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Tommy Lasorda to Neilochka: “Drop Dead!”



Blogebrity writes item about ‘Citizen of the Month.’   Tommy Lasorda furious that Neil’s inclusion drops his blog one notch down on the C-List.


  1. Brooke

    Kiss ass! I knew that was the way to get on that stupid site!!!

  2. Neil

    Every time I mention Blogebrity, you sound more and more jealous. As to ass-kissing, I tried to kiss your ass but it got me nowhere.

  3. Jack


  4. He's Dead, Jim!

    How does one kiss cyber ass?

  5. Nick Douglas

    Please don’t put your lips anywhere near my ass. You’ll catch something.

  6. bella

    You kiss cyber ass about the same as having cyber sex. It’s all in your head. Imaginary. It’s better that way. Really.

  7. anne arkham

    Bella’s right.

  8. Tommy

    Hey Neil, watch your back.

  9. Neil

    Tommy Lasorda — I’m about as afraid of your blog as hitters were of the Dodgers pitching staff this year. The Dodgers need a new manager – come on back!

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