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I Read My Post


The LA Bloggers Live reading was a lot of fun. I read this post.

It’s an interesting exercise to read a post out loud because you can actually hear when something works or not. I might start reading all my posts out loud to myself before I publish it.

One warning to other bloggers: be careful when you go into your archives and start reading your old posts. You might realize how crappy most of them were.

I practiced reading my post as I was driving to the event. Sophia suggested that I read it slowly, since I tend to speak too fast.

One warning to other bloggers: be careful when reading out loud from a notepad when driving. I almost got into an accident on the 405, which would have put a damper on the entire evening.

I’m glad I double-spaced my printout, or I would have been hopelessly lost. This lounge was pitch dark.

Photo of Neilochka by Will Campbell, a terrific LA blogger
who read that night. That’s Sophia under my left arm,
which made me happy because I could finally say
that I had her “under my thumb.”

The best part of the evening was meeting other LA bloggers. I love the fact that I have virtual friends all over the world, but nothing can compare to meeting people in person and getting a real sense of their quirks and personality. After the reading, Sophia and I went with Danny and Deezee for some light dinner. At some point, I felt this transformation: these two people were slowly becoming less “blogging friends” than “actual friends,” and that was a nice feeling.

One warning to other bloggers: Try to avoid talking about politics when Sophia and Deezee are in the same room.


  1. deezee

    Neil, it was fun last night, and I felt particularly proud at how well I kept my mouth shut and reined in my politcal opinions in our post-read meal. I don’t think I offered Sophia too many reasons to banish me from future gatherings.

    ’til the next one!

  2. Finn

    Sounds like a great time. Wish I could have been there…

  3. sputnik

    Congrats, Neil! I would love to have heard it. (Did you really wear a dashing flower boutonnière as in the picture, Mr. Dickens?)How did the audience react?

  4. Not Fainthearted

    Sounds like a great time!

  5. Jenn

    NEIL WAS FABULOUS! what a great wit. Would have liked to have continued our discussion on spoken vs. written word… but I went to put my mic stand in the car and everyone had disappeared!

  6. Danny

    You were brilliant, Neil, and that was the best possible post you could have chosen since it allowed you to bring to life so many funny, real characters. I’ll say again what I said early on: your crazy relationship with Sophia needs to be turned into a book, movie, play, sitcom, or all of the above!

    I think I baited Sophia far more than Deezee with all my obnoxious comments about Republicans. But I know she knows how much I value her opinion despite my liberal smugness. And she had me thinking about certain hot-button issues in a new way. As long as we leave George W. Bush out of the conversation, I think I can listen to other points of view with an open mind. But I’m simply not capable of giving that putz any benefit of the doubt and I refuse to believe Sophia would ever try to defend his abominable performance.

  7. Bre

    Sounds like and awful lot of fun! Although the fact that you read while you drive makes me feel a little safer living all the way over here in PeeAye

  8. Ellen Bloom

    Oh Darn! I would have been there, fer shure, if it hadn’t been Knit Night at the Farmers Market!! Maybe the next one could be on a night other than Thursday! I’d gladly read one of my blogposts about the glories of crochet!

    By the way, Neil….a few of the knit-girls told me about your visit to our West Hollywood Stitch ‘n Bitch group last month. You should have been more assertive in introducing yourself. CAP’s BFF, Faith was there that night and she would have introduced you all-around and made you feel more welcome, if she’d known that was YOU!!!

  9. sizzle

    you did it! cool. and that’s great that you are meeting bloggers in your area. 🙂

  10. churlita

    Sounds like Deezee and I would be just fine talking politics.

    I’m sad I missed your reading. I’ve met some bloggers here in Iowa City who are wonderful and nice, but most of them are real writers who graduated from the workshop and they make me a little insecure.

  11. PeterAtLarge

    Thanks for checking in, Neil. And your piece was just great. Thanks for the laughs! Cheers, PaL

  12. Neil

    Jenn — My one criticism to the evening is that it all ended too abruptly. I definitely want to tell Leah that. I understand that we had to be out of the room pronto and I felt bad for that musician who started to play at the exact moment that we all left. I know the lounge has a bar area, but I didn’t find it very conducive to talking to others, particular people who you have just met for the first time. Maybe next time, we should plan on having a drink or dessert somewhere nearby — and inviting anyone who wants to show up. We just walked right across the street to Louise’s, but there are plenty of other places nearby. I thought this lounge was a great spot, but with the music in one room and the “Draft Gore 2008” meeting in the other, it felt like one of those catering halls that has three bar mitzvahs or weddings going on at the same time. Although I wanted to talk more to other bloggers, I was also a little anxious to get the hell out of that crowded and dark bar area.

  13. Neil

    And Churlita, any writer who needs like they need to “graduate from a workshop” to feel like they are a writer should be the one who is insecure, not you. I have a MFA, and all it means is that I have more student loans.

  14. leahpeah

    it was a lot of fun last night, neil. i’m so glad you and sophia came. i totally hear you about the abruptness. let’s make plans to go out afterwards. that will probably be the best part. : )

  15. Amy K

    Can I have your autograph? 😉

  16. MsMamma

    That’s cool! I think my post have become worse. The old one’s are better. But I’m polish so…

  17. sandra

    Sophia has great hair.

  18. Non-Highlighted Heather

    Sorry I wasn’t able to make it. Family stuff got in the way. But I’m serious about taking you and Sophia out for dinner.

  19. Neil

    Heather, maybe it was better you weren’t there. I know you demand a lot from the men in your life, and if I saw you, I might have just frozen in fear.

  20. L.A. Daddy

    Neil, of course, was funny and charming throughout! You all missed it. But I believe Jenn might be working on a podcast that you’ll be able to hear…

    Yes, it all ended too abruptly. I thought everyone was leaving and going home so I took off. Maybe next time!

  21. Mist 1

    I never delve into my archives. Reading my old posts is like discovering that I’ve had a booger hanging out of my nose all evening.

  22. better safe than sorry

    what on earth are you wearing??? it almost looks like cue cards on your shirt.

  23. Neil

    After much thought, I decided to wear a funky old shirt that has these cool “travel icons” all over it, even though the shirt is missing two buttons. I hope no one noticed.

  24. leiselb

    The image at the top made this post, I think. 🙂 So funny….

  25. Mr. Fabulous

    Sandra took my comment. Sophia’s hair mesmerized me.

    I want to be just like you if I grow up.

  26. Dagny

    Well of course Neil was funny and charming. That’s how I’ll always remember him. And Sophia always has fabulous hair. Together they are rock stars of the blogosphere.

  27. helen

    Congrats. 🙂

  28. Karl

    Sorry I missed it. I’m sure you were terrific. As usual, though, Sophia’s hair stole the show.

  29. Erin

    There is something very hypnotizing about Sophia’s hair. I mean, I haven’t seen it in real life…But I still think so. I’m glad your reading went well. I’ve been thinking about adding “vlogs” or podcasts to my blog. I love writing stories but I’m more of a story teller, and your blog reading got me thinking about that…

  30. Joe

    You were great Neil!

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