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Does Anyone Care About Neil Kramer?

On Blogebrity:  Does Anyone Care About Neil Kramer?


  1. JoeC

    Have a lovely, fun and cozy festive weekend there! May there be many many happy returns in this merry season.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. LisaBinDaCity

    I care.

    And I adore your blog!

    AWESOME response on Blogebrity. Happy Hanukkah and the best to you and yours dear.

  3. Leesa

    Very true, great post.

  4. Dave2

    I care deeply about Neil Kramer. Sometimes I think that I care TOO much. Except…

    Now I am trying to figure out exactly where I fit into your list of “unknown blogger types” since you were kind enough to write about me on Blogebrity. I mean, I don’t drive a truck, am not an ambulance-chaser, am not of African-American descent, am not gay, don’t get enough sex to be a sex addict, and… and… HEY, WAIT A SECOND HERE… ARE YOU SAYING THAT I AM JUST PLAIN CRAZY?!? IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY?!?

    Oh well that’s just great! I mean, I always knew I had issues… but I always thought that made me “quirky” or “wacky” or even “eccentric”… but now I find out that I’m “just plain crazy!”

    Well thanks a lot Neil Kramer!

    No, seriously, thanks. It explains so much! I thought that EVERYBODY had voices in their head telling them that they are a god… now I know it’s just me and that Cowboy guy. I AM NOT ALONE!

    Bless you Neil Kramer! May the flaming monkeys in my dreams forever watch over you and your taco salad.

  5. TWM

    Hey, I care about Neil.

    Bring in the black helicopters, radiation detection devices, NSA cell phone tracking computers — we will have the dirt on Douche in no time.

  6. ashbloem

    I care too.

    What a jackass that Cowboy guy is. Pfft. Idiot.

  7. Elvira Black

    I care, dammit!

  8. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T )

    I care too, Neil! 🙂 That was a fantastic post! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  9. cruisin-mom

    This crazy, kitten loving, sex-addicted, gay,african american, truck-driving housewife cares about Neil Kramer (now will you come read my blog?)

  10. Julie

    Me, too! Me, too!!

    Happy Hanukkah!! (I cut-and-pasted so I would spell it correctly, as to not offend your Hebrew sensibilites.)

  11. modigli

    I hope you know that there are more of us in the blog-o-sphere who care for you, Neil, than don’t. And that’s a nice little blessing during this holiday season, isn’t it? Lots of love for you, Sophia, and Momma Kramer from (I almost said Cleveland!) San Diego! 🙂

  12. MA

    I care!

  13. New York Moments

    Is this a rhetorical question?

  14. Kestrel

    I care too!

    Chag Sameach! 🙂

  15. Wendy

    Hey, you know I care – i dedicated my post to you! Screw em I say – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – Happy Hanukkah, Neil!

  16. groovebunny

    Happy Hanukkah Neil! And I care! Great response in Blogebrity!

  17. HighMaintenanceHussy

    I hadn’t even heard of blogebrity or that whole scene until you linked it here. Now I’ve gone surfing over to our friend Cowboy, and may I say, lame? You know, insults just lose their bite with me when the originator of said insults can’t distinguish between your or you’re.

    That being said, I think it’s time for you to interview a woman for blogebrity. Ahem. 😉

  18. Student Nurse

    A blog is what you make it, as we all know. We all have reasons why we blog, cathartic or otherwise. I never see it as a place to judge.

    Am I just that naive?

  19. DCS

    I care about Neil Kramer. Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!! Wishing you and yours peace and love.

  20. Megarita

    I care! I think it’s marvelous that you’re famous enough to be a target of hating, Neil. A musician friend of mine keeps the really bad reviews of his stuff along with the really good, because you have to matter to someone a lot to have them “hate that song.” Happy Everything, Neil.

  21. Jill

    Great post, Neil. It takes such patience to respond to such high school drama with well-reasoned and insightful argument. It’s what I learned best in high school. Did I mention that I hated high school? High school is why I decided that I definitely did not want to be a lawyer. I just want to write. Is that too naive?

  22. Neil

    Thank you for all the nice comments here and Blogebrity, although now I feel a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

  23. Pants

    I do!

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