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Bloggers with Biceps – Week Two


If I told you that I went to the 24 Hour Fitness in Hermosa Beach on Saturday afternoon and their lights were out, making it difficult to exercise, would you believe me?  Or does it sound like the schoolboy’s excuse of  “my dog ate my homework.”

Well, their lights were out — honestly — and I was about to leave, when I asked myself:

“What would Billy Blanks, world-renowned fitness expert and creator of Tae Bo, do?”

I realized that I must exercise, no matter what the obstacles! 

So, I exercised in the dark (well, since it was afternoon, there was plenty of light from the windows, but I wanted to paint the scene as dramatic as possible for you).

I tried the elliptical machines, but after I felt like I was going to drop dead, I went back to the treadmill.  I’m still exploring the weight machines.  I think I like using dumbbells more than these machines.  It’s simpler and I’m less apt to overcompensate with my stronger arm.  

It’s still pretty hard for me to go 2X a week, but the peer pressure is helping.  I procrastinated as usual, not finishing my time until Sunday night.

But I did accomplish my two hours for week two!

Anyone need to humiliate themselves here?


  1. rachh

    I.m just heading straight to humiliation point as been barbying fantastic food, drinking wine, smoking fags, staying up late all weekend. Had great time doing it though!

  2. Michele

    I worked out on Monday, Saturday and Sunday this week. I don’t like to give detailed reports, if you don’t mind, but I did get the exercize/gym time twice and took a six mile walk on Sunday. It was awesome.

    Yay you for facing the lights out!

  3. plain jane

    Gee, at first I thought that was a photo of you, looking buff after two weeks of workouts.

    No humiliation here–bicycling, walking, hand weights and power yoga (easier on the knees).

  4. Alison

    I got a late start to the exercising this past week, because of the holiday weekend (which ended for me on Wednesday evening). I spent Thursday on the couch, feeling extremely poopy. Friday I worked out and Sunday I rode my bike. I didnt get quite two hours, but my rationalization is that I was ill on Thursday. So I will not humiliate myself in this comment box.

  5. Wendy

    No humiliation here either, sorry! I go to the gym 5-6 times a week at 6:00 a.m. Cardio and weights. Trainer 1x per week. Just tuned up my bike for some road riding.

    I wouldn’t care about the lights at the gym being out, but with no A/C or circulation, the sweat and smell might be a bit much!

  6. Caitlinator

    I was good again this week, too! Three times at the gym for cardio and three mornings of Pilates, for a total of three hours of exercise.

  7. leese

    Yay for accomplishing your goal this week, Neil!

    If they offer Deep Water Running classes at your gym you might want to try it. You get both a cardio and a strength workout, but there’s no impact at all and very easy on joints.

  8. Neil

    Wendy, 6AM? If you send me a photo of yourself exercising, I will replace Billy Blanks’ inspirational photo with a photo of you.

    P.S. — You must have an amazing ass.

  9. Neil

    Leese — I’ve heard of these deep water running classes and they sound great. But I doubt my 24 Hour Fitness has anything that good.

  10. jackt

    Excellent. Never let lights out deter you from exercising. The only thing that should keep you from exercising is a true desire to not exercise. 🙂

  11. annie

    I’ve never had a gym membership that I couldn’t ultimately ignore. So, I prefer to humiliate myself in the privacy of my own home.

  12. Neil

    Annie, I know what you mean about those gym memberships. When I went last week for the first time in… uh… a very very long time… I half expected balloons to fall down.

  13. Denise

    I’m here to admit that I didn’t do my required two hours. I’m deeply sorry and will be making a donation to the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation. I’ll do better this week, though!

  14. Dating Dummy

    Peer pressure is great! At least when it comes to getting all of us to hit that gym. Good work for getting there!

  15. Rae

    Is it me or does that picture of Billy Blanks make him look like he has an odd shaped head?

  16. claire

    Good job, Neil. Keep it up!

  17. mariemm3

    Went walking Saturday and Sunday in the rain.

  18. Neil

    Denise, what a great cause. But I’m gonna be bugging you later in the week to make sure you’re moving your ass.

    (you can do the same to me)

  19. Dustin

    You people and your exercising! Don’t you know that the only real way to stay in shape is by taking laxitives and undergoing continuous plastic surgery. I scoff at your barbaric means of fitness.

  20. Tatyana

    Went walking Saturday and Sunday in the rain.(M3)

    Sat: took a long luxurious hot bath with French lavender oil (*pandora* playing Amalia Rodriges in the back), ocasionally sipping vintage Port. The skies outside of the open window were exploding with vertical thunderbolts (matching my black-and-white Art Deco bathroom). Perfect conrast.

    Consumed delicious dinner (beef roasted with garlic, shallots, cranberries and remnants of red californian wine; cuscus with sun-dried tomatoes), polished it with cognac and coffee glacee, Changed into favorite smooth and shiny garment, lied down on a fresh crisp sheets with Antony Powell’s book and felt lovely.

    M3, don’t you realised Neil wants you to do something UNPLEASANT? Not walking/singing in the rain.

    You only have 2 choices: to torture yourself in the gym or to feel guilty for not torturing yourself (and pay for it, literally) Either way, you lose.

    And I win. I send money to charity when I feel charitable, not succumbing to blackmail. No gilt about my pleasures (I didn’t give you a full list, naturally). Look and feel radiant.

    Sick people, you.

  21. mags

    Despite my best intentions, I have been to the gym only once in the past two weeks, owing to the sudden appearance of two teenagers taking up residence in my home. However, I have somehow managed to lose 5 lbs. anyway (must be the dog walks), so no public humilitation just yet.


  22. Neil

    Mags, you’re not getting off so easy next week. You’re going to be humilated whether you like it or not if you just do dog walks.

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