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I heard you all and listened.  Today I went out and bought my first pair of boxer-briefs. 

I am now a complete man.

Initial reactions to the big news:

Sophia:  Nice.

My Mother:  You paid fourteen dollars for one pair?!

My Friend Rob:  Are you sure David Sedaris started out by writing about his underwear?



  1. You should post a pic…

  2. She said nice when you demonstrated?

  3. oh, you messed up, dude. you should have went with pouch-less.

  4. Oh Neil, This is a very good change! Briefs are not attractive on any man…but boxer briefs…ummm I am at work…I need to calm down. 😉

  5. disclaimer: man in photo wears same briefs as neilochka, but powerful biceps not necessarily included in package

    Brandon and Retro — you mean there are ones without a pouch? When did men’s underwear become so complicated? Damn metrosexuals…

    Tatyana — Because, like everything else, it is always your MOTHER’S fault. She is the one who put me down the path to wearing white briefs. She spent all this money on giving me a fancy education and dragging me to concerts at Lincoln Center, but always bought me the same underwear — never making me realize that there were other options out there. Thank you for all for finally releasing me from the clutches of this controlling woman! See you for Passover, Mom.

  6. Neil. Why are you discussing your underpants with your mother?

  7. I love Jockey, but $14 for 1 pair is steep. What I discovered is that Jockey has a subsidiary or related company that sells the exact same underwear for less than I could buy Jockey on sale under the name FormFit. While you might buy Jockey at Macy’s, you’d find FormFit at Target. I don’t know if the men’s line carries over too, but it’d be worth a look if you decide to stock up.

  8. Woo hoo! Congrats. How do you like the “support”?

  9. Those don’t count.

    Boxer Preservation Society

  10. So when do we get a viewing??

  11. I have three words for you, Neil:




  12. I second Jenny’s comment and will add another “T”


  13. well, i guess it’s something, i would have picked something a little snazzier for you, a bit more colour. maybe you can get a pair with shamrocks on them for st. pattys in a few weeks;)

  14. What, you’re not going to model them for us?

  15. X-c-u-s-e—m-e?

    Did I say a word about your mother?

  16. Please, please, please keep us posted on the comfort level of your new underwear — I’m rather curious. And although it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, I mean it. Which is probably a little bit weird.

  17. oh my goodness… i can’t stop laughing… “Pouch? Like a marsupial? ” that is priceless!

    but… like someone already stated… they are HOT!!! Good choice Neil.

  18. You don’t even know my name anymore Neil. Sigh.

    Also, the Calvins are a better fit than the Jockeys. Or so I’ve been told.

  19. wow. i guess if anyone wanted to make a move to wrest tanya’s and tatyana’s affections away from neil, NOW WOULD BE THE TIME.

  20. Ah Neil, is there no mystery to you?

  21. Jackpot. I recommend the Calvin Kleins with the red band, and ones from Lulu Lemon. Your boys will thank you.

  22. Wait, so you don’t really wear the ones with the explosion graphic across the crotch?

    Fucking tease.

  23. Sorry, Tanya, about the mix-up. I love your blog so much that I read all of you archives over and over again, which must be making my vision blurry — so I misread Tanya as Tatyana.

    But be assured that I never mistakenly say the wrong woman’s name during important times, like moments of passion.

  24. And now you look like the guy on the package, right?

  25. AH

    Excellent choice.

  26. So, let me understand this. I went from being a momma’s boy in tighty-whiteys, or whatever you called them, to a hunk who’s hotter than Brad Pitt JUST BECAUSE I changed my style of underwear? This is like the most amazing thing that ever happened to me? Where were you earlier in my life?

    Now, I’m going to go ride up and down in my elevator and see if any women throw themselves at me.

    One more question. I’m supposed to wear pants over these underwear, right?

  27. Before you get too big for your britches, my little boys wear those too.

  28. Boxer briefs are the WAY TO GO.

  29. Neil: Just one pair? You’re only going to be cool one day a week?

    Brando: Requesting more info on the pouch/pouchless thing, please.

  30. Neil,

    So, do they feel better when you wear them?


  31. anne,

    pouch is to pouchless as crotch is to crotchless.

    well, that’d be the theory, anyway…

  32. Woohoo! Another boxer brief convert!

  33. Anne: Didn’t you ever hear of a test drive?

    Brando: What do you think is the cultural moment when boxer briefs became the thing? The famous Calvin Klein ads? I know in film school I learned that after Clark Gable didn’t wear a t-shirt in “It Happened One Night” no one wore t-shirts under their dress shirt anymore, which was unheard of before. Although Snopes has some problems with this theory.

  34. all i know is that boxer briefs are out. it’s either knit or microfiber boxers (they’re not traditional boxers, nor are they tighty like boxer briefs).

    boxer briefs, i’m sorry to say, are old news.

  35. Brando — I live in a part of Los Angeles where I’m surrounded by gay men. You live by some isolated lake in the Pacific Northwest, along with the wolves. Why do you know this and not me?

  36. All of this reminds me of the first time I attempted folding the family laundry when I was about 10 years old. It had to have been my first encounter with men’s underwear and I remember exclaiming to my mother, “These all have a little pocket in the front! Cool!”

  37. lol! pouch like a marsupial! lol! You people are too much!
    I wanna see!!!!! (the new you!)


  38. Actually, I’ve heard longjohns are making a comeback. Though that may have something to do with shooting movies like Brokeback Mountain in places like Alberta.

  39. No pictures?? where got complete??
    ** demands refund **

  40. Went with the medium and not the large?

  41. Good eye, Melissa!

  42. You are welcome, Neil. And you know what I am talking about.

  43. Ooooh! How about posting a picture in your new skivvies taken with your free Sprint phone?! 😉

  44. Just found (through somebody in Germany) – another argument for fitted boxers.

  45. That was so funny! I wonder why Sophia told me to wash the windows in my new underwear!

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