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Lord of War


If you happen to see the movie "Lord of War" this weekend, you should know that Sophia was the Russian dialect coach and cultural consultant for the film (both Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto play Russians).  And yes, she’s been to both of their homes.    I think it is obvious that she has a much more interesting life than I do.


  1. akaky

    Yeah, that would seem to go without saying, doesnt it?

  2. Nancy French

    Way to go, Sophia! That’s great!

  3. alleyrat

    um, excuse me, but didn’t you put up a post a while back about how celebrities are not any more interesting than anyone else, just “more pampered”?

    if i weren’t so into pretending to be cool and nonchalant, i’d beg for jared leto details. he’s foxy.

  4. Anne

    We want, nay, we demand dirt. How horrible are they?

  5. Brooke

    Sophia, setting me up with Jared would probably put the ole kabbosh on the Neil thing. I’m just saying….

  6. akaky

    see that, neil? they all say they want you, but just as soon as a hotter looking younger guy comes along you’re history.

    La donna é mobile
    Qual piuma al vento,
    Muto d’accento – e di pensiero.
    Sempre un’amabile
    Leggiadro viso,
    In pianto o in riso – e menzogner.

    Esempre misero
    Chi a lei s’affida,
    Chi le confida – mal cauto il cor!
    Pur mai non sentesi
    Felice appieno
    Chi su quel seno – Non liba amor

  7. Neil

    This is from Sophia:

    Brooke — Actually, Neil is way sexier and exciting than Jared is. I recommend Neil fully…

    Really from Sophia: Shut up, Neil…stop writing my comments for me…

  8. Josia

    no way!!! VERY impressive! I also posted about the movie today …

  9. Pearl

    Nyet, Nyet, Neil!

    How can you say that? You live the bloggin’ life; she lives the life of “Okay, repeat after me…say it slowly…enunciate the ‘e’…the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain…by Jove, I think you’ve got it…!”

    You, on the other hand, can talk about ANYTHING, and can expect to get comments about EVERYTHING!

  10. modigli

    That is so cool!

    Maybe Sophia could pitch your writing ideas to those two and they could connect you with a writing job that will make even MORE famous than this blog has made you! 😉

  11. M.A.

    I always wondered who was hired to help actors with accents and language training. I am so happy that it is someone who is smart and capable; I’m very happy for Sophia.

  12. Tatyana

    G-n Bashmachkin,
    not only you can sing – it’s in operatic Italian, too!
    Now, if your looks are anywhere close to Divine Luciano’s…but didn’t I said already where my heart is ?

    Still there,


  13. The Moviequill

    so, does like Nick have Elvis stuff plastered everywhere?

  14. Neil

    Since Sophia is way more professional than I ever can be, I’m not sure how much she can gossip right now while she looks for more gigs… but let’s just say she has good stories… and I would tell them myself if I knew she wasn’t reading this. But I’m sure you’d all rather hear about MY celebrity interactions any way — like the time I had lunch with the guy who played “Wilson” on Home Improvement. Boy, was that wild!

  15. Sophia

    To Pearl: Gee, thanks. Yes, you nailed it – that’s exactly what I do…

    Brooke, when we were filming in NY – troves of 14-16 years old girls would show up and squeal (for hours) from across the street: “We looove you, Jared!!! You have such beautiful eyes, Jared!!!”
    Tough competition…

    Anne and Alleyrat, just so I can work in this town again, can’t share much here on the blog, but let’s just say that the bigger star was nicer to me than the lesser one.

    Moviequill: no Elvis, at least in the castle I’ve been to.

  16. TWM

    I so want Sophia to be my Brunette of the Week. Her resume matches her beauty.

  17. Bill

    But Neil, Sophia … stars aside, what about Mr. Andrew Niccol, who has been involved as writer and or writer/director on three absolutely great moves – Gattaca, The Truman Show and The Terminal? (S1m0ne … maybe not so much.)

    The writer-geek comes out in me …

  18. Bill

    Sorry for posting twice, but the oddest thoughts occur at the oddest times … Is Sophia pronounced Sophia as in So-phee-ah (like Sophia Loren)? I only ask because years ago I came across one of the most strikingly beautiful women I’d ever seen in a Celtic pub in Ottawa. Her name was Sophia, but she pronounced it So-pheye-ah, rhyming with Mariah (as in Mariah Carey). (My phonetic spellings aren’t the best.)

    Anyway … kind of a dumb question. But it crossed my mind. Feel free to ignore.

  19. Brooke

    Ah well, a 40 year old cellulite factory like myself can’t possibly compete with the teenage masses. He’s fairly far down on my list of celebrity f***s anyway. You’ll let me know if you ever meet Viggo…promise?

    Neil, your pettiness, I will never abandon your blog. Just play it cool boy…..real cool……

  20. Neil

    Sophia, the old-fashioned way. And how is “Bill” pronounced?

  21. Sophia

    Oh, Bill, I am so itching to tell you stories, but will have to say – no comment on the talented but (did I say “but?”) Mr. Niccol.

    BTW, I had a small part in The Truman Show but it got cut.

    It’s pronounced Sophia as in Loren.

    TWM – anytime (and thank you)

  22. Bill

    I’m interested in missing Truman Show footage, the Andrew Niccol stories … when’s Sophia going to start her own blog?

    As an aside, Bill pronounced as it’s spelled, monosyllabic, though for unexplained reasons occasionally ennunciated as, “Bonehead.”

  23. Sandra

    Um…is it weird that I actually AM interested in the lunch with “Wilson”? I’m not sure if this is a sign of “oh, she’s quirky and likes random things” or whether it’s a sign that I need a life…hmm.

  24. Neil

    Sandra, you ARE interested? Time to drop this Brooke infatuation and move on to someone who appreciates me.

    Welcome, Sandra!

    And Bill’s right — Sophia, when are you starting your own blog? You have much better stories than I do. And Bill will eat up your stories of working on the movie “Air Force One.”

  25. Atomic Bombshell

    Sophia totally PWNZ this blog.

  26. Neil

    Atomic, you are way cooler than me and you know it. PWNZ????

  27. ashbloem

    Did you show Sophia the photo of me as Jared Leto? Did she agree that we both look remarkably alike?

    I’m just hoping she shared with Jared, that’s all.

  28. TWM

    Ok, Sophia, send me a picture and you will be my Brunette of the Week. Tastefully done of course, I don’t want Neil hiring Quenton Tarantino to do a “Pulp Fiction” hit on me.

  29. Sophia

    PAWNS is owns in leetspeak.

    But I I’m not quite sure whether it was a compliment or a dig 😉

  30. alleyrat

    thanks, sophia!

    i’ve heard some dirt on Lesser Star. Also, he appears to have no soul. (If it’s true that the eyes are the window…)But he’s so pretty…

  31. Michael Blowhard

    Didn’t I read on a gossip page somewhere that Jared is forever almost getting himself in trouble by exploiting the affections of many of his underage fans? Must be hard to resist, of course.

    I have a funny “Truman Show” story that I think it’s legit to tell. Y’know how the movie makes fun of the white-picket-fence, dreamland development where it’s set? That’s actually the New Urbanist town of Seaside, on the Florida panhandle. I was told by a couple of people who worked on the movie that they went to Seaside laughing at the place first. But by the end of shooting, they’d all converted — they’d come to like the place, and find it very comfy and enjoyable.

    OK, not a very juicy tale, but still a minor triumph for the New Urbanism.

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