wear them, unless maybe you’re a gay Australian body builder.

  56. Leah

    Holy underwear Batman! That shit is terrifying. If a man I was dating took off his pants and had that underwear on, I can pretty much guarantee that he wouldn’t get laid….because I’d be laughing and pointing too hard.

  57. bryan

    So I’m a 15 year-old teenager that is bored at 11:21 at night. I’ve read everyone’s opinions, and have found them to be..interesting.

    I wear boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs. Why? If I’m wearing a suit, then boxers for sure. My pants are thin, and boxers feel amazing. Briefs and boxer-briefs most of the time though. I’m really a big fan of tighty-whities. Yep, I said it. Who cares if someone makes fun of your underwear? If they care so much, then you can make fun of them for being an igorant loser that has nothing better to do than make fun of something carrying little significance. I have no problem wearing tighty-whities in a locker room. If someone is looking, that’s there problem, not mine. If I bend over, and tighty-whities are hanging out, once again, I don’t care. What are they going to do? Make fun of me? Give me a wedgie? Really people, underwear isn’t important. You are a fool if you claim that your underwear is the best without considering the options.

    • anubi

      yes they will give you the wedgie of your life!

  58. Neil

    Bryan — You are one smart 15 year old. Always be yourself! I’ll remember that one.

  59. Bryan

    Thanks Neil, I appreciate it. Underwear isn’t important. It’s like making fun of someone who wears white socks instead of black socks or something to that effect. Wear what’s comforable, not what people say is comfortable, because people have different body types. Life goes on, and unfortunately so will the debate on which is better. Ignorance is bliss 🙂

  60. Ray

    love the patriotic briefs mmm

  61. samuel smith

    It is a well-known fact that common briefs (“tighty-whities”) are a great form of birth control. If a woman didn’t like me for what I wear, then frankly, she can go screw herself.

  62. Phoebe

    I’ve recently had the same conversation with my boyfriend. Tighty-whities are hideous and incredibly unsexy. Especially the cheapo variety, like Fruit of the Loom. It makes me think of little boys and old men, not good looking men I want to have sex with. Tighty whities are the male equivalent to granny panties for women.

  63. Neil

    Thanks, Phoebe. Another strike to my ego. But I’m slowly getting rid of all of them… they’re now only 1/3 of my collection.

  64. Paul

    Stop listening to all these clowns. Listen to Bryan. Briefs are hot, boxers are useless and boxer-briefs…to damn uncomfortable. Who says briefs have to be white? Try black of grey.

  65. bobby

    I wear boxers and boxer-briefs. they are comfortable and they are not huging your balls. Briefs are to damn uncomfortable. Get AE boxers or even Calvin Klien. It is not cool to be seen with whitie-tighty’s in front of your girlfriend or a hot chick.

  66. Neil

    Thanks a lot, Bobby. Right before I hopefully get new people coming here from Washington D.C., I needed you to remind everyone about my former uncool choice of underwear!

  67. AJG

    I always find these extreme statements about mens underwear to be laugh out loud funny. If tighty whites are deal breaker for some women then let me be the first to break the deal. I like to wear them because they are so damn retro uncool. My wife is intelligent enough to have no problem with them

  68. DSC

    The type of underwear you wear depends on your body. For many years I was wearing boxers but I am switching to briefs. A sexy pair of briefs beats any pair of boxers hands down in my opinion. (Regular 3-packs aren’t that sexy!) To be sexy you have to walk a fine line between revealing a little bit and trying too hard. At websites like you will see that a multitude of styles and colors are available for briefs. I think any woman could appreciate your efforts to find a pair of sophisticated briefs that look good on you.

  69. Steve

    My boss has been quoting article after magazine article on how women prefer boxer-briefs over briefs. I’ve done some research and there are to major shools of thought on the subject. The first is the “I don’t want to see the package before it’s unwrapped” Women like to leave more to the imagination then men do and boxer-briefs draw attention way from the crotch area to the thighs while still accentuating the hips and thighs. This is the sole reason why I think boxer-briefs are trendy. The second is the “tighty-whitey” stigma. The assumption that this is how your mother dressed you and you still don’t know any better. Although most women do not state this, but I believe that it is ingrained in their subconscious and they react negatively purely due to instinct.;) An offshoot of this is the idea that the man does not have the attention to detail that a women expects if he only wears “white briefs”.
    I have read Chickybabe’s informative blog and my wife and I both agreed that aside from the above points, It all depends in the physique of the man wearing the undies. A Calvin Klein model would look good wearing boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs. A skinny guy would look even skinier in boxers. An overweight guy in briefs, well, you get the picture……
    Which brings up the point of whether their past experiences have swayed their current opinion. What is the physique of the men they typically see in their underwear?
    ie. Have they been traumatized by a hairy belly hanging over briefs?

    I personally prefer briefs as they are the most supportive yet unrestrictive. My wife agrees as long as they fit well, they look good. I have not tried boxer-briefs although I worn my share of bicycling shorts and am not fond of the tightness in the thigh area. But could there be a correlation between the attractiveness of boxer-briefs and the image of cycling? I have read on another poll that the one piece of sports equipment that that women would like to find in the back seat of their date’s car was a cycling helmet. Coincidence?

  70. Jeff

    I think that, when someone see’s you in just your underwear, you should feel like your in your underwear! Boxers are fine but no different than a bathing suit. As for boxer-briefs ladies, they are just a LONGER version of the brief!? It’s because I am a REAL MAN, that I’ll be keeping my tighty-whities and wear them with confidence(BTW-My grandpa always wore boxers)!

  71. FRANK

    Each type of underwear has its place. Could you imagine doing the bench press in the gym with your legs spread in boxers and gym shorts and putting on a show for everyone? No thanks! I’ll leave that to the exhibitionists. For most athletic activities, briefs work best for me. In November of ’05, I began cycling 8 miles each way to work and back to get more cardio every day. Having always worn briefs (colored ones after age 19), I wore jeans and briefs – not the most comfortable combination with an anatomically correct bicycle seat. I have high end cycling shorts. They are great (and necessary) for 25 mile plus rides, but I’m still getting used to snug fit. I discovered that boxers and mesh gym shorts work well for shorter rides during the warmer part of the year because there are no seams in the crotch that chafe. Once I got used to boxers, I actually did not mind the lack of support and wear them all of the time now. The only drag is if you happen to get aroused, it’s difficult to hide. A general rule to be observed: if you’re wearing snug shorts or pants, don’t wear boxers unless you want people to stare. When you are home with your significant other, wear all different kinds. It’s always fun to keep your partner guessing! As far as the tighty whities, they are functional and do their job. They look great on a buffed guy as any other type of underwear. If you’re expecting to hook up, dress for the occasion and wear something with color that will look hot while you’re ripping your clothes off. To all of the writers who feel so intense about the subject, lighten up! Let your friends and lovers be free to wear what they want. They will give you the same space in return.

  72. JSRH

    I say do not listen to all of these people saying what you should wear. Wear whatever the hell you want. If a girl is hung up on what undies you wear, than she is a shallow bitch and you are better off without her. Also I wonder what a womans rights group would say if we were leaving a trail of posts saying women should wear thongs because it is now more popular given the influence of the skanks we see on MTV and such. Well I say briefs, boxers, whatever, they hold your boys and stop them from touching you pants, thats it, and girls and guys – get over it and yoursleves.

  73. Alex

    I’m sixteen, personally I prefer bikini briefs … my girlfriend doesn’t really care what kind of underwear I wear. Just go with whatever you feel comfortable in. If a girl isn’t gonna want to be with you because of your underwear, why the hell do you wanna date her?

  74. Fred

    Neil, you shouldn’t get rid of your briefs. Nowadays, men tend to care about things only girls used to care about. You want your underwears to be sexy ? Underwears are not meant to be sexy. People want their underwears not to look like underwears, that’s why they like boxers or colored boxer-briefs. Have to undress in a locker room ? With boxers, you are in underwears but you look like you are wearing shorts. But it is a normal thing to wear underwears, so people shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in a locker room. They should feel uncomfortable wearing underwears in the street, of course, but it’s not supposed to happen. Feeling uncomfortable or not is a matter of context.

    It is so rare to see down-to-earth people who don’t care about their underwears. Don’t turn into some kind of teenager who look at himself in the mirror thinking “wow I look cute in those boxer-briefs” (and who looks awful when fully dressed).

    People tend to dress in a way that is more and more casual. Blue jeans were once considered too casual to be worn in many places. They are considered normal almost everywhere now. Now the flip-flops are getting more and more popular and well accepted. Don’t you think it’s weird that people tend to care less about their clothes and more about their underwears ?

    Stick with briefs. Regarding men clothes, the best are the old-fashion ones (or maybe we’ll see James Bond wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops in the next movie). Keep your brain sane and prevent all this advertising crap from contaminating it.

    Sorry if my english is bad (writing from Paris, it is 04:46 am here, I should sleep a little before going to work).

  75. mari

    I love boxer-briefs, they’re probably the sexier underwear choice for a man- all the benefits of briefs, but they look nice.

    Oh and by the way, I had a chat with a RELATE councellor person the other day, you know, the kind that councels people on their relationships, and let me tell you- women do not have orgasms all the time. In fact, and I quote- “95% of women do not orgasm via penetrative sex alone”. Those sex polls are rubbish! Leave them at home. Another common problem was erectile disfunction and a very, very common problem is early-ejaculation. So interesting talking to these people…

  76. Lindaa

    boxer breifs are the best
    boxers r to loose
    breifs are to old man or to little kidie for a man
    and boxer breifs fight best
    they r a compirise for boxers n briefs
    hope this comment helps u

  77. Chris

    Get with it guys! Its 2006……jeans are tighter and mostly low rise! and the baggy, ghetto hip hop, saggin thing is played out! Loved my boxers with all that…..but moved on! Some trunks now….but mostly briefs! (colors and tighty whities!)…..and if ya aint fat….it shows off what yur all about! and lots of choices….not just fruit of the looms!

  78. will

    i wear breifs

  79. Noss

    I started out with briefs. Then became self-conscious and got boxer-shorts, loose ones. Them boxer briefs. I’m slowly going back to briefs. Boxers give no support, boxer briefs give me rashes due to friction and don’t let the skin breathe properly. Try feeling comfy with sweat under your smashed balls. Briefs or bikini briefs are the most comfortable for my type of body – skinny. I mean, who I am trying to fool or convince? I’m no model. And I no longer wear baggies, I’m going back to tight fit trousers. I do believe, however, that really brave guys don’t go commando. They wear thongs or lingerie. 😀
    Point is: I’ve seen – and felt – it all. Briefs are the way. But mark my words: thongs are the future. That’s what our sons will be wearing. :-p

    • David

      This is the best answer I’ve read, and this is me all the way! Of course we all start out with “tightey-whitey” briefs when we’re young, boxers and boxer briefs in high school, but in college (and even now in my late 20s) I started trying different types of underwear. The majority of the time I switch between briefs (bikini briefs), boxers and boxer shorts, but I’ve also worn thongs and even no underwear. To be honest, though, I do feel a little extra sexy in a bikini brief, thong, or no underwear, and I don’t think it’s gay either, it’s just a matter of comfort and confidence, and believe me, bikini briefs, thongs, or no underwear are more comfortable in hot weather, or even when wearing slacks or fitted jeans, more than a pair of baggy boxer shorts, and don’t ride up your thighs like boxer briefs!

  80. GeorgeNfla

    I have worn plain white brief since I was a little boy, and still do, and am now 50 years old. I have learned that when having to split a hotel room with another man, (for business reasons), that most other mature men tend to wear plain cheap old FTLs or Hanes white briefs. It is more accepted when two grown men are in the hotel room together for the night, that when they strip down to lay on their beds and watch tv, that they aren’t showing off their fetishes for different types of fancy underpants. Its a masculine male bonding thing for men to wear just plain old basic white briefs. Years ago, back in the 50s, according to my Dad, all men wore plain white boxershorts, and that was the norm. If one had worn anything fancy, other men may think he is a bit on the limp wristed persuasion. Thats the impression I get now when I see these young men wearing their so called, “boxer-briefs”. They sure are not boxers, they are long colored briefs, that strong resemble the women’s girdles of yester-year. Real men don’t wear fancy panties, they wear plain white briefs, or plain white boxershorts. Thats the way it is, sorry.

    • Rocco

      Agreed. Thanks for stating this obvious fact that men have seem to have forgotten.

  81. Ken

    It doesn’t matter what underwear you wear.If your woman is going to make fun of you or really cares about what underwear you were then that’s not a woman you want to be with.I’d say stick with what your used to. Personally I also prefer briefs but it’s all a matter of personal preference.

  82. BatteryOperatedBoyfriend

    1) only a promiscuous woman would not like a man in white briefs.
    2) you get to see a mans package, obviously that is not up to snuff for any “ladies” these days.
    3) as long as self control is shown or you wash them no issues can show.
    4) I have been converted to a metro sexual male because now I have different colors, and styles of underwear for different occasions, and I use scented soap now:/
    5) misogynistic: a little, does it show?

  83. milt

    Definitely GO COMMANDO – it’s the only way! Underwear of any kind is simply both uncomfortable and unnecessary. Ditch it fot good.

  84. George

    What is the world coming to when a woman decides what type of undershorts a man is going to wear. What’s the next step, women telling men to shave their body hair? Give me a break! Real men are hairy, if women don’t like that, they they need to explore their lesbian side.

    • Rocco

      Agreed…Why cant women leave the underwear of men alone. PLEASE STOP TELLING US WHAT TO WEAR. you are not our mommie, you are our partners in life. if you dont want us to tell you to go and get your hair dyed flaming pink and a large tattoo of a bat inked across your forehead please done expect us to give in on what YOU think about our drawers, ITS THE SAME THINGS…Women please stop being overbearing, pretentious hypocrites!

  85. Anonymous

    Interesting post. As a guy, I wear all types of underwear except boxers. In college I wore boxers, because everyone did. In my late 20s I switched to boxer briefs. Much more comfortable. In my early 30s I switched to bikini briefs. Liked the snug feeling. Plus, I am trim and fit and the look is good on me. In my mid-30s, I even started wearing thongs. My GF is happy with my choices. She likes me to wear what I want. As for undressing me, her goal is to get me out of my underwear. She prefers me to be commando – she really gets turned on when she realizes I am not wearing undies. So Neil, wear what you like. And, as the guy above pointed out, different underwear for different occasions. Under short pants I wear boxer briefs, jeans or suits I wear mostly bikini briefs (no white, all colors), and when I work out I wear thongs – keeps me very snug in front with no constriction in the back, especially when running. (And, I have never had any comments one way or the other from others who may have seem my thong.)

  86. Hal

    If you’re fat, you need to wear boxers. If you’ve got an OK bod, you can wear briefs. But get some CKs or Hilfigers.

    Woman say they don’t choose their underwear based on what men think – they choose what THEY want. Are men so desperate that they’ll change something as fundamental as their underwear style for women ?

    And women – men have stuff down there they you know nothing about. Would you let a man tell you what style of bra you should wear ?

  87. mike

    im a sixteen year old boy i really do not care what other people think about what kind of underwear i wear i wear boxers,breifs and boxer breifs. i think that boxers are alright when im just going out or just sitting at home i like boxer breifs because they are really comfortable and that is what all my friends wear. breifs are the kind of underwear for gym class or working out when i was younger i used to wear my boxers over my breifs because i didnt want to be embaressed infront of my friends to this day i still have breifs and wear them on occasions. i still think that boxers are the most popular underwear but boxer breifs are still the best way to go

  88. Some dude

    When I was growing up, I wore briefs like everyone else. I switched to boxers during that whole massive rebellion against “tighty-whities”. About 9 months ago, my girl-friend insisted on me switching back to briefs. I refused.

    A few weeks later, I noticed that I kept getting cuts on the insides of my legs when I would work out (I’m a pretty athletic guy). Upon closer inspection of my boxer shorts, I noticed that the fabric became coarse and would cut into my legs (and I wear baggy clothing). Furthermore, the boxers would ride up a lot or the waistband would chafe. I switched to briefs as a matter of course. It took a week or two, but I got used to them. I couldn’t go back to boxers the way I work out and boxer-briefs just suck because the legs scrunch up.

    My vote is for briefs, but avoid the white kind. You gotta be expressive with who you are. Last note, commando is all well, but boxers are the same damned thing with en extra layer of fabric. Get some underwear that really is underwear. It’s all about hygiene and fashion. Show what you have :).

  89. me

    Go Commando! Its the ONLY way to go. I grew up in briefs and have tried the others. Commando is the most comfortable and healthiest for you. Let the boys swing free!

  90. Shane

    Whats ironic about this is that a generation ago all guys wore plain white briefs. It meant you were athletic and confident. Boxers were for old men and fat guys. During the last 20 years theres been a total reversal of this. I vote for briefs because they provide support. The sperm-count thing has actually been proven a myth, and in any case, what young guy actually wants to get a girl pregnent? If you wear boxers your balls will hit the floor by old age. Plus, there not at all suitable for sports or anything athletic. The pendulum is swinging back towards fashionable briefs. Boxers only became popular in the early 90’s because of the baggy jeans style. They have no real function, except maybe as sleep-wear.
    If a girl rejects you because of your underwear – find someone better.

  91. cb

    i am 16 and were white briefs and no one givea a crap and a few of my friends were them to and my ex girlfriend liked them to

  92. Anonymousdude

    I wear briefs, and for the sake of others, tease them by flashing your underwear and saying ” I AM SEXY!”

  93. Janneke

    Definitely go for boxershorts! Briefs really do turn most women off these days. 🙂

  94. Drool Loord

    9% wear briefs? This is not true. I think whatever quiz you took was wrong. It just so happened that more people who wear boxers, took that quiz then people who wear briefs. The actual numbers and I looked it up, are around 70% who wear briefs. They are considered classic dude, the thing about briefs is they never actually go out of style. Seriously thats what classic is, I mean Beethoven is considered classic, not much people listen to him but he is considered good and people still do. So yeah your underwear is fine. I wear “tighty whities” to. Haha, I’m not nerdy or anything either I wear them though. And who really cares? Its underwear.

    • Shane

      and almost 10 years later, briefs are back in style and boxers are out!! funny how fashion can change in a decade??

  95. John

    Now in 2016 boxer briefs are very popular and it seems that briefs still have the same reputation. I have always worn just the plain white fruit of the loom briefs my whole life and even at 24 years old I coutinue to wear them. I’ve always thought that maybe I’m one of the last few age bracket where our mothers always bought us tighty whities growing up, and maybe it just depends on where you are from too (I live in the country side with a bunch of farmers). I plan to continue wearing the FTL briefs that I have always worn as I have worn them so long that I could care less what other thick, they are very comfortable too me. And honestly I don’t think any women really care what a guy has on under his pants, my girlfriend has never once said anything bad about me wear white briefs, maybe I’m just lucky about that.

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