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The Night Out

It was going to be our last Valentine’s Day “date night” as a married couple.  We were going to attend a special film screening.   Sophia’s former boss was unable to make it, so he gave the tickets to us. … Continue reading

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Tea and Valentines

I was driving with Sophia today down the streets of LA when I noticed a couple, both in their late-sixties, on a street corner.  They were waving flags.   They seemed as comfortable with each other as any long-married couple. … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day, 2010

I’m not in a happy place in my romantic life. But for some reason, I remain optimistic about the potential of love, even when I am at a low point, like today, sitting in a hotel room a few blocks … Continue reading

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Loving Neil #8

I just got off the phone with Sophia. “Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. What are you doing?” I asked. “Nothing. You?” “Nothing.” I noticed that a few writers online were using Valentine’s Day to participate in Hilly’s Happy Self Love Day, which … Continue reading

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The Last Few Days

Valentine’s Day has always been tough for us.   The pressure of Valentine’s Day, with all the hullabaloo and candy-giving, makes us question our already unsteady relationship.  How can we ever live up to the romantic images on those Hallmark cards?  … Continue reading

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Send a Kiss

  With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’d like to talk about kissing.  One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned about life is this — women like kissing.   I’m not a natural kisser.  I’m have a feeling that most men … Continue reading

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The Blogosphere’s Valentine’s Day Emergency Hotline

(photo by sudergal, on flickr) The Valentine’s Day Emergency Hotline at mister_valentinesday (Yahoo IM) Are you alone on Valentine’s Day? Is the only Valentine’s Day Card you received the one from the supermarket with a discount coupon for Dannon Yogurt? … Continue reading

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The Ideal Man and Woman

sorry, Fabio, you were voted off. model for Mr. “Valentine’s Day” model for Ms. “Valentine’s Day” OK, we’re on for Valentine’s Day! I’m in the process of emailing out tentative time slots now (read here to learn more). We will … Continue reading

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Mister Valentine’s Day

A year ago this week, I wrote a post titled, “Today, We Are All Valentine’s Losers.” In it, I made a offer to my readers. If they revealed in the comments that they were a “Valentine’s Day” Loser (meaning the … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Blogger Serenade

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sophia! Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom! Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful Bloggers of the Blogosphere!  May We All Find True Love and Blog About it! And now for your listening pleasure, I sing the classic "Love Will Keep Us … Continue reading

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