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Valentine’s Day Blogger Serenade


Happy Valentine’s Day, Sophia!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful Bloggers of the Blogosphere

May We All Find True Love and Blog About it!

And now for your listening pleasure, I sing the classic "Love Will Keep Us Together," originally sung by the Captain and Tennille. 

My voice may not be perfect, but my heart is in the right place.


  1. I can’t think of a better way to start my day than by a seranade by you Neil.

  2. That is so sweet of you. ** kiss **

    You’re such a sweet guy… .. I sure hope you’ll find happiness always…. you definitely deserve it!

    Just wanna wish you a Happy Valentine. You’re gonna blog about your Valentine, right?? lol

  3. Happy Valentine to you too Neil!
    You’re such a sweet Guy, if you just didn’t dress that bad… (sigh) lol!
    Take care, be good and party!


  4. The perfect antidote to my cynicism!
    Happy Valentine to you too

  5. BTW, just listened to love… you have a humm… special voice 🙂

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, Neil. Look! No one is loser today.

  7. A song…? For… for me? Aw…

    Have a great day, Neil.

  8. karaoke in the blogosphere – may catch on as a new trend

  9. Thanks for the V-Day message. It brightened my morning.

    {hearts} from the frozen wasteland of Minnesota.

  10. I love it 🙂 How many other men serenaded their blogger friends?? Thanks, Neil!

  11. “A day without kisses is like a night without stars.”

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Neil.

  12. Let me return the favor:

    Some say love it is a river
    that drowns the tender reed
    Some say love it is a razor
    that leaves your soul to bleed

    Some say love it is a hunger
    an endless aching need
    I say love it is a flower
    and you its only seed

    [ducks to avoid beer bottles]

  13. My Funny Valentine is actually my favorite Valentine’s song (especially when sung by Elvis Costello), but this one was rather cool too. Thanks, Neil. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  14. Love being serenaded! Thanks for a lovely Valentine’s Day Neil!

  15. That’s it, Neil…I’m dumping my husband and 2 kids…I’m yours.

  16. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well!

  17. happy valentine’s day! i will think of you as i treat myself to a heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates from duane reade. 🙂

  18. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling. XOXO

  19. wow, you actually helped quell my cynicism.

    thanks! 🙂

  20. having anyone sing to you is sweet, even if it is out of tune. 😉

  21. Awww thanks Neil! Smooches!

    My bf and I listened to your song and had completely different responses 😉

    Have a good one!

  22. Awesome. I’m going to have the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day, aren’t I?

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  23. your talent is wasted!!! brilliant.

  24. That’s pretty cool. I don’t think Simon or Randy would send you to Hollywood, but you probably have a shot with Paula. 🙂

  25. Your VD Blogger Serenade had me smiling Neil! Bravo!

    Hope you have a Happy VD.


  26. Right back at ya, dear Neil.

  27. Nice rendition! Did you know all the words or have to look it up? I ask because when I mentioned it to the hub, he broke into song. Is it is Jewish guy thing to know all the words to Captain & Tenille songs? I’ll have to ponder this a while.
    Happy Day!

  28. What’s next? – “I’m too sexy for my shirt”?

  29. Well, that was very nice, if a bit odd. I had the huge Toni Tennille smile pictured the whole time I listened and that was a bit frightening. But it was appreciated nonetheless! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  30. Wendy —

    Neil Sedaka, baby! He wrote it.

    By the way, maybe this is how those American Idol contestants delude themselves. I thought I sounded pretty good. Romantic and sexy. But Sophia said, “You sound like a mobster forcing the studio to cut a single.”

  31. Sugar, that was better than flowers.

  32. Neil Sedaka, huh? Didn’t he sing “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do?”
    But that’s not a great Valentine’s song, I suppose.

  33. Ahh, sookie sookie. Good stuff, Neil! Happy Vday!

  34. You are an interesting critter, Neil. Definitely intriguing. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  35. ‘Sophia said, “You sound like a mobster forcing the studio to cut a single.”’

    She’s dead-on, but it’s still sweet. Thanks so much for the message, and happy Valentine’s day, Neil!

  36. Happy Valentine’s Day, Neil! You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m actually going out for drinks with a few friends — to a place where men who drink shitty beer and eat meat hang out. Sound unappealing to anyone? Well, it’s not — because they’re going to be straight!

    (cut to music playing, sky opening with light and doves flying by…)

  37. Delightful, but I thought we were all going to be Valentine’s Loser. May I recommend ”The Love is Gone” from Muppets Christmas Carol for next year …

  38. That one line in there about how “one day your looks will be gone” still really pisses me off. Why is that even in there? It’s supposed to be a love song, and then he goes and reminds her that saggy boobs and grey hairs are just around the corner. Oy!

  39. Do you do requests???

    MUSKRAT LOVE!!! If I’m not mistaken, it is a Captain/Tennille song as well. And feel free to substitute whatever varmit you want for muskrat…badger, weasel, ermine, etc…It’s the thought that counts, right??

  40. Laura — I was more thinking of their other hit, “Do It To Me One More Time.”

    Nance — I think the song makes more sense when it is a woman singing it to a man — but not by much. But it is a catchy tune.

  41. “Young and beautiful, one day your looks will be gone”

    HEY! You are not the boss of me!

  42. Love Will Keep Us Together? So the Your Song mention was just a horrible lie?!:)

  43. Neil, you’re great!

  44. I like a sweet serenade… Happy Vday to you!

  45. Janet — I said “Your Song” is the best love song. But do you really want to hear me sing that?

    Dawn — if I ever meet Neil Sedaka, I’ll ask him what the hell he was thinking with those lyrics. I’m just the singer. Don’t blame me.

    Eric — VD day? That doesn’t sound very romantic.

  46. I’m having a glorious D-Day, that’s Dick, as in Cheney. VP’s should shoot someone before every Valentine’s Day.

  47. You are one brave and crazy motherf–ker.

  48. very sweet, hope you enjoy your love day.

  49. sing away, neil, sing away!

  50. That. Was. AWESOME! Just think if you had some muzak in the background; I see internet stardom…

  51. This was the hit of my Valentine’s Day house, I played it for all of my visiting relatives from Chicago. But no fair, last time we got a clip of Sophia singing too.

    Shall I now out myself and say that I used to have a thing for Toni Tennille? I’m sure she’d love your reinterpretation of her Grammy Award-winning (oy!) song.

    Loved my Valentine from Sophia. How about posting her rendition of “Delta Dawn?”

  52. Hey Neil, that was so CUTE! I think original things like that are the BEST on days like Valentines, which have become so commericial. Pardon the pun, but I think you got right to the heart of it! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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