The LA Bloggers Live reading was a lot of fun. I read this post.

It’s an interesting exercise to read a post out loud because you can actually hear when something works or not. I might start reading all my posts out loud to myself before I publish it.

One warning to other bloggers: be careful when you go into your archives and start reading your old posts. You might realize how crappy most of them were.

I practiced reading my post as I was driving to the event. Sophia suggested that I read it slowly, since I tend to speak too fast.

One warning to other bloggers: be careful when reading out loud from a notepad when driving. I almost got into an accident on the 405, which would have put a damper on the entire evening.

I’m glad I double-spaced my printout, or I would have been hopelessly lost. This lounge was pitch dark.

Photo of Neilochka by Will Campbell, a terrific LA blogger
who read that night. That’s Sophia under my left arm,
which made me happy because I could finally say
that I had her “under my thumb.”

The best part of the evening was meeting other LA bloggers. I love the fact that I have virtual friends all over the world, but nothing can compare to meeting people in person and getting a real sense of their quirks and personality. After the reading, Sophia and I went with Danny and Deezee for some light dinner. At some point, I felt this transformation: these two people were slowly becoming less “blogging friends” than “actual friends,” and that was a nice feeling.

One warning to other bloggers: Try to avoid talking about politics when Sophia and Deezee are in the same room.