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A Russian Hannukah


The last reminder:  The online Holiday concert is Wednesday (see sidebar).  Get me your songs, links, or photos by Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning the latest.   Some of the stuff I have received is amazingly good, but you don’t have to be a professional (or even that talented) to participate.  One blogger is even thinking of recording a song on her cell phone and sending the attachment to me.  Now that is the holiday spirit!


  1. BA

    Maybe that’s how we got them to burn for 8 straight days…

  2. deezee

    Brilliant photo. I may have to reconsider my boycotting of religious activities. (okay, I don’t boycott…I just don’t show up.)

    And gee, thanks for crushing on me…

    Welcome back to LA. And us natives accept your apology. Just in time. I was ready to organize the posse to come after your NY ass…… (all in good fun, all in good fun.)

  3. Pearl

    I love it! Talk about creative…

    Hey, who gets to drink the contents first, so that the bottles can be used?

    Along with the traditional blessings and songs associated with Chanukah candle lighting, do you also sing, “C’mon, baby, light my Stolichnaya

  4. Caryn

    “Some” of the stuff… sob.

  5. pam

    In a really oblique wayYou’re saying that my contribution sucks . I get it. I get it. I’m so not getting on Citizen Next Top Idol, am I? Don’t sugar coat it, Simon. I mean, Neil.

  6. Tatyana

    Ah, so you were the one who e-mailed me this picture.

    Please send Sophia my best wishes for recovery.

  7. Two Roads

    Someone’s been taking a nip from the liquor cabinet again, huh?

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