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She’s With Stupid

My Republican-voting separated wife is a little down today after all the Democratic wins yesterday during Election Day. To cheer her up, I’m bringing her to see the British duo, Pet Shop Boys tonight at the Wiltern Theater. This should be special for her, since Sophia is a classy dame who likes jazz and classical music, so I think this might be her first “pop” concert. And as an added treat — I think they are also going to be performing on her beloved “Dancing With the Stars” later tonight.

One little problem. Artists frequently sing a lot of the songs from their latest CD. I just looked up the Pet Shop Boys latest on Amazon. It is titled “Fundamental” and it is supposedly their most “political” work. They have one single that was a hit in Europe titled “I’m with Stupid,” which is an attack on Bush and Tony Blair, and even posits them as gay lovers. I even found a video of them doing the song where extras walk around in mocking “George Bush” masks.

If I’m divorced by tomorrow, you will know the reason why.

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  1. Kevin Church

    I saw this show in Boston and it was fantastic. “I’m with stupid” does include some screen shots of Bush and Blair, and “Integral” is about ID cards, but the rest of the show is a pop/disco whirlwind. She’ll be fine. Honest.

  2. Caryn

    Dancing with the Stars… now you’re talking, Neil.

  3. Darci

    What a fabulous song…Not a Pet Shop Boys follower but I might need to listen to more of this that you speak…

  4. Dave2

    I just saw the show in Seattle and it’s great! I didn’t “get” anything political out of it (though there’s no mistaking what “I’m With Stupid” is about). It’s brilliant synth-pop at its best, and loads of fun to watch… no matter your political affiliation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Neil

    Thanks for the info. And if she doesn’t like it, I can always force myself to go see Kenny Chesney or that country singer who sings about the troops and the American flag next time he’s in town.

  6. Nance

    Just stand in front of her and shake your groove thing during any political stuff. It’s the Pet Shop Boys! “West End Girls!” Man! There should be a Constitutional Amendment that they have to play THAT song twice. A day.

  7. paintergirl

    I’m jealous. I think seeing The Boys would be fun. Not the biggest fan, but enjoyable.

    I’m giddy because I just found out Rummy is resigning.

  8. laurie

    On the upside, maybe you could be in the same divorce court as Britney and KFed.

  9. Doctor Bean

    If you’re divorced tomorrow, can Sophia move in with us?

  10. Neil

    Laurie — I like how Hollywood stars now all get divorced just three days before 10 years so they don’t have to share 1/2 their money under California law. (Tom Cruise, Chris Rock). Were they waiting for the last possible minute?

  11. fringes

    I know that your most affectionate nickname for me is That Anal Girl, but when are you going to take down your pink October decorations? For God’s sakes, man, it’s almost Chrismuhanukwanzakkah!

    Have fun tonight.

  12. fringes

    Anal Girl checking in again:

    Christmahanukwanzaakah is the correct spelling.

  13. Two Roads

    You’re going to a great concert and I will be enjoying my yummy brisket! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank goodness Rummy is out! Unfortunately, the bozos in my state continue to elect unethical politician.

  14. Neil

    Fringes, this is embarrassing to admit, but I renamed the old files on my desktop, but don’t remember what I renamed them, so I can’t find my original header yet! So, I need to be pink a little longer. (at least it is a good cause)

  15. Isko

    Oh my, sounds like trouble ahead.

    Good luck!

  16. Mist 1

    Bush and Blair are lovers? No explains a lot about my less-than-magical evening with Tony. And the lubricant, it explains a lot about the lubricant.


    It takes MONTHS to actually get a divorce.

  18. Tatyana

    Here you go again, with your passive/agressive schtick.

    Was she gloating like that in Nov’04?

  19. The Cynical Girl

    Is Erasure the opening band? Man, that would be my dream line-up.

    No wait – I reserve the right to also choose The Human League.

  20. Neil

    Tat — well, I don’t think she was really that surprised by the results. Even some Republicans running were afraid of being seen side-by-side with President Bush.

    But you will be glad to hear that I did vote for the Republican Arnold for governor, the first Republican I can remember voting for.

    Cynical — Maybe I should wear my skinny 80s tie!

  21. Tatyana

    OK, lemme chew it out for you.

    It’s not about her not being surprised. I was not surprised either; it’s about you making a kind, on the first sight, gesture (taking her out on a ‘bad weather’ day), all the time preparing nasty surprise for her in the middle of the concert. Do you expect her mood improving after the tasteless song you anticipating? Are you going to the concert to please her or yourself?

    Something along these lines.

  22. Crankster

    Supremely thoughtful–even if she hates it, your concern should make her feel a little better.

  23. brooke

    I’m so buying this CD.

    And Tatyana, I don’t think Neil is “preparing a naty surprise” for Sophia at all. You give him a little too much credit if you think he controls the Pet Shop Boys’ setlist.

  24. brooke

    A nasty surprise even. I spell good!

  25. rdl

    wow i can’t even imagine being married to a republican, well i guess if the sex was good.

  26. othurme

    Neil, as soon as you hear the intro to that song, go in for the make out move and distract her for 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

    Also, it’s a good thing you’re seeing them in concert now. Don’t be surprised if in the next few weeks year hear that Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys has been linked to terrorist activity and detained for “questioning”.

  27. Churlita

    Ah, I bet Sophia will get into the spectacle of it.

    Soooooooooo, how are things going between you two crazy kids now that you’re back living together? That’s the post I really want to read.

  28. Jennie

    WHY have I never heard this song before?! Ha! Can this day get any better?

  29. Dagny

    That 10 year thing is not so much about getting half. It’s about rights to retirement income. (Things I have left in my brain from working at a women’s shelter.)

    I was wondering about the state of things in your household post-election as your page was loading. Glad to see you answered my question. And The Pet Shop Boys? Squeeee! “West End Girls” is a classic for me. I think I’m actually jealous of Sophia.

  30. Erleichda!

    Eh, the British have been hating on the United States for quite some time — just tell her, “They’re just jealous because this whole country COULD have been theirs …”

    (And Fringes, I’m so happy to find someone else who celebrates Christmahanukwanzaakah!)

  31. Neil

    Post concert update:

    It really was great. Even Sophia enjoyed it, despite the one anti-Bush song. (she couldn’t understand any of the lyrics, anyway)

    And considering that we were sitting amidst a large group of guys from West Hollywood and all the dancers on stage were dressed for one song like the cowboy from the Village People, I had to ask myself the question, “Were my musical interests in the 1980s really so gay-oriented?”

  32. Jakob

    Wear your leopard-skin tie! And the pill-box hat…

  33. NSC

    I feel your pain, Sophia, but cheer up, you know they are going to screw things up before 2008. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Voting for Arnold is a good first step, Neil, but once you go there it is hard to go back.

  34. better safe than sorry

    talk about a blast from the past, i didn’t know they were even still around. they were a favorite of my husbands, we wouldn’t have thought twice about going to see them.

  35. paintergirl

    Were my musical interests in the 1980s really so gay-oriented?รขโ‚ฌย

    That popped into my head just the other day. Frankie Goes to Hollywood came on the radio, and I thought, “I bought this album. What was I thinking?”

  36. Amy K

    Haha…maybe you can then marry Nancy Pelosi? I am just thrilled that Dummy Rummy is O-U-T!

  37. Trix

    Uh, uh. I think you’re failing to see an opportunity here. So, you get in to a big ‘ol argument? So what? Just keep repeating the following to yourself…”Think about the make-up sex, Neil. Think about the make-up sex.”

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