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Lucky Hannukah

I apologize for not seeing some people I hoped to meet while in New York (Lisa B, Cynical Girl). I came home several days earlier than planned. On Thursday night, I got a call from Sophia that she was in a hospital emergency room. A motorcycle had sideswiped her car while she was on the freeway. Sophia hit her head on the side of the door and got injured. It was nerve-wracking as I flew in because it wasn’t clear to me how bad it was or wasn’t.  She was admitted to Cedars Sinai because she had a concussion and the initial tests showed that she may even have had a stroke, but luckily, further testing didn’t show anything so serious, and after 2 days she was released from the hospital. Sophia is healing now. She’ll need some physical therapy for her neck but she will be OK. Her head and eyes are all black and blue, and she wore her mother’s huge sunglasses when we went outside. I told her not to worry, since hardly anyone would look at her bruises. In LA, it just looks like she had “some work done,” which is as common in town as seeing someone with a new haircut.

I’m glad that she is doing better. We had our first argument today — a sign that things are getting back to normal.

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  1. Alison

    Oh my! So glad she is okay. Lucky Hanukkah, indeed.

  2. Pearl

    Sophia, “refuah shlemah”!

    Neil, was your argument about whether or not you should post this??

  3. Churlita

    Wow. How scary. I’m glad to hear that she’s doing better.

    That first time back in the ring for a good argument is a very positive sign. What did you argue about? Did she not think that plastic surgery joke was funny?

  4. Leezer

    I’m so glad Sophia didn’t suffer any more injuries and that you’re back to arguing. That’s a good sign. Oh, and I had my nose fixed ten years ago (deviated septum) and it turned my eyes black and blue for weeks. I had a lot of strangers ask me if I was being abused at home . Weird, but kind of reassuring that people still do watch out for each other.

  5. Rhea

    Scary! I am glad she is OK! I had no idea about that thing where you can walk around LA all black and blue and it looks normal.

  6. Caryn

    I’m glad Sophia is ok — and hope she recovers quickly. Sounds pretty scary.

  7. Megan

    Sorry to hear that, darlin’. I’m glad she’s OK. I’ll keep you both in my non-denominational prayers.

  8. Jack

    Glad to hear that she is doing ok.

  9. schmutzie

    I’m so glad to the hear that she’s okay. The beginning of this entry was nerve-wracking. I hope she’s back to her gorgeous and comfortably mobile self soon.

  10. The Retropolitan

    Get well soon, Sophia!

  11. momentary academic

    Oh my lord! I hope that Sophia heals quickly. How terrible!

  12. Dating Dummy

    Hi Neil, glad Sophia is okay after all that. Gives a little perspective on how quickly things can change.

  13. Boutros

    Oh dear! Best wishes for a swift recovery. Was the motorcyclist okay?

  14. Irina

    Ouch… Hope Sophia heals soon… and glad it wasn’t worse.

  15. Heather B.

    Oh dear. Glad she’s ok and still able to argue with you freely. 😉

  16. NSC

    Oh poor Sophia, you must be more careful for what would Neil, and all of us, do without you.

    I hope you recover quickly and make Neil wait on you hand and foot until then.

    Take it easy and have a restful holiday season.


  17. Neil

    The motorcyclist hit and run. Sophia was in the car pool lane when the idiot sneaked in off-lane to the left, knocked off Sophia’s mirror and scraped the side, then zoomed off. I’m sure he must have hurt himself, too, if he physically took the whole mirror with him. I’ve never been sure why it is legal for motorcycles to swerve in and out, making their own lanes on the freeway. It seems pretty dangerous all the time.

    And Dating Dummy — more sad news — it was the new Prius! But I think insurance will cover the repairs, after she pays her BIG deductable.  But most importantly, I think Sophia will be OK.  She is already walking around and we went out for breakfast today.

  18. e.

    I’m with everyone else, that’s so scary and I am so glad Sophia is ok. Wishing her a speedy, uncomplicated recovery.

    And since you didn’t mention, I’m really hoping the motorcycle driver was ok, too. Eesh, scary.

  19. margaret

    Glad Sophia’s going to be OK, best wishes for a quick recovery… do exactly as she tells you.

  20. Pearl

    Glad she’s feeling better. Yikes. That’s a nasty run-in.

  21. Danny

    OY!! How terrifying, and what a putz to hit and and run. Get well, Sophia!

  22. lizardek

    Best wishes for a full recovery, Sophia!

  23. Edgy Mama

    Sending healing vibes to Sophia!

    Glad you two are fighting again!

  24. sara lee

    Glad Sophia is feeling better. What a jerk for hitting her and not stopping!

  25. Denise

    I don’t think that it is legal for motorcyclists to zoom in and out of lanes, I just don’t think anyone’s enforcing the laws in this respect. Thankfully the car can be mended and Sophia’s recovering nicely, so that cyclist will just have to live with the bad karma associated with his/her actions!!!

  26. Lynnster

    That is scary, I’m glad she is basically OK. Tell her we hope she feels better soon.

  27. deezee

    We had our first argument today — a sign that things are getting back to normal.

    I love how you can cap this off with humor. That must have been a scary phone call to receive.

    And to Sophia: Heal quickly! Those kind of accidents are really unsettling to the spirit, aside from the body damage.

  28. Michelle

    Hope Sophia gets better soon. In the meantime, you should be on your best behavior while she’s healing.

    “We had our first argument today — a sign that things are getting back to normal.”

    Although I’m sure she knows that when you two argue, it’s only out of love.

  29. Mist 1

    I’m glad she’s okay. You should have posted a picture of the sunglasses. I would have run out to buy a pair just like them. I want people to think that I’ve had some work done too.

  30. Jocelyn

    Sophie’s recovery is the best Channukah gift of all. I’m sure she looks glamorous and mysterious with her sunglasses.

  31. Brooke

    Please send Sophia my best.

  32. Charming, but single

    Ohmygosh. Thinking of you both.

  33. Pete

    Glad to hear she is doing better.

  34. Becky

    Sophia–blessings on your recovery.

    Neil–another opportunity to nurse her back to health!

    Lucky indeed.

  35. molly

    Terrifying. I’m glad to hear she is well and that the Chrismakkuh fairy took care of both of you. Happy holidays!

  36. Two Roads

    Sending get well wishes to Sophia for a speedy recovery!

  37. Neil

    Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts. Sophia was very touched!

  38. ms. sizzle

    ah, everyone is ok if there is arguing. 🙂 i am glad she is ok and you are home safe. she’s lucky to have your race to her side.

  39. Sarah

    Yikes!! So glad Sophia is okay…it must have been so scary flying back not knowing what was going on.
    Arguments as a good sign…who knew?

  40. Caron

    Thoughts of health and care going westward.

  41. Miss Syl

    Oh, poor Sophia! Hope she’s doing okay.

  42. Alexandra

    Yes, you want to argue as MUCH as possible. It stimulates brain activity! Seriously, I am grateful to know she is okay. That must have been really scary! Be sure she knows that yoru fellow bloggers up in Oregon are sending a little prayer of health down her way.

  43. V-Grrrl

    Glad it wasn’t worse, though as someone who had two months of treatment for whiplash after an accident where I banged my head on the side window, I know it’s still not easy.

  44. kristen

    I’m glad Sophia’s alright although a concussion and a black and blue face sound fairly serious to me. With the big sunglasses, she probably looked hip and cool since big shades are in.

    I saw so many motorcyclists doing exactly what caused Sophia’s accident when we were visiting Cali this past October. I can’t believe it was a hit and run…..that motorcyclist has just pushed his karma card to a dangerous place.

  45. sarah

    Wow! I’m glad to hear shes going better. how scary!

  46. cruisin-mom

    here late…so sorry to hear about Sophia…glad she is doing better. How scary.

  47. better safe than sorry

    glad she’s ok.
    you sure seem to get alot of chances to play “doctor” with her:)

  48. Alissa

    Oh my goodness – I’m so glad to hear she is ok. Take good care of her Neil!

  49. sandra

    Wow — glad she’s okay! Hopefully the holiday-ness will heal her. 🙂

  50. Lisa

    I’m so sorry. That’s really scary. Thank God she’s OK.

  51. wendy

    sorry i have been so brain drained…I didn’t notice what you were talking about..til just now…hope Sophia is healing well.Hang in there…Prius..very impressed!

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